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  1. This is cool, really interesting scenario. Clearly loads of work gone I to it
  2. Cheers, much appreciated. Yes each club has a u21 team and a B team that plays in the IFF Division II, structured directly underneath the WC in the nation's competition hierarchy.
  3. After the interesting findings re Montreal and their manager Justin Rosa, I want to look further at what impact managers' CAs have on team performance. In the next update I will be starting an analysis of manager CA compared to team performance each season, using points accumulated as a basis to calculate this: is there any correlation between how well a club does and the quality of their manager? If so, how strong is this and does it tally with other measures being used to assess club performance and progress?
  4. Club Core Metrics choose files...---------Click to choose files.url
  5. Summary: On the pitch, it was another season that demonstrated the basic football axiom of ‘money equals success’ as all the titles were shared around the small, elite group of big spenders. Chicago and their NFC win are the outlier, although they are in the most transient conference where no-body has staked a dominant claim. Despite this, the competition level is good: conferences and WC groups are becoming regular close-finishes, with a widening array of teams getting a playoff run, and the ICC is chucking in a few surprises with its ‘unseeded’ format. I’ll go ahead and predict a Mosc
  6. Reputation/Quality Correlation: This new piece of analysis looks at club reputations and tracks the changes in these each season. Moreover, it compares club reputation to the team rating given by Genie Scout so as to create a ‘reputation/quality correlation’ – expressed as a percentage figure for each club each season. This percentage tells us how closely a team’s reputation marries with their team strength, providing an insight into how the AI utilises reputation to build stronger or weaker teams. A higher percentage figure is desirable as this demonstrates a higher level ‘match’ betwe
  7. Analysis League ‘Strength’: The number of players with CA of 160-179 grew again by 3% to 101, with there now 20 more players of his ability bracket in the game than there was in summer 2017. The proportion of these playing in the big 5 leagues has fallen again by 10% to 69%; that’s a total fall of nearly 30% in 4 seasons; in 2 more seasons on the current flight-path, only half of this group will be spread across those once-dominant divisions (remember, it was a 100% lock-out in 2017). The IFF took a huge leap forward this year with their contingent growing from 13 to 29 (an incr
  8. Talent Watch Another mediocre season for our group of prospects. Brunet and Martinez’s CAs continue to rise steadily, but they are not playing enough for their clubs, and when they do their performance are unremarkable (most of their games are coming as substitutes). I said last season that for these two, they were hitting a key year in 2020-21: they didn’t really grasp their chance and probably need to get away from their clubs now – on loan or otherwise – to play regularly. The story doesn’t get much better for Felipe, Pavesi or Kizmanic either… Is the IFF neglecting its home-made pr
  9. Season Review: PFC (Champions: Los Angeles Knights) Clarence Seedorf’s men tightened their fist around the Pacific Conference, making it a tidy four from four, finishing 4 points ahead of the Sabers who again had to watch their rivals take the title away. Aside from the mega-signing of Varane, Marcelo Gallardo’s (157/170) summer business in Tokyo was uninspiring. This is a rich club, spending huge, but they’re not reaching expectations. LA added the likes of Matthijs de Ligt (168/168) - £38m from Sporting – Piotr Zielinski (166/166) - £34.5m from Napoli - and Paco Alcacer (15
  10. Season Review: 2020-21 Transfer and Finances Roundup: Transfers: Two £100m+ deals highlighted another record-breaking year of transfer activity in the IFF as Raphael Varane (£151m from Real Madrid) and Leroy Sane (£119m from Man City) joined the ranks of big reputation players joining up with the upstart federation. In a oddly-valued deal, wonderkid Killan Mbappe joined the Seattle Bears for £73m (rising to £82m with add-ons). Why Mbappe - only 2 years on from a £160m move to PSG – joined a non-elite club for less than half this fee is bizarre; but he is picki
  11. In the next update I'm going to look even more deeply into how well the AI 'manages' resources. I've put together a couple of additional measures to do this: The first takes each club's reputation each season and compares this to their Genie Scout team rating in order to provide a reputation/quality correlation; basically a figure that demonstrates the relationship between these two numbers: are clubs building teams that are commensurate with their reputation? Are they using their reputation effectively to become better? The second is a 'return on assets' calculation which takes th
  12. Team Rating Comparison: Note: I have amended this table so that teams who reached the WC playoffs, were the champion or finished bottom of their WC group are highlighted in order to provide a more detailed insight into how this rating correlates with performance. With teams highlighted it is easier to identify over- and under-performance, as we can compare where teams are finishing in relation to the season’s average team rating. For example, in 2017-18, there was little deviation from what would have been expected: teams with ratings on or above the average
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