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  1. @Experienced DefenderI thought Id update you. I know it's been a lil while. But to let you know, the I kept the tactics that were working with my staff suggestion, we ended up finishing the season 4th place, results were mixed but did get some decent results. But as the season came to an end results were abit all over the place. So for the start of preseason I went with your suggested tactics as base guide. And have had good results. I do tweak in-game and some position duties before hand depending on the player coming in. But so far, great results
  2. Cheers guys. I didnt see either your messages till after I had played 5 games with the tactics recommend by my staff. But I did win 5/5 games I played with the tactics including against Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea (a bit of a crazy January). But I will 100% try out your tactics as I say the tactics they gave me all seem bit all over the place. One question is what do you mean by split block with the front 4 players? I'll let you know how I get on 👍
  3. My coaches recommended this. I wasn't sure if it's to instruction heavy
  4. @Experienced Defender that's what I would say my main starting 11 is. Canova the left back is just about to join my squad
  5. I'm playing and enjoying the game as I always have done but I've never really struggled before, I'm normally a one team save and see how far I can take them and build from them but never really struggled until recently on this current FM. And feel what I usually do with tactics clearly from this thread I've actually causing myself/team more harm than good lol
  6. Thankyou. Just screen shots of wingers/full backs? Mainly looking for tips and hints and appreciate any info that goes my way. Always thought I had a good grip on the game. Maybe more luck than not though lol
  7. Ah ok. So I can keep using offside trap but more my defensive line up to higher? I've had a look and my 4 main defenders have 14-16 pace. So against most teams I would imagine this wouldnt be too much of a problem? My left and full back have 17+ pace
  8. I think this is something I've never really focused on, I've always just bought a player and never really looked at there style. 17 years of playing these games and didn't realise I have so much more to learn lol. It was the other commenter that mentioned my LOE and looking for offside. I'm guessing screenshots of my players will be abit too much for you @Experienced Defender?
  9. I always thought any sort of higher defensive line would always leave me open at the back that's why I've always had standard or lower. Thanks for your input. Gives me some direction. How would be best to get to keep my full backs from not being over attacking yet working in balance with my wingers?
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