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  1. [FM11] Only Mad Dogs and Englishmen...

    Are you not aware of Clough's Derby heritage? He made his name there and actually felt most deeply for them.
  2. [FM11] The Berwick Beauties

    Had the exact same problem in Europe against Milan as well! 4-0 was a fairly good score considering I had 3 back up first teamers and the rest under 18's. Finished second because of it and had Barca in the second round, guess who won...
  3. Nice to see Rooney and Bryan doing well for you. Signed them up in the BSS and they were massive parts of my two promotions, so I have abit of affection for them. Good luck with the rest of your career!
  4. haha sorry, was a very dramatic season for me! I had a bid for Wilson accepted but he decided Bayern Munich was a better choice, same situation with Thomson and Roma.
  5. Second season completed and it was much more eventful than the first. As I said I had a massive overhaul of players. Joe Hart was outstanding throughout the season after pushing out Zaluska early on and was easily the bargain of the season. Caddis and Misun did okay at full back but their lack of quality showed a few times, especially in Europe. Central defence was solid with Otamendi and Caldwell immense all season with Burdisso slightly behind due to about 6 suspensions. McGeady was okay but never lived up to the hype on this forum and was outshone by Maloney all year. Riquelme was practically non-existant on the pitch and got shipped out in January. After a slow start Sandro came into his own in the middle of the season although his fitness left alot to be desired and Crosas kept up his consistent form of the previous season. Negredo was a very capable forward and created lots of chances although his lack of pace and composure was very obvious and Jo played well whenever he was needed, picking up the WPOTY award. The best player of my season however was definitely Milyvskyi who scored a massive 42 goals and wom games by himself at times. I decided at the start of the season to start using the loan system alot to fill in spaces in my team so i could spend the money on long term quality. In the summer I only loaned Kevin Davies to be my fourth striker but he was a revelation for me. He was completely dominant in the air, had good build up play, filled in on the wings and scored a respectable 18 goals in all competitions, many of which were in very important games. Not bad for an old workhorse. In January I loaned Jermaine Jenas to cover Sandro's injures not expecting much of him. Well he stayed in the team for the rest of the season and was a great box to box player. I also brought Mark Wilson back on loan, ironic as he was my first ever sale. He filled in well for Misun and Caddis whenever I needed him. After selling Riquelme I replaced him with Van Der Vaart for a bargain £4.3m. He had a slow start in midfield but after I pushed him up front he started having moments of absolute magic. As I said in my last update the season started slowly. Once i went back to my old formation we started playing great and ended up going the whole season unbeaten. We won the League Cup Final 5-0 against Rangers which was very satisfying. However, we went out of the Scottish CUp in the the quaters against Rangers after an awkward fixture list saw me play each leg of a Uefa Cup knockout game in between the match so i played the second team and lost 3-2 fter leading 2-0 with Lee McCullouch scoring a header in the last minute. It was our European campaign that really made our season though. We started in the Champions League Group Stages with Arsenal, Sporting Lisbon and Rosenborg. Lost both game sagainst Arsenal and Sporting and beat Rosenborg twice so we got knocked into the Uefa Cup. We beat Everton 3-3 on aggregate in an even game to scrape into the last 16. Here we had Schalke who thrashed us at their place but we then did the same to them at ours with Kevin Davies scoring a header in the last minute to send us through. In the quaters we had Zenit Saint Petersburg. We had an even game in Russia and got a good 2-1 lead. The drama started at our place when they scored twice to put them in a good position. Milevskyi scored an absolute screamer to put us back in front on aggregate but then got himself sent off for smacking their player and got banned for the rest of the competition. Then Burdisso got injured with all of my subs being used which left a nervy 15 minutes where we were mauled by them but Joe HArt somehow kept us out and we went through. In the semi's we got Bayer Leverkusen. A boring 1-1 at their place and a goal from Jo at ours got us into the final and against Barcelona. They scored and offside goal in the third minute and then battered us for the rest of the game with us only having a few dangerous counters. We won a corner in the 89th minute and Davies scored a great header to get us level. Then with 3 minutes added on they kept the ball until the last few seconds, Xavi played it through to Bojan and it all ended right there. Starting the summer now and will see how the new season goes with the imminent arrival of Hernanes
  6. I got Van Dey Vaart for £4.3m and on a fairly good wage, £55,000. Hasnt really played well for me but i havent tried the trequarista yet and most of my foreign plaers and taking a while to settle in.
