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  1. So in game when you have the Latest Scores tab open, it displays the score of every game in the competition which gets very cluttered. Like if it's the final matchday and I'm in a champions league fight, I want to be able to select and keep track of the teams around me and disable the scores I don't care about. This can be done with a simple checkbox. For example the Latest Scores tab can have 2 settings, one that displays the scores of the games checked, and the other that lets you uncheck/check all the games you want to add/remove. Should be extremely easy to implement.
  2. It is extremely unrealistic that every season these clubs spend over 300 million on players, replacing half their team every season. Yes, we understand PSG are filthy rich and can buy anyone, but in real life they don't just buy anyone just because they can and they don't break the bank every window. Don't get me wrong every once in a while they do break the bank like the Neymar and Mbappe summer, but in FM this happens every single window and it's very unrealistic. Like I'm sorry, but PSG don't spend 50-60 million on 7 players every year and also they don't sell half their starting 11 every season. This also applies to mega rich clubs like United. Clubs need to settle down in the amount of mega windows they have. Look at Real Madrid in real life for example. They are extremely rich but don't spend ridiculously every summer, however every once in a while when the club needs shakeup, they will have a mega window like this upcoming summer.
  3. As we know many leagues have Non-EU limits, for example in France you can have max 4 non-EU players. A lot of the times in real life players from South America can bypass this because either their parents or grandparents are European, but the game doesn't reflect this (especially for regens). It would be nice if they added this. Also, if a player gets married to a European, they are given a European passport like with Coutinho which could be a nice easter egg. It could be as simple as adding a 5% chance that a South American regen (even morose in countries like Argentina and Uruguay) of having European relatives
  4. I understand that in game, the prem clubs are by far the richest, and are therefore able to buy the best players and do the best in Europe, makes sense. But its just so unrealistic, every single season 3/4 teams are english in the champions league semi final and theres always 1 english team in the Europa league final. Like the prmier league has been the richest in real life for a long time yet they struggle in Europe, even if they spend 10x the amount on transfer/wages then their opponents. You guys need to to put more of an importance on a gelled team. Teams like Juve, Bayern, Barca etc rarely overhaull their squad and have the same foundation for their starting 11 year in year which is why they dominate in Europe. Premier league teams are constantly changing their squad dramatically every summer and because of that struggle to unite as a team/gel and therefore struggle, so I think the game needs to put more of an importance on a gelled team. Thats why teams like FC Basel constantly eliminate Prem teams
  5. Thirdeded Like a simple option to be able to turn this feature on or off would be perfect
  6. In game, we currently see how good your player is with its strong foot and week foot, like very strong, very weak, weak etc. Can we have an option to see player stats for when they use both feet, for example pass completion % with right foot and left foot. Shots on target with right foot and left foot. Cross completion with right foot and left foot. This would give us the information needed to decide whether or not we train them to avoid using weaker foot, stick to one side of the pitch while dribbling etc. Thanks
  7. Obviously we as the manager wouldn't make the decision, it would just be a request that we could make to the FA and then it would be up to them to decide
  8. I think it would be a welcome addition if we were given more options on what to do as an international manager. For example requesting to the FA to invest in better facilities, invest in youth coaching, better investment to the club teams, investment in football fields around the country (like what Iceland did), shortening the time it takes for a foreigner to represent the country. Like I forget the exact name but theres that hidden figure that determines the quality of youth from the country (out of 200) and we should be able to have an influence on that number through some of the things I just mentioned as well as others that I haven;t mentioned. Like it wold be nice if the board present a "5 year plan" on how they plan on improving the countries youth to get us into the next European Championships.
  9. Not sure if its been mentioned, but we should be able to set instructions for our goalkeepers distribution. For example on goal kick we could choose always play short, aim for center circle, aim for target man, aim for flank etc. And for when a goalkeeper has the ball in his hands, we could choose for example, quick release to start counter attack, hold ball to get everyone back in position, time waste, and then as mentioned where we want the ball distributed.
  10. It's a very simple addition actually, its like tracking a strikers goal tally for say the past 6 seasons. They should make it though a graph instead of just numbers on a page.
  11. Not sure if this is in the game, but if not then I think we should be able to ask players if they are willing to take a lower squad status. This would be extremely useful for older players who aren't as good as they used to be but can still make an impact off the bench. A real life example would be Evra who has agreed to become squad rotation and let alex sandro be the starter. This feature could also be used for players who have been under performing, youngsters who think they deserve first team football and players in general who are no longer strong enough for the first team. I think this would be a nice simple addition
  12. I think that there should be much for of an emphasis on earning a profit for your club, especially through signing young players cheap and selling them for a lot just like how many clubs in real life do that such as Ajax, Sporting, Udinese etc. I think it would be really cool if say the board set a target of say 50mil in players sold for the season, and if you achieve it, they could either like promise to invest more in youth development/scouting or promise to find you the next wonder-kid. I've always wanted to do save where I become a feeder club and develop the best facilities and players and sell them all for huge amounts of money and build my bank account, but there's no real incentive and it seems like the only way to play the game is become the best team in the world.
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