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  1. This is a very simple idea to implement. Lots of the times we have clubs in 3 or 4 competitions, and it's difficult to keep track what players are suspended for each competition. For example I'll have a cup match, followed by a league match and will decide to rest a player for the cup match so he's ready for the league, only to realize after the match that the player is suspended for the league. I would have had no way of knowing this unless I went to the player profile and noticed on the bottom right that he was suspended. If we got an icon like N-SUS (Next Match Suspended), it would help us
  2. So in game when you have the Latest Scores tab open, it displays the score of every game in the competition which gets very cluttered. Like if it's the final matchday and I'm in a champions league fight, I want to be able to select and keep track of the teams around me and disable the scores I don't care about. This can be done with a simple checkbox. For example the Latest Scores tab can have 2 settings, one that displays the scores of the games checked, and the other that lets you uncheck/check all the games you want to add/remove. Should be extremely easy to implement.
  3. It is extremely unrealistic that every season these clubs spend over 300 million on players, replacing half their team every season. Yes, we understand PSG are filthy rich and can buy anyone, but in real life they don't just buy anyone just because they can and they don't break the bank every window. Don't get me wrong every once in a while they do break the bank like the Neymar and Mbappe summer, but in FM this happens every single window and it's very unrealistic. Like I'm sorry, but PSG don't spend 50-60 million on 7 players every year and also they don't sell half their starting 11 every s
  4. As we know many leagues have Non-EU limits, for example in France you can have max 4 non-EU players. A lot of the times in real life players from South America can bypass this because either their parents or grandparents are European, but the game doesn't reflect this (especially for regens). It would be nice if they added this. Also, if a player gets married to a European, they are given a European passport like with Coutinho which could be a nice easter egg. It could be as simple as adding a 5% chance that a South American regen (even morose in countries like Argentina and Uruguay) of having
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