  7. Right, about 10 games into my season and the expensive signings I had such high hopes for have largely underperformed and make me miss the old squad. Burdisso and Hart have played great (apart from Burdisso's red card habit). Sandro has been alright but not sure how to set him as he can play anywhere. Riquelme has been a little dull considering his attacking stats, rarely plays a dangerous ball or has a long shot (although when he does its usually brilliant!). Milyevski has scored a few goals but if he doesnt score then he gets awful ratings and rarely contributes much more, same with Negredo. Jo has been injured quite alot so cant judge yet. Formation is also a problem. As i said i tried a 4-3-3 but my assistants and performance sshowed it probably wasnt suited to me so i switched back to my 4-4-2 with wingers. If anything, this switch made them play even worse! How would you play these players and what formation would you recommend? Cheers
  8. And Johnson is being linked with City, Chelsea and people like that.
  9. Cheers. Who do you rate as better so i know if i made a mistake buying Sandro first?
  10. @ McGougan Players in cost about £43m bearng in mind that Burdisso and Riquelme were free. Players out brought in about £46m. Not as much depth but the quality is alot higher. I chose 4-3-3 because of my 2 great strikers but 2 of my coaches have said it doesnt suit my players so i might change it if it doesnt work. @southside Cheers, what roles do you play them in? I'm doing that now and it seems to be working. First season he was abit shakey and couldnt win anything in the air so i loaned him to Porto in January which seems to have boosted alot of his stats and his confidence. Playing him next to Burdisso who is very experienced must help and they're keeping out Gary Caldwell who was a rock last year and scored loads of penalties and headers from corners.
  11. Thought I'd post my first EVER complete season on here so here it is. Won the treble in my first season with only Andy Reid and Odamenti comin gin. Andy Reid was amazing and was one of my best players. Odamenti couldnt get in the team so loaned him out which helped him alot. Won the treble easily beating Rangers to the title by 21 points and beating them in both semi-finals. Rangers were 12th as far in as November but recovered well to comfortably finish 2nd. Zaluska came into the team for 2 games when Boruc was tired and then away with Poland in about October and played well so had no reason to drop him. Same situation with Brown and Crosas. Zaluska and Crosas ended up being two of my best players and Brown and Boruc moaned all season. ENded up selling Brown in January for £6m and Boruc in the summer for the same. I know it was alot less than they're worth but they werent doing anything great for me. I got knocked into the UEFA Cup after a close game with Lyon in the qualifying stages, qualified easily from my group but then got outclassed by Sporting Lisbon in the last 32 and was knocked out. Overall my team played well all season scoring loads of goals in my traditional 4-4-2 with two wingers down each side. Caldwell and Maloney both got 11 goals while Fortune got 23, Samaras got 27 and McDonald an amazing 42! Andy Reid and and Crosas were a great midfield combo, controlling most games with great passing and Maloney and McGeady flying down the wings. Suprisingly, McCourt was a very effective platyer, filling in all over midfield and scoring 8 goals, 1 in each of the semi-finals and finals of both Cups. Caldwell and Loovens were solid all season heading everything. Caddis and Hinkel fought each other all season for the right-back spot, which Caddis probably won over all. Fox was consistent on the left after a very dodgy start. Zaluska was a quality keeper, without Boruc's acrobatics but just seemd to concede less than him and was a calm influence all year. On a side note, I took over Ivory Coast for the World Cup and took them to the quater-finals, losing to Germany after absoutely slaughtering them. I resigned after the World Cup (it was abit too much). I won the Manager of the Year, Fortune got Player of the Year, Crosas got Young Player and Reid got Fans Player so I was understandebly delighted with the season I had had. However, as the transfer window got closer I thought that with the quality of the players I had I could do no more with them, they were clearly the best in the league but it was also clear that I would do nothing in Europe with that group of players and I want to actually do something with them. SO in the summer I sold Samaras, Fortune and McDonald for a combined fee of £18.5m and bought Negredo, Miyevski and Jo for a combined fee of £18m. I sold Boruc for £6m and brought in Joe Hart for £1.9m. Loovens and Mcmanus were sold for £11m and Burdisso was brought in on a free and Odamenti was brought back from loan looking alot better. Hinkel and Fox were sold for £8m and Maxwell was brought in for £4.4m and ive decided to just use Caddis on the right. Reid, McGinn, Robson and Ki were sold for £10m and Riquelme was brought in on a free with Sando being brought in for a record £17.5m. Im currently working on bringing Hernanes for £18m but don't have the money yet so I might have to wait till next year. I'm also getting Kevin Davies in on loan as cover for my strikers. To keep the change going I changed the formation to a 4-4-3 and my best team is: Hart Caddis Burdisso Odamenti Maxwell McGeady Sandro Riquelme Milyevski Jo Negredo I've just started my second season and they're all just beginning to gel for me and I think onc ethey've all settled in I'll have a really great team.
  12. I seem to have a backward game to everyone else, Brown has been sold for being on the bench a few times, Boruc is nearly sold for the same reason and Mcgeady has been average. Best players have been Zaluska, Caddis, Crosas and Samaras.
  13. @ Johnny I dont know why you'd want to! Im in January and he's scored about 25 goals, with many of them coming in Europe against Villareal and Sporting Lisbon. Have had Lyon, Fiorentina and Napoli looking at him.
  14. Can you manage two teams at once?

    Can be deleted now.
  15. Can you manage two teams at once?

    Sorry, didnt know where to post it and i only ever go on this one.