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  1. get this when trying the demo Logged to channel: warnings-and-errors Warning: RULE_GROUP_MANAGER::load() - cannot find rule group I've uninstalled the demo and installed again & the thing with the game cache same message every time
  2. i've basically given up on on this version of FM, cannot get it working on my imac at all, i've went through all the faq's even wiped my mac and a clean install of the OS nothing works, and as i've done with previous versions of FM i've installed it on my work pc, now i can't even do that as the company blocks access to steam, i'm back playing FM11 - feel robbed
  3. Having some difficulty picking a nice colour scheme thats easy on the eyes Anyone changed this option, and if so what colours are you using? i'm on the Dark default skin btw
  4. And it's not want you think I"ve finally got steam working great on my mac, and demo runs no problem My issue is that i also used to have FM installed on my work PC anyway i can't get access to steam as they have this websense thing installed, i've managed to get steam installed, but it won't update. I'm thinking the work firewall is blocking it. Any tech savvy people have any idea's on how i can by pass this? or are my days of FM at work over?
  5. download speeds are a joke!!!! average 100kbs on a 50mb line
  6. latest steam update, now has finally started working on my Mac Roll on FM12, any idea how to turn off the ad's it pops up?
  7. still can't get steam working correctly on my mac (OSX Lion), shame really was looking forward to FM12 will be sticking with FM11. Steam support = Useless
  8. contacted yesterday about my problem and still no reply
  9. i can't get steam working on my mac it keeps crashing what am i to do???
  10. OK then so i downloaded this steam, and for over half an hour trying to register a new account all i get is this looks like i won't be playing FM12 this year
  11. give me a break mate... you work for a massive international company that like others are only interested in one thing PROFIT...... the ads are there for a reason to generate sales. be it in the game it self or through steam... as for the charity work, care to let me know how much you save on tax because of charitable donations..????
  12. over 6 pages and not bothered to read through them to see if this has been stated. This link with steam has nothing to do with stopping piracy.... just a corporate link up to bring us advertising drivel while we play the game...
  13. Wallys update

    for celtic again the link with Santos Laguna should be set with type - good relations, shared scouting knowledge and youth player training there was no fee and no first option.
  14. Wallys update

    Omar Damari is not at celtic and Hinkel left aswell on a free