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  1. Thanks, and sorry for posting it in the wrong place. I did try searching for the correcgt forum.
  2. Hi guys, I am a dedicated fan and have played Fm ever since FM 2011 which I loved loads. I continued every year getting the new game which I do also love (FM 2020). I would not call myself a football fan, in real life. I am just a fan of the best players in the world, such as Messi and Ronaldo. They are my two favourites. Ever since FM 2011, I always played a manager career with either Barcelona or Real Madrid, so that I could use one of these players (and on a couple releases, I even had 2 seperate seasons with both teams). I do this as it is the most fun for me, I am thinking players of the Messi and Ronaldo calibre, will maybe not be available in future FM releases (after they retire). Yes I do know there are regens, but the more and more I played FM over the years. I played less and less seasons. That is not to say because I was enjoying it less, actually I would say because I enjoyed it more. When I was new to FM, I would often play maybe 10-15 seasons with 1 team, and in the 1 year of me playing the game, I probably played over 20 seasons (with about 2 or 3 teams). But in the last few years, I have always been completing about approximately 5 seasons or maybe a bit less. The main reason for this is my detail level. As I said because I am enjoying the game so much more, I play it to a more detailed level and I am not able to get through maybe 50 or 75 seasons as I do see some players do on Youtube. Also in the beginning of me playing the game, I enjoyed getting to a point where most real players have retired and there are many regens in my game world. Now I am the opposite, I more enjoy playing with the real players. So yeah because of the time it takes me to play my matches, and that I never skip my games with Instant Result (something I use to use loads in my first years of playing) this is the main reason why I complete less seasons now. Now my new idea for future FM releases is involving contracts, not all players contracts, but the contracts of the players who are getting the highest wages. In particular I am writing this thread about Messi and Ronaldo. I play the game with the Pound Sterling currency. Now at the start of the game, Messi is getting £1.200000 per week (1.2 Million). Ronaldo is getting £950000 per week (950 thousand). Now yes I know these wages are ridiculous, and if you have never ever managed Messi or Ronaldo in FM, you have most probably never ever seen wages so high for a single player. I do know that these amounts of wages, can easily cover 3 or 4 great players. But as I said in the title, I am here to talk about the contracts of Messi and Ronaldo. Please bare in mind I have not managed Ronaldo in FM 2020, as I am Barcelona. But I am still guessing that the problem exists in Juventus (Zebre). When I try to renew the contract of Messi, the most money my board will allow me to pay him per week is £650000 (650 thousand) per week. He is not happy with taking such a massive pay cut (the amount my board will let me offer him is going to be £550000 (550 thousand) less than what he gets. This makes it very difficult to renew his contract, but not impossible. Now in my first years of playing FM, I never ever experienced problems like this. Why? Because back then, the wages of Messi and Ronaldo in real life were not ridiculous. Don't quote me on this, but my guess is that in my first years of playing FM (FM 2011 - FM 2015) the contracts of messi and Ronaldo were much more reasonable at the start of the game. They was probably getting somewhere between 250000 and 450000 (450 thousand max) and back then it was much more easier to renew their contract, you could probably easily offer them a 100 thousand pay rise without any problems. Now I think these contract problems probably started in approx FM 2016. I'm not exactly sure when, but I have just experienced it happening to me in the last few years of me playing FM. Now as I said I love FM highly, it's an amazing game. I just think that personally, they should change the max amount of wages offered for players on ridiculous contracts. Just to make it clear, I am not saying that you should be able to offer a player upwards of 1 million per week if you do not even have the 1 million on the "wage budget available". And even if you do have this amount of wage budget available, I am still not saying that you should be able to offer this amount of wages to any player. But when you are starting a game, and a player already is on this crazy insane type of wages. I think personally you should be able to offer him minimum 100 thousand on top of what he is currently getting. Don't get me wrong, if I do get messi to accept the contract of 650 thousand, then it will be perfect for my budget as I will get back over 500 thousand. But I think it is not the best in my opinion, I searched it on google and I have seen other players encountering this problem of renewing the contracts of Messi or Ronaldo. So yes, this is my new idea for future FM releases. Players like Messi and Ronaldo, who are getting pretty much 1 million per week, you should at minimum be able to offer the player what he is currently getting. The only good reason I can think of why you should not be able to offer him what he is currently getting, is if your "wage budget available" is in minus (a negative number). But if you had 100 thousand wage budget available, then you should be able to give Messi and Ronaldo a 100 thousand pay rise and offer them the ridiculous contract of 1 million per week (what ever number it is). As I said I love this game so much, as I feel it is based on real life. Now I think in real life, Juventus or Barcelona will not be so stern with Messi and Ronaldo and say to them we are only giving you a contract if you accept a 500 thousand pay cut. I personally do not see Juventus or Barcelona doing this, yet on FM as manager of Barcelona and Juventus we are asked to do this by the board. In previous versions of FM, this was how I got around this