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  1. Not that it helps your bid for survival but I was reading an article and it happened to mention Darmstadt. It turns out that the European Space Operations Centre is based there. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-29380448
  2. Euro 2028 France lifted the trophy by beating Portugal 2-1 in the final. Two Lincoln players featured for France (Silva from the start and Malfleury as a late sub) so I was happy to see them win. Somewhat suprising to see Austria reach a semi final and Spain lost 5-1. After the tournament I received three job offers from Spain, Italy and Croatia. Spain offered me 28.5kpw which was comfortably more than the other two nations and what Lincoln pay me so I decided to accept their offer. It helped that I have a player in the Spanish squad (Ibanez) and that Spain are ranked 41st in the world so it should be more of a challenge. Italy and Croatia are ranked 3rd and 4th in the world. Recent results and fixtures: The squad is decent and seem to have better players than Russia so I'm not sure why they have been doing so badly lately. Hopefully I'll be able to turn them around and not lose 5-1 to Belgium... In the World Cup group Russia are the biggest threat whilst Denmark are also ranked above us so qualification could be a bit of a struggle. On the plus side the first fixture couldn't be easier.
  3. January Transfer Window Goni (AM) was sold for 17.75m (a slight loss) whilst Spellman (DR) also left for 15m, both players were unhappy so the deals were sensible. Beltran (AML) also left for 22m. He was my backup winger so I was surprised to receive such a high bid for him from Leverkusen. With Beltran going I decided to bring in Jeff Castaneda in as a replacement for 10m. He is the American winger that I was considering signing in the summer and is an upgrade over Beltran. League - part 2 The first half of the season went ridiculously well, the second half was not so good. For a while I kept on switching tactics to try and find something that worked but after the defeat against Cardiff I reverted back to the 4-5-1 CA tactic that had worked so well at the start of the season. Some of the results were probably down to bad timing as we played Chelsea and Cardiff in the middle of great runs but equally we dropped points to Everton and Norwich who were both struggling for points at the time. The second half of the Arsenal match felt like it represented our season, we raced into a 2-0 lead, then threw it away. The worst part was that Arsenal had a player sent off before they scored the winner. The record for the second half of the season was 8 wins, 3 draws and 7 defeats which was just enough to keep ourselves ahead of a resurgent Chelsea and clinch 4th place. It helped a lot that Chelsea had a mini stumble with 10 games to go and clearly Newcastle had an even worse run in. Man City ended up winning their third title in a row with ease. For most of the second half of the season they had at least a 10 point gap. Further down the table Leicester made a valient effort to reach survival but it wasn't enough after such a bad start to the season. Its great to have finally qualified for the Champions League as we finally get to play against the best teams in Europe but its a little disappointing that we couldn't hang on to third place. The extra money is nice as well as our current wage bill of 1.3m eats up the domestic TV money. At this point it would be nice if the club could build a new stadium but I think I have another 13 years to wait for that. FA Cup A decent away win against Fulham took us into the fifth round where we faced the runaway league leaders. To be honest I was surprised that the second leg went to extra time as I was expecting to lose comfortably based on our league form. Man City ended up winning the competition. Euro Cup Compared to last year the competition had a lot more established teams in the later stages so it was a pleasant surprise to be able to reach the final for the third year running. In the run to the final, the Galastaray and Forest home legs were our best performances whilst the team did their best to lose against Marseille in the second leg of the Semi Final. In the final we faced PSG who won the French league with ease this season. I have no idea how they did so badly the previous season to end up in the Euro Cup. Our chances going into the match were hindered by having to play a youth right back (Selling Spellman may have been a mistake) and I played 3 or 4 players who had gotten us to the final rather than necessarily the best players. PSG raced into a 2-0 goal lead but a goal close to half time meant that we were still in with a chance. With 10 minutes to go one of our subs scored the equaliser to force extra time but PSG re asserted their dominance in the extra 30 minutes and ended up winning 4-2. Board Expectations: League - Euro Cup qualification - Went one better and finally qualified for the Champions League. FA Cup - Semi Finals - Not this year Euro Cup - Semi Finals - Reached the final but this time couldn't lift the trophy League Cup - Not important - Lost in the fourth round. Super Cup - Be competitive - Won it for a second year running. Our only trophy this season. Media expectation: 5th place (8-1) Its great to have finally beaten the media expectation and hopefully we can build on it next season. I do need to find a way to get more consistant performances in the league and our midweek European games will be more challenging. There