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  1. I know I've watched his career since he played with my team all the way from the first season until he came off the bench in our winning Champions League Final! The good ole days...
  2. Cheers Gundo, couldn't find Skjetten! Looking to unearth another Patrik Burda gem like back in the day
  3. Well here he is making a long awaited return to his homeland (well sort of!) the new manager of Lillehammer
  4. cookie15

    dafuge's FM16 challenge

    Good luck to all. If anyone gets Stratford town as a team, please could you let me have a copy of your save game. I've been loading many, many times and had no joy
  5. I'll be going back to my nordic roots and seeing what Norway has in store for me!
  6. After a number of years in the wilderness it is time for me to return the greatest challenge out there! Cookie15 will be returning to Norway once again. Game loading......
  7. Very annoyed! My Hercules File has been corrupted somehow and can't be loaded. Very frustrating as we were 6th in the league with 4 games remaining I have reloaded and holidayed and have taken the reins at Tollnes! So we start again.............
  8. Herkules Fotball It is with great pride that i can announce that Cookie15 will once again be venturing to Norway to embark on Gundo's Challenge. Following successes with Skjetten, Lyn and Tiller Evan Cook has decided to take on the challenge of completing European domination with the minnows affectionately known as.... Herkules Fotball Club - Marcus Evan Cook profile Check out the colour of a home kit, very interesting! Don't think i will worry about fading into obscurity!!! As soon as i have a squad assembled I will add a link. Wish me luck
  9. At last........ Football Manager 2013 is now installed Off to holiday for a season in Norway me thinks. I'll be back later to let you know who i'll be managing this time around
  10. Cheers Gundo, i'm back with new laptop and ready to embark on the challenge! Just need to buy the game now :o Might try and buy it through Steam, but not sure. If not i'll be buying it tomorrow and loading ASAP.........let the good times continue once again!!!!!
  11. Cookie15 will be returning to Norway However, my laptop is soooo old it does not have the OS to be able to cope with the new version.... Only one thing for it............buying a new laptop tomorrow just to play FM13, now that's what i call commitment to Gundo's Challenge
  12. Good luck mate. I've just finished my first season and need to do an update. If not tonight i'll aim to get it up tomorrow!
  13. Hard lines mate, you'll just have to go and win the Europa League
  14. I love to ruffle a few feathers early on