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  1. Can anyone then suggest a set of team instructions for possession based arsenal side?
  2. I played against stoke( reloaded couple of times) and always seems to concede goals from anywhere while also struggling to score
  3. IIama can u pls help me with my tactics for my arsenal save. Cant seen to win a single game at all. Im using a 4231 formation with control and flexible. Using instructions of retain possession, pass to space, shorter passing, work ball into box, close down more and push higher up. Here's my player roles. Wojeich- GK D Debuchy- FB S Mertesacker- CB D Koscielny- CB D Gibbs WB S Arteta DLP D Ramsey B2B Sanchez inside forward attack on the left Mesut ozil advanced playmaker support center Chamberlain winger attack on the right Giroud target man attack
  4. Can someone help me with my arsenal game pls pls?! Feeling fking frustrated as im not being able to win a single game so far. Using control, team instructions of retain possession, pass into space, work ball in to box, hassle opponents, push higher up and shorter passing
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