is 80m in the bank so there is money to spend if I can find someone willing to move. Other FA Cup - Man City beat Man United 2-0 Champions League - Man City won 2-0 against Roma to complete a treble League Cup - Chelsea won 2-0 against Liverpool Championship - Spurs promoted as comfortable champions whilst Peterborough won the playoffs. Aston Villa were surprisingly relegated again. Italy - Chievo Verona won the title ahead of Bologna, Roma, Genoa, Juventus and Sampdoria Germany - Dortmund won the title ahead of Bayern, Schalke, Leverkusen, Hoffenheim, Stuttgart France - PSG won the title ahead of Lille, Monaco Spain - Real Madrid* won the title ahead of Atletico, Espanyol (Barcelona finished 9th) *Makes me wonder what would have happened if I had taken the job. At the end of the season I received job offers from Chievo (Koeman retired) and Genoa but declined them both as I want to see how the champions league campaign goes next season.
  4. One issue to bear in mind when signing youth prospects is that at some point they will need to have first team football to reach their maximum potential. Some years I've probably signed too many youngsters so some of them have ended up being not as good as they could have been. Their values still seem to increase though so its still profitable.
  5. Presumably they are worried about playing less games which seems sensible to me and probably more players should raise it as a concern.
  6. The only negative consequence I've come across is that occasionally an existing player will become concerned about their place in the team. I think it is beneficial to sign players early though so that they can go through pre season and build up their fitness levels etc.
  7. This update covers the first half of the season up till the end of December Board Expectations: League - Euro Cup qualification FA Cup - Semi Finals Euro Cup - Semi Finals League Cup - Not important Super Cup - Be competitive Media expectation: 5th place (8-1) League so far I had been concerned about the early season fixture list but bizarrely the team ended up producing their best run of results ever. The team won their first 11 competitive fixtures which was somewhat amazing considering that in our first fixture against Forest we were 2-0 down after 30 minutes. Some of the other results were not particularly convincing as against United and West Brom we could have easily dropped points. Local rivals Hull eventually ended our run with two second half goals to clinch a 2-0 win and from then on the performances were not great. 3 more wins did follow that defeat before a poor run in October saw us pick up just 2 points from 9 and lose our only game in Europe. It seemed that counter attacking was no longer working as presumably the opposition were sitting back and denying us space so for the rest of the games I rotated through a few different tactics in an attempt to break down teams. In some matches it seems to have worked but the last four fixtures have not been convincing. Leicester haven't won a game all season and Southampton are bottom of the table so to only score 1 goal against each of them was very disappointing. The goal against Southampton came in the last 5 minutes so it could easily have been worse. The Newcastle defeat was probably to be expected as they are surprise challengers for the title this year. For most of the season Newcastle, Man City and ourselves have been level but in the last few games Man City have opened up a gap whilst Man United have dropped back. Chelsea have had a terrible start to the season under their new manager however they do still occasionally destroy the opposition and have won the Club World Cup so I'm expecting them to climb up the table in the second half. Liverpool had a terrible start as well and were bottom when we played them but have recovered well since then. The table: Super Cup For the first 90 minutes this felt like a repeat of last seasons final against Man City. Once again we conceded very early and equalised soon after with a goal from Sutton. Ivan gave us a second half lead and it looked like that would be enough until Chelsea equalised very late on. A second goal from Ivan in the second half of extra time meant that we avoided the lottery of penalties and retained the trophy. We had beaten Chelsea in the league so I would have been a little disappointed to lose against them a couple of weeks later. League Cup The competition isn't a priority but being knocked out by a Championship side was poor particularly when we were 2-1 up at half time. Euro Cup In midweek fixtures I've generally been playing an entirely different set of players who have performed well. The 1-0 defeat happened after we had already won the group and during the poor run of form in October. The knockout draw seems kind so should really be able to reach the quarter finals. Other Most of the summer transfers have been successful so far with both wingers putting in decent performances. The one exception has been the most expensive signing, Goni. The scouts initially said that he had 5 star PA, that dropped to 4.5 stars and now its on 2.5 stars. Since then I've rarely played him so he has asked to leave in January. Hopefully it will be possible to recoup most of the 18.75m. The backup right back also wants to leave as he was injured for a month and then complained that he wasn't playing enough. This is more of an issue as he is a home grown player. The youth player Moreau has been playing regularly in the midweek fixtures and has done well so far.
