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  1. Calm down, my friend. I feel the same way you do. But we don't have to lose our nerves. Is it unfair? Yes. Let the company focus on fixing this problem. I repeat, I symour my heartfall with you and with all the users who suffered this error in the editor. It is incredible that an update that corrects errors, brings this great error with the editor. I hope the company releases a new patch very soon.
  2. Totally agree. Same happens to me with every custom file . I'm afraid we're going to have to be patient and wait for a Hot FIX to be released to fix this serious problem.
  3. The moderators have told me that the developers are working on the issue. Let's have a little patience my friend.
  4. @KUBI After being busy for days in the editor, verifying my changes after this update is suddenly not longer possible because of an error which says "New stage 1 for Club world Cup can't find enough teams to be created. 1 teams found, 24 needed". Please fix this !!!!
  5. Hello @Foss . Any chance of a update for 18.3.3 ? Big hug from Argentina.
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