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  1. Maybe not each formation but the main ones, like 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-5-1, 4-1-2-1-2, 3-5-2, and 5-3-2. I think those are the main ones. Sorry if this question doesn't make sense, or can't really be answered. What I mean by that is like Mentality: suits Counter/suits Standard/suits Control Style: suits Rigid/suits Balanced/suits Fluid Team Instructions: Which ones don't make sense/which ones work well So for example, say 4-3-3 is like (I don't know if this is true in any way, but just to illustrate) Suits Standard or Control Suits Balanced or Fluid Direct Passing/Higher Tempo/Push
  2. I don't get it, what is the difference between those two? Is the first one "add to unwanted list - any price" while the second one is "set transfer status"? Either way, thanks for the replies everyone.
  3. I was thinking of hiring free agents, that's why. There's a particular one that caught my eye, he would definitely make first team and as I recall he was asking for 2,500 p/w, which as it stands is a lot of money but if I could get rid of a 2,400 player I would suddenly be able to afford it. Either way, should I set transfer status while offering to clubs, wait a week or so, then release? Or is there another cost other than salary to hiring free agents/releasing players that I'm not thinking of, and I should just keep them like you said and not bring in any new players at all until next seaso
  4. From what I understand we have 'offer to clubs', 'set transfer status', 'add to unwanted list - full value, half value, or any price' and 'sell or release'. What are the differences between each? Which one is fastest? Which one makes the most money? How long approximately will I have to wait to get rid of the player at each of them? And just generally, which one should I choose? I have about a month before the season officially starts, but I'd rather do it sooner than later, so I can bring people in quickly and start working on team cohesion and tactics familiarity. I'm still in the pre-seaso
  5. Is a player's ability at an Accomplished position equal to his ability at a Natural position (I know the stats matter but let's pretend his stats are the same)? Or is it best to try to train him to become Natural, or sell him and get a guy that is Natural at said position?
  6. Brand new player here. As such, I'm rather lacking in the tactical knowledge department. I'm just wondering if I should obey him and make the changes he wants when he tells me to add 'Retain Possession' or 'Pump Ball Into Box' (yes this does happen in-game; pretty funny seeing how they're conflicting instructions), or close down/mark tighter a particular opponent. Should I listen to him, or just stick to my guns with the tactics/instructions I made at the start of the match?
  7. It's Alt+F9 for the standard game, or F12 if you're on steam. It's saved on Your Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 201X > Screenshots with Alt+F9 or the steam folder with F12. Alternatively you can go on Preferences - Shortcuts - Interface: Save Screenshots and use whatever shortcut you want. I'm not sure how to add images here, but this is what my finances look like http://i.imgur.com/vcL497d.jpg http://i.imgur.com/6f5g5ka.jpg I guess I'll just keep on trucking with my overpriced staff and see what happens. Learn the hard way. Meanwhile I should set my sights on
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by that, specifically. It's a third division English team projected to finish 10th, so that's the quality of the players. Player value ranges from €50k to €775k. The coaches I hired were generally pretty good. One is 11 ATT 13 DEF 13 Man Mgtm 12 Tactical 12 Technical 19 WWY 14 Determination 15 Discipline 14 Motivating at 53 years old and no training course. Most of them are at €1,000 p/w salary because that's the board restriction. I checked the projection you were talking about and it looks pretty grim at a €2.36M loss by the end of the season. But then I started
  9. Oh okay, I see. I hadn't noticed the Expenditures tab. So it seems I've spent €214,282 on staff salaries and €61,157 on player salaries this month. Pretty big difference. Total expenditure is €924,347 while total income is €791,994. This raises another question though. What exactly does it mean? Obviously my club is bleeding €150k per month, but what does that do to my game? It doesn't affect the actual weekly payroll, so it doesn't seem like it will affect my ability to bring in new players. So in other words, what will happen if I keep my 4 coaches instead of starting a new career?
  10. Brand new player here. I've mainly just been reading http://www.guidetofootballmanager.com/ Not much actual playing so far. For that end, I'm trying to get my club (Tranmere from the English third division) properly set-up for my first season. Now, from reading around I've heard a lot of people saying that I should be careful not to go over budget with signing new staff, particularly since I'm playing with a small club. But when I go to actually sign new staff, I don't understand what exactly it's costing me. The weekly budget never changed from €35,452 even after I hired an extra scout, a fi
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