  8. Yeah I find the squad status doesn't matter a huge amount as players with key status will seemingly be happy being used as a backup. I do try to sign youth prospects as hot prospects when I can't give them game time straight away.
  9. I think this is a common issue for game series where they either seem to get more complicated or simplified which annoys a small or large proportion of the people who originally played in the game. I recently started playing FM14 after having a lengthy break from FM so I've had similar issues with trying to work out what makes a good tactic. I did start off watching the highlights but at a conference level its hard to tell whether things are going wrong because of the player ability or something wrong with the tactics so in the end switched to text only to get through more matches. As far as I can tell the assistant manager does give some useful mid game advice but doesn't offer insights or recommendations for future matches which I think would help casual players. The interface could be improved a bit as well as the team instructions page is quite confusing at first glance. There are already some options that make the game easier or harder like the player attribute masking option so potentially there could be an option to control the level of advice that the assistant manager can give or something similar.
  10. Congrats on staying up! Are you planning on turning Darmstadt into title challengers eventually or do you think you'll move clubs (once a sensible offer comes along)? Did Jol get fired in the end or did Bayern keep him because he was retiring at the end of the season? Possibly its a minor bug.
  11. The biggest event of the off season was this: Chelsea may not have won the title in the last two years but whilst Mourinho has been in charge Chelsea have always finished in the top 2. They've won the league 9 time, 5 European Cup titles, 4 FA Cup titles, 4 World Club titles, 3 Super Cup titles, 2 League Cup titles and the Community Shield 8 times in the period from 2013 till now. An extremely impressive record and I was very happy whenever I managed to avoid defeat against them. Montella has taken over at Chelsea and it will be interesting to see if they continue to be as dominant or whether they could struggle. If they do struggle then it gives us a better chance of finally getting into the Champions League. Before the start of the season Chelsea were joint favourites with Man City to win the league so the bookies still expect them to do well. Transfers As mentioned in the previous update our star left winger (Magallan) handed in a transfer request with 2 games to go so the main priority would be to sell him and bring in a replacement. It was pretty disappointing to have to sell him as at 25 years old he should really be about to hit his best years and obviously the timing wasn't great as it might have made the difference in the game against United. It took most of June to eventually get an acceptable bid of 34.5m from Barcelona. I would have liked to get more but at least he didn't go to a direct rival and it was better than the previous bids of 24m that we had received. I signed Julian Caicedo as his replacement for just 6.5m. I had almost signed him in January when Magallan first asked about leaving but decided against it as ultimately Magallan would have still been first choice. Could have signed an American winger instead who had better CA but the better PA swayed my judgement. Other out goings in June: Rial (MC/AM) 18.25m - He had been signed as a hot prospect but I think his injury proneness ultimately hindered his development. Was very happy to get 18.25m for a player that barely got any game time and was only still at the club because he had home grown status. Four other players were brought in during June: Dinenno de Cara MC/AM 5m - signed as a replacement for Rial. Has potential to be a star player but game time could be limited Kushnir FW 0.65m - hot prospect, expecting to play him in the U21 team mainly this year Rose AML 3m - Another great prospect. Only 14 so won't featuring in the first team any time soon. Carrillo DC 3.6m - Will be first choice backup and likely to feature heavily in cup games. Could still develop into a very good player. After those deals