feature. I think it was called "Dof Negotiate contract" (Director of football Negotiate contract for me). With this option, I found that the director of football could easily offer the player a contract that was higher than the amount the board would allow me to offer him. So let's say for example he was currently getting 900 thousand for week, and my board was saying to me the most I can offer him is 600 thousand per week, I would press "Dof negotiate contract" and then he would sign a contract for maybe 1 million per week. The only thing I did not like about this in the past is that the Director of football would offer him ridiculous contract bonuses. If I did not use Dof negotiate contract for me, another work around I found was to myself offer them ridiculous contract bonuses. So I would set the max wage I could offer which was way less than what they wanted, but if I included a yearly wage rise of 50% they would usually accept this. But yes as I said, I feel when you are managing Messi or Ronaldo on FM, you should not have to do these type of things. I just think it should be much more easy for the user to do the contract himself, offering the player slightly more than what he is currently on. Now on Fm 2020, as I said I have not managed Ronaldo, so I am not talking only about Messi. I could not see "Dof Negotiate contract" on him, so I am not sure if the feature has been removed. However I did see a nice option called "trigger contract extension clause" which automatically gives him plus 1 year with everything staying the same. I will use this option to renew his contract, as it seems the most reasonable to me. But if I did want to offer him another one in the future, I would most probably have to give him a contract with ridiculous bonuses since I will not be able to match his current wages.
  3. Ok, thanks for your answer. Yes I have realised that now after the previous user posted. The "Doctor" option is the one that I always press, and I press this for the reason you said it's free. I also use to press it cause I thought the player would be injured less time. As I said before I am not sure if this is a bug / glitch in the game, or if the game is behaving the way it's suppose to. If this is not a problem in the game, and the game is working how it should. Then this is just something that will always confuse me.
  4. I didn't know that there was another benefit in sending the player to specialist. I thought the only reason was for him to be injured for less time. You are probably right though, and thanks for your answer.
  5. Just wondering if this is supposed to be happening in the game, not sure if it is a bug. I am talking about when your player gets injured, and you are given three choices as to what type of treatment he should receive. The three choices are Specialist, Doctor & Physio. The game actually says "letting PLAYER NAME see a specialist would be the best option". Now I am wondering if this line is true or not. I will show you pictures below of what I am talking about. My player Coutinho is injured, and I have three choices what type of treatment he should get. No matter which one I choose, his injury length is the same (the longest one 6-7 weeks). Now if you are wondering, the reason I found this out was because my player got a bad injury (A serious Viral Infection). I thought to myself, just my luck and I am a pessimist. I remember when I got that injury, the options were 4-5 months, or 6-7 months. I remember pressing one of the 4-5 months one and the player getting a 6-7 months injury. Because I did not notice until days later, I could not reload my game as I normally would when things like this happen to me. At first I thought maybe I pressed the wrong option (6-7 months), but then I searched the players name in my inbox and realised that I did not press the wrong option. He just got the longer injury length. I was infuriated and since then I said to myself when I next get a injury with 3 choices of treatment, I will save before I pick one just so I could investigate. So now I have done that and from what I have seen, no matter which option I choose the player gets the long injury so I see no benefit in me going for Specialist, instead of Physio. When my player is injured for the same time. Please tell me what you guys think, did I do something wrong? Or is it a bug in the game?
  6. I don't see much problems in the body language, but I think the body language you are seeing are a result of your Shouts in match. As the other poster said, he's seen negative effect from shouts like "Encourage" and "Tighten Up". I too have experienced this many times, but since I have now limited the number of shouts I use I don't get this problem. I would guess that the only reason I got this problem in the first place was because I didn't really understand the meaning of my Shout, and what it was doing to my team. Now the only shouts I use are "Praise" "Demand More" "Get creative". The first two (praise and demand more) I use very often, and I say it to my whole team. Get Creative I only use sometimes and I only say this to individual players (only midfielders who I see are not getting key passes or chances created). Regarding Praise and Demand more, it's pretty simple how I use it. If my team concedes a goal, I would almost always "Demand more". Even if I am 5-0 up the second we concede a goal I demand more and this usually has a good effect. The other one, I Praise my team mostly when they score (but not always). If we are doing well in the match, for example we are winning 5-0. I will of Praised my team at least 5 times, every time they scored I would praise them. I also praise sometimes just because I am happy we have a clean sheet and winning. However if we are losing, for example we are 2-0 down. If my team scores to make it 2-1, I demand more cause I am still angry lol. If we make it 2-2 I might demand more or praise. This will depend on who we playing, if we are playing a good team and I think 2-2 is acceptable I will praise. If we playing a worse team than us I will demand more at 2-2. And only praise if and when we go 3-2 up.
