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  1. This reminds me of something from one of the CM games in the late 90’s. Im going along quite nicely in Division 2 (L1) as it was called then and got Enfield in the cup. Great I thought until I saw they had no real players so were using a team of “pre-gens” who were like 19 or 20 for nearly every attribute After a few quit and reloads the best result I could achieve was an 8-0 defeat!
  2. It has to be said that players playing into their late 30’s is an exception to the rule, especially in the elite leagues. Players keeping all their physical attributes at that age is almost unheard of. That said, based on watching a lot of football IRL, while I have seen experienced players drop off slightly physically, it’s very rarely to the extent you see in FM. At the start of an FM save, there are lots of players into their 30’s with fantastic physicals. That’s because our observations from real life know these to be true. Ten seasons into a save, my instinct is there are only a fra
  3. I’d be careful jumping to conclusions after just one game. I’d also be wary of changing the role of a successful component of your tactic (AF) to cure an apparently less successful aspect of your tactic. In your analysis screens, it appears the IF has less space to attack when paired with the AF compared to the DLF. Can you be sure that’s actually the case? It actually looks that the AF has drifted more towards the left for the Plymouth match. There could be a number of reasons for that in a one-off match. However what if those one-off factors are the reason for the additional space rathe
  4. I give my CM’s the “play wider” PI. I also ask my IF’s to sit narrower. The main reason for this is to stretch the play in the middle of the pitch to create a few extra passing lanes and to encourage my full backs to overlap. Sometimes we get some really nice link up play between my MCR and IFR. Very occasionally, if the IF drifts infield and for some reason the FB hasn’t come forward, the CM will make an overlapping run down the right flank. He won’t hug the line and it’s not overly frequently. In fact I only really saw this movement when watching a match in Full Highlights but it i
  5. I tend not to touch the width settings. It’s still not clear to me whether width affects player positioning, passing direction or both and how it works in conjunction with the “focus play” instruction. Instead I can usually generate the width I require from the combination of roles and duty. One think I do swear by is the “stay wider” PI for midfielders. I usually play a 4-1-2-3 and my midfield can get a bit congested. By having the 2 CM’s wider, it opens up better passing lanes and I can more effectively get the ball more high up the pitch in the half spaces.
  6. As often is the case with FM - it depends. You can’t take pre-season too seriously for some of the reasons you identified. Also teams don’t always play their strongest side so you might think a certain tactic is more effective than it really is. However, you can use pre-season to identify obvious flaws within your set up. I recently experimented with a 5-1-2-2 formation and a 4-1-4-1. I played a friendly switching the system at half time against a side playing a 5-3-2. In the first half my 5-1-2-2 was very comfortable controlling possession and creating chance. After the break my 4-1
  7. It’s an interesting topic. My fortunes improved when I put my 37 year old CB back in the side. His professionalism, leadership and determination were exactly what our side were missing. However, the only reason he had these attributes is because the relevant researcher awarded them to him. I would question if a random regen would develop these traits over the course of his career by age 37. I doubt any researcher would have given my CB such high ratings in CM 99/00! I have seen teenagers suddenly increase their determination by 5 but I’d like to see bigger increases for players as th
  8. I’m still on FM19 but in season 2 I saw Emma Hayes as manager of Lincoln. Perhaps just a one off event or maybe it was edited out of FM20 I’m not sure
  9. I would have tried to train him as what I’d call an ‘Advanced Destroyer’ Basically someone in the AMC slot to hassle the hell out of the opposition, fight for and win second balls and still have enough quality to do something on the ball in possession. Like a Marouane Fellani I suppose. Its not a role which really exists in FM but the blank canvas of the Attacking Midfielder gives you a few options to play with. The only downside is his tackling so for that reason I’d be tempted to train him to ‘stay on feet’ while encouraging him to press as much as possible through PI’s
  10. I’d be tempted to use the striker as boring Poacher as the game indicates is his best role. With the winger on the left and Box to Box and Mezzala in the middle you already have a bit of movement. The AP on the right should also attract defenders to him. Therefore instead of getting your striker to look for the same space your other players are looking for, allow him to exploit the gaps defenders leave when trying to stop your other players.
  11. I wouldn’t worry about contradictory instructions too much as the effectiveness can depend on the players at your disposal. For example, short passing with pass into space is fine if you have players able to recycle possession efficiently but also a player with good vision who can ping a through ball to a runner to catch the opponent by surprise. What you do need to look at is understand how the roles you select work together. Some of it is intuitive and some of it isn’t but looking at each players individual instructions should give you some idea. The first thing to realise is
  12. Sorry for late reply and I don’t think we are too far apart here. What I’d like to clarify is understanding how the player will play in relation to the rest of the tactic AND the opposition set up. When your overall team mentality is cautious, the likelihood is the AI will push higher up the pitch and leave more space behind. As per your screenshot, the attack duty winger’s mentality might only be ‘positive’ but he has a lot more space to be positive in. Now consider a team playing with an attacking mentality and an AI defending against that. Most of the time they will be restricting spa
  13. Sure but I feel this is an unnecessary complication. After all you can’t play cautious and attacking team mentalities at the same time. The basic premise is an attack duty winger will be more advanced and therefore put more pressure on the opposition back line than the support duty. And if we are struggling for chances, we need to put more pressure on an opponent. The attack duty winger is actually my favourite role in the game. In the right set up it can be a 20+ goal a season player. When the ball is on the opposite flank, my attack duty winger regularly sits on the last shoulder betwe
  14. You need attack duties! Just somewhere but you definitely need some. There’s no point having 65% possession without penetration. Players with attack duties are the ones that take opponents on and make forward runs into the box. I notice you have your midfielders playing more risky passes, but who will those risky passes go to if no one is making positive runs into space to receive them. It doesn’t really matter how high your tempo is if all your passing is in front of the opponent Have a check where your shots are being taken from. I suspect most of these are from long range as whe
  15. I’m just thinking about your left flank. With the FB on defend and the winger on attack there might be quite a large gap between the 2. Since he won’t be playing risky passes if he is too isolated he might have no option than just to hoof it. This might not be the case but you will have to see how this plays out on the pitch. Having the Carillero as your left CM could help as he should pull wider to fill the gap between FB and winger. Id be slightly concerned with 2 attack duties on the right. I might choose to put the right CM on defend for a bit more protection. Again though, you
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