I was happy with the squad so wasn't really planning any further deals but that all changed in July when my assistant reminded me that five first team players contracts would expire at the end of the season (Sutton AM, Akbulut (GK), Costa (MF), Dugoni (AMR), Bruninho (MC/AM)). All of them wanted hefty pay rises that were barely justified in my eyes as I think only Dugoni would feature in a best 11. In the end I decided to give the first two new contracts and sell the others. I felt I had to give Sutton a new contract as it seemed gamey to try and sell the club captain whilst Akbulut is a very good keeper even if he isn't my first choice. Further transfers out: Costa MC 17.5m - third choice midfielder who wasn't going to improve and wanted insane wages. Dugoni AMR 22m - Would have been first choice but was probably past his peak and wanted too much money Bruninho MC 15m - Had a similar career to Rial and I wasn't willing to pay him 55k a week to sit on the bench Further transfers in: Malfeury AMR/L 10.5m - Signed as a replacement for Dugoni from Arsenal. Amusingly they ended up buying Dugoni so it was a straight swap. Almost certainly got the better deal as both have similar wages and similar CA but Malfleury can play on both wings and has better PA. Paulista MC 7.75m - direct replacement for Costa. Might not be a long term signing Goni 18.75m - the one signing that I regret really. I had money to burn so when my scouts said that he had 5 star PA and a low buyout clause I put in a bid without really thinking. Probably battling with Sutton to be second choice AM, if he does well then I might try to sell Sutton in January As usual I went into the off season expecting to only make a few changes and ended up doing far more business. Not sure if I've adequately replaced Magallan but I've been able to keep everyone else that I wanted to. Our best defender did want to have a chat after a bid from PSG but I was able to convince him to back down. At the end of the transfer window I had received 107m in transfer payments whilst spending just 55.67m so it was an extremely profitable transfer window. I did nearly sell Akbulut after receiving a 40m bid from PSG (I negotiated several times) but by that point I really didn't need the extra money and he will be classed as home grown next season. Pre season Each season I've signed at least a couple of hot prospects. Some have been very successful like Cathalina (DC) and Pfieffer (FW) whilst others have been far less successful. This season I have a young right back and a central midfielder that I'm planning on giving a decent amount of game time to help boost their development. The midfielder below was signed in 2025 for 7.5m and currently has a 2 star CA so I'm hopeful that this could be his break through season. Pre season Last season we conceded far too many goals so in the off season I made some changes to the teams instructions that I'm hopeful will lead to an improvement this season as they are better suited to a CA approach. Previously I had been using the play wider and shorter passing instructions which had seemed sensible when I had great wingers but were probably counter productive. More detail in this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/397085-Tactic-Improvements The pre season friendlies generally went well although we were not playing against the best opposition and did struggle a lot in some matches. The fixture list generator has not been kind to us this season. The first 5 league games see us playing 3 games against teams that finished above us, one against a team that finished on the same number of points as us (Liverpool) and the easiest match is against West Brom who beat us 4-1 last season in the same fixture. Will be happy with 6 points from those fixtures and then hopefully we can make up ground over the rest of the season. On the plus side Chelsea have a new manager so maybe its not so bad that we have to play them twice so early in the season.
  12. Ouch not going too well so far. Do you think the board will give you some money to spend in January? I guess the positive is that you're only 3 points off 14th so plenty of other teams are struggling. Are Bayern doing well in the CL as that might explain why they haven't changed managers yet.
