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  1. I think what the OP is getting at is 15km is a ridiculously high distance per game even if he was 20 for work rate, stamina etc. Here is a link to the top 10 distances covered in ANY match during the ENTIRE 19/20 season. It’s nearly 2km per game higher in FM. This really shouldn’t need a save game to be uploaded to review this... https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11661/11996016/premier-league-running-stats-this-season-revealed
  2. This is a much more important issue than I think people realise. It runs deeper than overall average ratings being lower this version. For a number of reasons really:- 1. As an experienced FM player of over 20 years, if goes against every instinct that getting 6.2 is fine if the overall team performance was good 2. Ratings affect morale, media questions and overall squad harmony if I constantly pick a player with low ratings. 3. It could lead to a situation where human managers feel the need to replace these players when in reality they don’t. 4. If I can’t see why my playe
  3. Mainly I play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1. I’m finding on FM21 I’m having to switch tactics quite frequently as what works for 6 months tends to suddenly fail but I’m quickly able to find something else which is effective again. Never really thought of this guy in a CM role. I’m actually quite well stocked in that position both with playmaker types and more combative roles. Perhaps I might see if I can improve his passing as that’s going to be helpful in any role and then assess at the end of the season if his attributes are trending to a more defined position or role.
  4. So I managed to pick up the regen from Plymouth for a pretty decent fee but I'm not quite sure how to fit him in to my side. It seemed a no brainer to pick the guy up and my initial thought was as an out and out left winger which was something my squad lacks. I'm just not sure he is quick enough or has sufficient crossing ability to be quite good enough to make it in that role or indeed any role in the AM strata. For reference I'm a comfortable top 10 PL squad but just trying to find a way to sneak into that top 6 or 7. Part of me just thinks patience. Performances are underwhelming
  5. Actually I was in control of some aspects of U23 training. For some reason this blocked out my ability to have any control over tactics including the option you suggest above. In fact in order to take control of the U23’s I had to manually remove all my U23 responsibilities I had in place first. Fortunately I discovered my U23 tactics automatically defaults to my 3rd tactical slot for the 1st team. So a bit of a bizarre work around but problem solved in the end!
  6. In previous versions of FM it was very easy to select the tactics your youth team plays. I don’t seem to be able to find the option in FM21. I can select which players play for the U23’s and even what position they play, but the ability to choose the formation is blocked out. This is extremely frustrating as I have a wonder kid I need to gain experience at wing back but I have no way to get a formation that uses wing backs.
  7. Ive got a player who is attempting to develop his weaker foot in his spare time. This is a young player with great potential and brilliant mental attributes. Its a bit of a silly decision by SI to remove the option to suggest a player develops his weaker foot. From watching real life football for over 20 years, I’ve seen players benefit immensely from improving their weaker foot. I can accept it’s not something a coach can train per se so I can see why SI might think it shouldn’t be in the game. I think they have this wrong. As a manager I should be able to ask a player to improve th
  8. The Vardy example might be an outlier but still a useful discussion point. IRL he always had the potential we see realised now, but because he was playing at a lower standard with poorer quality coaching and training facilities it was largely untapped potential. In some ways this does mirror FM. Once he got exposed to higher level football and coaching, his CA rapidly shot up close to his PA. In FM terms it might not be possible as he was already 25 when he moved to Leicester. It would be interesting to edit a 25 year old at a National League club to have a CA of 83 (or whatever is s
  9. I have no problem in average rating being reduced per se. Look at something like Who Scored or even newspaper articles and you’ll see few players over 7. The key thing is this change needs to be applied throughout all aspects of FM. If 6.4 is now a reasonable rating then I shouldn’t be getting press conference questions about fans bewilderment at my failure to sub him. (Not that journalists ever ask that question IRL but that’s a gripe for another thread!)
  10. Yeah I’m having problems with my full backs. Ratings seem harsh across the board generally since the patch but full backs seem to struggle the most. I actually just upgraded both my FB’s recently but neither seem to be performing either. Attribute wise they are still clear upgrades but guess this might be the reason rather than my poor judgement in the transfer market.
  11. Can anyone explain how the qualification for this competition works? The 21/22 season finished like this:- 1. Man City 2. Man Utd 3. Liverpool 4. Everton 5. Burnley 6. Arsenal 7. Bournemouth Carabao: Man Utd FA Cup: Chelsea So as I understand it the top 4 qualify for the CL. Burnley go into the Euro Cup I as a result of their 5th place. Chelsea qualify through winning the FA Cup. As Carabao winners Man Utd are already in Europe, the final Euro Cup I goes to 6th place Arsenal. Therefore I’m at a loss as to why I have been excluded from Euro Cup II after f
  12. I’m not sure about this. Looking into the roles, the W(a) will cross from the byline. That should allow the TM and SS time to get into the box and the IW on the other side ought to be in a reasonable position too. If anything a W(s) will be putting crosses in earlier which might not allow the TM to get there in time. It’s probably worth looking at attributes here. Do the TM, SS and IW have the pace, movement and anticipation to get into the right positions? Is the W intelligent enough to play the right ball at the right time? On paper this looks a decent set up. I’d definitely check
  13. I think one of the most important aspects of management is to devise a game plan and commit to it. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 feasible game plans for big underdog situations away from home Park the Bus - Soak up pressure, nick a goal from set piece or long range Counter - Draw them onto you then hit them hard with pace on the break Kamikaze - Exploit a weakness and ruthlessly exploit with attacking play There’s likely other options too but the point is to try and avoid falling in between. Doing a few half heartedly will be pounced upon by decent opposition.
  14. This reminds me of something from one of the CM games in the late 90’s. Im going along quite nicely in Division 2 (L1) as it was called then and got Enfield in the cup. Great I thought until I saw they had no real players so were using a team of “pre-gens” who were like 19 or 20 for nearly every attribute After a few quit and reloads the best result I could achieve was an 8-0 defeat!
  15. It has to be said that players playing into their late 30’s is an exception to the rule, especially in the elite leagues. Players keeping all their physical attributes at that age is almost unheard of. That said, based on watching a lot of football IRL, while I have seen experienced players drop off slightly physically, it’s very rarely to the extent you see in FM. At the start of an FM save, there are lots of players into their 30’s with fantastic physicals. That’s because our observations from real life know these to be true. Ten seasons into a save, my instinct is there are only a fra
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