  7. Hi, to anyone who is experiencing this problem I have fixed it now. I feel like most of you will not encounter this problem, but even if you do I feel like most of you will not be that bothered by it. But I found it very annoying because I use the squad page more than any other page in the game (I pick my starting lineups from the squad page, and in general I like checking my players season stats from squad page). I'm not exactly sure why I got this problem in the first place, but my guess is because I was using a custom view that I believe I created on FM 19 Beta. So maybe there was some conflict with my custom view. So incase any of you like me want to fix this and don't know how to, here is how I fixed it: I noticed that when I was on my Custom view, the stats I saw on my squad page for things like Appearences, Goals, Assist was only showing up with the league games / goals / assist. But when I changed my custom view to one of the pre set views (Selection Info) I noticed that some of my players appearences went up and it showed the correct number of appearences / goals, not only League stats. So to fix it I did this, I changed the view on my squad page to Selection Info and then I added all of the columns I had before which I find useful. There's three pictures below showing you what I mean. The player I highlighted was Rakitic but it was not only him whose stats like Appearences changed. But in the pic above it showed Rakitic with only 1 Appearence which was his only League game. But he did play 2 other competition matches that would not show on my squad page, after doing what I said above by creating the view again using Selection info pre set view. I was able to fix it.
  8. Hi, I will do my best to explain this feature to you clearly. I have been playing this game consistently every year since FM 12 (my first one I bought). And I use to use the squad page to see my players season stats like Appearences, Goals, Assist, Clean Sheet etc. In the previous FM games I played I would see all matches played on squad page not some, so if a player played 50 season games (38 league and 12 other competition) when I go to squad page I would see his stats for 50 games which was perfect for me. I am not sure if I am right but I feel like Football Manager 2019 is only showing league matches played on the squad page. I do play this game quite slow even though I spend many hours on it, I am only in my second season now. In my first season when I started playing matches with FM 19 Beta I told myself it will be fixed by the time I start season two. I now have just started season two, I played my first match of season which was not a league match and it is still not showing any stats on my squad page. Do any of you know if it is possible to change how the squad page works? I basically want it to show all competitive matches that my players play, how it worked in previous FM's.
  9. I probably should of included that picture in my first post, but when I hold my mouse over "Una" all it said was Unavailable with no reason given. Since I have fixed this problem now with editor I no longer have the "Una" sign to post a picture of it.
  10. I don't think so, since the players with the Unavailable sign are in the B team, the under 19s team or first team may have a match on the same day. But even if it did it shouldn't affect the player as I didn't make them available for Under 19s or first team. Also it was not just one match they were not available, it was for a few matches in a row.
  11. Hi, I am currently playing with Barcelona in Spanish league and I also am managing their other two teams (Barcelona Under 19s & Barcelona B team). The team that is giving me this problem is Barcelona B Since it only says Player Unavailable, I was wondering if any of you had an idea what the reason might be that the player is unavailable? I do have the in game editor and this is my way for fixing this (clicking remove all bans does not work). What I do is click on the unavailable player in question, go to Move to other club and I move him to any other club. I then move him back to my club (Barcelona B) straight away and then I add him to the squad registration again (since I already used editor to allow squad registration anytime this is possible). But I find that my fix is not ideal, and I maybe would not do it if I knew the reason he was unavailable (if it was a reason I agreed with). I love this game so much, but the way I play it is as if it was real life. So for example when something happens to me that I don't agree with, like my player being unavailable for match all of a sudden I will always try to fix it with editor. However I would prefer I did not need editor and I knew how to fix it without the editor. Thanks Below is not related to this post. P.S - sorry for my last Topic created that I un done, and thanks for still giving me access to the site.
  12. I do agree with you on this, however I think normally I have my youth team players on 90% general training and 10% match preperation. I have never tried giving them no match preperation at all
  13. Thanks for your answer, I must be doing something wrong I think. Even if you're wrong I won't "throw things at you". I appreciate you trying to help.
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