  13. Board Expectations: League - Euro Cup qualification FA Cup - Semi Finals Euro Cup - Semi Finals League Cup - Not important Super Cup - Be competitive Media expectation: 5th place League The league campaign started well with a couple of wins that briefly took us top of the league. Up until December things continued to go well with a Champions League place looking possible although our results against the top sides were not great. Unfortunately at that point the wheels came off and I'm not really sure why as the tactics didn't change. It may just be that the initial bad run was compounded by then having to play Chelsa, United and Arsenal and a resurgent Everton. We were still 8th but miles away from the title contenders. Fixtures up till the middle of January: If December was bad then the remainder of the season made up for it. Our run in form was W10 D4 L2 which took us back up the table and for the last three weeks of the season we were in fourth place. A disappointing home defeat to United on the final day of the season saw us drop down to 6th as United overtook us and so did Arsenal. I did change the tactics that I played after the Man City game but not significantly. I'm happy that we at least matched the league position from last season and were closer to a champions league place but fell at the final hurdle. Remaing fixtures: Local rivals* Nottingham Forest qualified for the Champions League which adds to the feeling of a missed opportunity. Cardiff were in the Champions League places but collapsed towards the end of the season to miss out on Europe completely and I'm not sure what has happened to Spurs. They won the league in 2018. * Hull are the only team listed as a rival from the premiership but I think Forest would be a rival as well particularly as their manager dislikes me. League table: League Cup Played Chelsea in our first match and lost 4-1 at home. I did play a lot of reserves as the Euro cup fixtures force a league match to be two days before the League Cup third round. FA Cup Was expecting to go out in the fourth round when we were drawn against Chelsea but it turned out to be one of our best games of the season. Managed to reach the Semi Finals but Arsenal knocked us out once again. I think we are yet to beat Arsenal in any competition. Also got a needless red card in the last 5 minutes for a reckless challenge. Euro Cup The group stage was very similar to last season with a Dutch team as the main competition. As expected we qualified from the group but it wasn't quite as easy as it should have been and we failed to win the group on goal difference. I was expecting to go out in the first round when we were drawn against Sevilla but a strong first leg performance took us through easily. The tie against PSV turned out to be the closest we got to going out as it took a late goal to rescue a draw at home. In the second leg they scored first but by half time we were leading 4-2. A late collapse saw the game finish 4-4 with PSV having a goal disallowed. Bizarrely the final was something of a non event as by half time we were 3-0 up. Other - Magallan (the star left winger) handed in a transfer request just before the United match and didn't play in the Uefa Cup. Frustrating as I had promised to sell him at the end of the season which I assumed would be after all the fixtures had been played. - The U21 team won the group 1 league stage again but lost in the semi final this time. - I had an interview with Real Madrid at the start of the season, and a second interview near the end. The second time I was successful but after a day of thinking it over I decided that I wanted to see if I could get Lincoln into the Champions League. Real Madrid were 6th at the time and ended up finishing 3rd. I would have been paid considerably more as Lincoln refuse to pay me more than 10.5k a week. - Man City beat Hull 10-1 in a league match and retained the league title - The top 5 in Italy were: Bologna, Roma, Sampdoria, Genoa and Chievo Verona. AC Milan came 6th - Stuttgart overtook Bayern on the final day of the season to win the Bundesliga - Atletico won La Liga to win their 10th title in 12 seasons. - Wycombe were relegated from the Championship after surviving last season, Aston Villa are back in the Championship after winning the playoffs, Scunthorpe were relegated to the Conference whilst Preston and Shrewsbury (111 points!) and back in the football league. Board Expectations: League - Euro Cup qualification - Achieved but I would like to have done better FA Cup - Semi Finals - Yep although the performance was disappointing Euro Cup - Semi Finals - Retained the trophy League Cup - Not important -Went out in the first round which I'm fine with Super Cup - Be competitive - Surprisingly beat Man City 2-1 after going a goal down Media expectation: 5th place - Failed again Transfer Review I sold two right backs (Parodi and Popo) one in each transfer window as Ibanez progressed well last season and I have two promising youth players. The big transfer in was Silva who is our best central midfielder. The other big money signing was Mackie as a back up left back. I wouldn't have normally signed him however I needed a better backup and had to be a home grown player. Abdi has turned out to be my first choice goalkeeper for the second half of the season and has better potential than the goalkeeper that I signed last season for 18.75m. He is slightly older though.
  14. The highest I've received is 55m. Sometimes the AI seems to bid their max price straight away so they will refuse to budge whilst other clubs will start with a ridiculously low bid and gradually raise it. PSG went from bidding 9m for a player to 40m after about 6 or 7 negotiations.
  15. Have you already replaced a player as its saying there is a maximum of 0 replacements you can bring into the squad (line 6). I think you should be able to remove a player still and then register a 24 man squad.
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