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  1. What about the newgen / regen faces? Will they be fixed for FM18?
  2. One valid thing to use your salary on is the coaching courses, why do we need to ask the board to pay it when we can easily pay that value ourselves?
  3. Okay then, i look forward to seeing your videos of GKs being dribbled in FM17.
  4. So if i don't have the latest game my point is not valid? I will never buy or play FM17 because of the regen face bugs. If its really that different, post videos of strikers dribbling GKs in FM17, if you can't, why even try to throw me off by saying i need the latest version if it has the same problem? From videos i watched of FM17 i did not see any improvement. More frequently attempt? The problem is that i have NEVER seen them even ATTEMPT it, let alone successfully dribble a GK. I only asked my players that had high dribbling to try. Evrard has 15 dribbling which should be enough to do it, even then he is not my player so that's on the AI that asked him to learn it. But the biggest problem here is the ATTEMPT of these moves, i have never seen it happen. Romario tried to do dribbles and lob frequently, and he missed a lot too, but at least he TRIED.
  5. The first is just a shot. The last goal may be a lob, but it is too far away to see, i can't even see the ball to differentiate if it was a shot or a lob. Can you show in a closer camera? Also for the others, i would still be interested in seeing proof that rounding the GK can happen. The last time i have seen a lob was 3 years ago, in FM14. But i have never seen a player dribble the GK, at least since the 3D was made, i don't remember if it happened in versions with 2D. That was in FM2009 i think? Okay let's take a look at all questions then. The striker should attempt some of these even if he does not have the PPM. Just because a player does not have a Tries Overhead Kicks PPM he should never do a overhead kick? Or if he does not have Plays One Twos he should never do a one two? Even with the PPM i have never seen it used. There is no option to tell the striker to dribble the GK besides the PPM. I can tell him to dribble more, but what if i want him to dribble just the GK and not other players? He does not need the attributes to TRY it, to pull it off yes, but not to TRY it. Even then those two i posted have attributes much higher than required to dribble a GK. So for team instructions i need to set my whole team to "Run at Defence" for the striker to dribble the GK? Or whatever other instruction it may be, it should affect the whole team to do just one simple thing?
  6. That video is just a example of how bad things are, and probably one of the worst i've ever seen. I think i have more in my channel, i just need to search the previous videos. So you say this is easy to do right? Then it should be easy to post videos of striker trying to lob or round the GK. Even then the question remains, why did they not attempt lob or round GK? Evrard has the PPM and did not attempt to round the GK. In one of the highlights it sort of maybe seems he was attempting, but instead of cutting to the side he just changes his angle slightly and then just leaves the ball for the GK without attempting to go for the ball again.
  7. I disagree with AI striker being better, it is equally bad overall. Since strikers cannot dribble or lob the GK, they have no tools to use in 1 on 1s. All they do is shoot, which is either blocked by GK, or goes wide. Miraculously it may find a way inside the goal. I do not even look forward to these chances (if it is my striker) or look worried (if it is the enemy striker) since they rarely score. As it is possible to see in this video, lobbing and dribbling is not "new" or "modern", and some players liked to do it even as back as 1990s. Players in FM even with PPM never attempt these, why? But instead, the best strikers in the game are like incompetent on easy chances like this: Evrard Buckley
  8. Did any of the strikers attempt to round GK or to lob GK in this through ball heavy game?
  9. Proof? I'll also add one too: Fact #3: You can teach a player to try to lob the keeper when on one-on-one, but either this never happens, or it is so rare that teaching a player that PPM makes no practical difference. (On a one-on-one, practically every player will shoot long before he's even close to the goalie. Anything other than that is *extremely* rare, if it even happens. I have never seen anything else happen.)
  10. The developers of FM need to update their simplistic views on strikers. The last game where strikers attempted lobs was FM14, and i've never seen dribbling a GK. The only time i saw this was in the video Svenc just posted, but dribbling a GK especially when you have space is a good way to score a goal, but strikers never attempt it, its just stupid shots straight at GK. Goals like the one griezmann scored against iceland and messi's lob goals are not possible in FM, the developers need to update themselves and watch messi play. The counter attack of the game would also improve if players knew how to either dribble or lob the GK, instead its silly like this: And before people try to blame me for the stupid finishing, i was Dortmund, not Arsenal.
  11. I've been saying this for years, players never try to dribble a GK or lob him. Having them do this would really improve the finishing that a lot of people complain, especially during counter attacks as players have plenty of space to do this but just miss them all the time.
  12. This is actually a bug with the shadows of the regen faces. This happens since FM16 with the manager face so it will not be fixed in FM17.
  13. One thing i noticed with the main database is that it seems most players are super versatile, wingers play all the way from wing back or defender up to winger position, in both sides, or can play in all midfield, attacking midfield and striker positions. Regens by comparison are rarely that versatile, wingers can't even play a little deeper in the wide midfielder positions. The bigger problem is that re-training position in the game, even when players are young, takes several seasons to have an effect. And at the end they rarely become natural. I mean, look at how many positions these guys can play, and i didn't even search for versatile players, i just searched for wingers and midfielders. https://realsport101.com/images/Mikel_Oyarzabal.png http://fmshots.com/images/hNUTD.jpg https://realsport101.com/images/Mensah.jpg http://www.football-oranje.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/paal-fm17.png https://realsport101.com/images/Mihajlovic.png https://realsport101.com/images/Zivkovic.jpg http://www.squawka.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Johannes-Eggestein_-Overview-Profile.jpg https://realsport101.com/images/Kenedy.jpg
  14. How about you give a hand too? This problem affects everyone, make a new save game with "Use Fake Players" on and you will see it, save the game and send to SI and do it again, if i had the game i could make 10 save games to post in that thread a day, super easy to reproduce and post. If your regens are different, post a screenshot to show us that not everyone is affected by this bug. Glad i waited to buy the game, because of this huge bug i certainly won't buy it anymore, and i really really doubt this will be fixed in a update so i'll have to wait for FM18 to see if it is fixed. Regen faces were good from FM08 to FM15, they were changed in FM16 to be closer for some reason, disabling us to put shirts into players, however at least in FM16 the faces were very detailed and varied. But now in FM17 it was degraded considerably, and i cannot understand how you don't notice this bug from all the images posted before.
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