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  1. On my game united got deducted 9 points two games away from end of first season , they had already been crowned champions but now they could still lose it. They havent even bought anyone so its stupid how messed up this is.
  2. I would like to see: 1) innapropriate chairman interference, ok when a chairman steps in to sign a world class player thats fine, or when he sells for a ridiculous over price on a player. But in my game ive had chairman accepting measley 20m for top class players, despite finances being very healthy,eg arsenal over 300m in bank but accepts tottenhams offer for 20m despite him being a young english prospect. 2) There should be a award section on players achievement cleary showing medals won by player, maybe represented by picture
  3. I would like to see : - more consistancy in performances , seems results are too random , eg testing the same match without changing anything gets a hugely different score - constantly opposition players defying there stats , the way some of these players strike the ball are like they have 20 for long shots and shoots with power , despite being a centre back with 10 for long shots. - too many early goals , most goals happen in first 3 minutes , whatever happened to sides keeping it tight and working a goal - better media interactions , things to make the manager feel appreciated eg some have mentioned lack of recognition despite 20+ years in job - more realistic transfer market where poorer players or uneeded players can be picked up cheaper than now , also the AI actually offering realistic bids.
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