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  1. Predictability. Might just be my personal preference, but I find it quite boring to run different saves for 10-15 years and see the same group of core players winning world player of the year, playing for England, being signed for big money etc. on each of those saves. To put it another way, I also find it quite boring that it big-5 teams will tend to win the Premier League for a number of years before another side breaks through. With the game being left to its own devises (i.e. running a simulation or not being a PL team), how often do we see a non big-5 team winning the PL in 2016? So I'll refer to what I said before; higher PA, harder to achieve. No additional data, work behind the scenes on the game engine but no additional complexity for the player. Tangible benefit? If it introduced greater variability or unpredictability then for me there would be, but again appreciate that might just be my personal preference.
  2. I wasn't aware of this, but I agree it does imply problems with using old databases. Perhaps licences are time limited. Still think that the backward compatibility for the user to upload their old db could get around this; we can all change details using the editor, which is surely no different. Or winding back the clock to start in an earlier year, especially given that the DB will contain a lot of data that would form the basis of the game. But then comes the cost / benefit question, and I realise that to satisfy a few old romantics like myself, there probably would be little benefit for SI.
  3. Ok, lets try some more pertinent examples than Jamie Vardy and Harry Arter. Apologies in advance for using FM13 rather than FM16, it’s the latest version I have: Robert Lewandowski: • FM 2008, potential ability -7 (110-140) • FM 2013, current ability 167 Sergio Busquets • FM 2008, potential ability -6 (90-120) • FM 2013, current ability 169 Kevin de Bruyne • FM 2008, potential ability -6 (90-120) • FM 2013, current ability 140 Granted these aren’t late bloomers a la Jamie Vardy, and I’m not having a go at the researchers, who I’m sure set PA at their best estimate with the information available at the time. But these three very famous players highlight my point that PA restricts upper growth, so much so that in FM08, even if all three had achieved 100% of their PA, they could not been anywhere near as good as they start out in FM13. In which case, my suggestion would be to set all PAs typically high, especially for young players, but to make it very hard to achieve 100% of this, particularly when the player has a low starting CA. I.e. all the stars have to align. So to answer a number of points above • Would it require work on the game mechanics? Yes, but isn’t that the case with every new release • Would it add to anything to the game? In terms of unpredictability, I think it would, appreciate others will disagree • Will it make the game more complicated for the player? I don’t think so However, having read this: I acknowledge that I may place too much importance on the PA / CA system. I had understood that PA / CA drove development of all other attributes, (to ensure a Conference player couldn’t have lots of 20s for example) but as you can probably tell from the above, my days of playing FM for months on end are gone and I may be behind the times on how crucial PA / CA are. But I do maintain that the above examples highlight how restrictive PA can be.
  4. I've often wondered about this as I'd love to go back to old databases. I had though that backward compatibility could be an option? As someone else says above, if they are SI's old databases, would that present a licencing problem? Or to introduce backward compatibility in order to upload an old database into this (i.e. SI don't supply the database, just the ability to load into it, change the year etc...) As for players coming through, I recognise that signing Messi, Ronaldo etc when they are 16 would make the game easy, but to me that would be no different to going into the editor searching for all the high PA youngsters and signing them. By choosing which club you start with, who you try to sign, whether you look at online Wonderkid lists etc, FM is as easy or challenging as you make it, another reason we've all fallen for it
  5. Plachy sums it up pretty well for me here. I think it's a debate worth having, but Vardy is an extreme example. The example I'd use is Harry Arter. Without having FM16, I'd put good money on his CA in FM16, bearing in mind he was Bournemouth's Player of the Year when they won the Championship last season, being higher than his PA when we had him at Woking in 09/10 (so FM10) in Conference South. If proven wrong I'll happily go away with my tail between my legs... But the point I'm trying to make is that PA is too rigid in that it sets an absolute upper limit on how good a player can become when there are so many variables, particularly for a young player. I agree that, as Plachy says, the system is not broken, but I'd be tempted to put PAs generally high and make it very hard for that to be 100% achieved. And I agree on the point that Barside is making regarding mental attributes when it comes to turning a faltering career around. My caution here is I seem to remember a good few versions ago now, these mental stats were too closely linked to achieving their potential. There are a lot of footballers whose professionalism, consistency etc is poor but they do stay at the top of the game, albeit not fulfilling their absolute full potential. Jack Wilshire springs to mind.
  6. Hi everyone I would be grateful for your help. I’ve created Algerian leagues and run a number of simulations but noticed that Algerian clubs achieve little in continental competitions and the league’s reputation sinks. I’ve run these over at least 15 years, sometimes over 30, and typically found the following: • If I don’t load my Algerian data file the league’s reputation (which starts 6th in Africa) is fairly consistent over a number of years • If I load the file and the Algerian leagues are active, reputation goes down and eventually settles around 20th • If I load the file but Algerian leagues are not active, reputation goes down and eventually settles around 20th Which suggests to me that there is something wrong with the league set-up I’ve created. I’ve only created nation rules, no changes to national, club, player data etc., so again it must be in the leagues. The only variables in a league set-up that I think would impact long term reputation are financial, i.e. prize money and TV money. I’ve copied the prize money of the South African leagues, which start with a higher reputation than Algerian leagues, and when I run the SA leagues alongside Algeria, SA Prem is nearly always in Africa’s top 3. So I don’t think it can be prize money that is causing Algerian league to struggle. What I would therefore be grateful for: • Have you noticed any leagues you’ve created struggling to maintain their continental reputation / competitiveness in continental competition? • If so, how did you fix it? • If I was to set TV money at zero, would the game calculate how much clubs receive? (As opposed to them receiving no TV money!) Probably worth pointing out that I’m running this on FM13. I assume that editing principles remain the same on later versions, but best mention for clarity. Thank you in advance for your help
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