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  1. Haven't posted on this forum in years! managed to make my own tactics in the last few but this year has been a real struggle... I took the 4-1-2-1-2 formation, made no changes to it and started a career with Oxford United. Here are my results.. First season in league 2 was a breeze League 1 was a bit more of a struggle, couldn't get many decent players in but still managed to get a playoff place The Championship is where i couldn't believe it, well below average squad, lots of loans (mainly from City and Chelsea - my parent club), but I was predicted 24th place finish! This guy has been exceptional for the last 2 seasons, he also bagged 37 in 41 in league 1, will be looking for sign him permanently as he fits nicely into this formation. My squad is very very basic, only that one stand out player, used the scout to find some good players, but due to the stature of the club I couldn't sign any so had to take what i could get but with the majority of my squad in the region of 110-120 CA, this tactic is amazing! The premiership is going to be a completely different challenge, will definitely be looking to just stay up as the whole squad needs improving and with the link of chelsea gone i think loans will be a lot harder to come by. I will keep you up to date with how it goes, but I just wanted to say this is the first tactic i've used this season where I have gotten the results I wanted! I haven't had to edit the tactic at all, i've just set my assistant to do my opposition instructions, so basically just plug and play! Fantastic work Mr Rosler!
  2. yeah we are doing that just doesn't make sense that the connection is no quicker than when we are on separate internet connections
  3. Hi, I didn't know whether to post this in the online section or here. I am wondering if there is another way to connect to my friend, we are in the same house using the same network but still connecting to each other over the internet and the speed of the game is just as slow as it is if we are in different houses!! Very frustrating. If anyone knows anything to help that would be great can't find anything online anywhere! Thanks
  4. Haha i've had this before when my GK has conceded 3 but not 4, maybe they were all unstopable shots.
  5. Just looking back, sorted the replies into order and this thread had the 5th most replies! only behind the Arsenal, Lyon, Liverpool and Man Utd threads Well done guys now get playing in 09 so we can make it more successful than this one!
  6. Ah I didn't really read it, I thought he meant doing your press conf on the loo lol. Get it now and nah never do that tbh don't tend to talk to myself whislt playing lol. Edit: I think I should be let off its late and im tired
  7. I was meant to put a instead of lol. Well I won't post Pa/Ca's of any real players from now on!
  8. Same here! But I kind of agree with it, In the past I have probably spoiled someone's fun and its abit harsh. I take it we can still put PACA or regens though haha
  9. haha not sure i would drop out of school just yet being at huddersfield.
  10. Huddersfield have a 16 year old called Adrian Chippendale .... he won't get abused at school.
  11. i dont think there would be much reason for that i think stickys for links thread of 08 and 09 should be there though not just 09 then it should be fine for people sticking to 08 to find the threads. but the amount of people playing 07 isn''t alot so sure that isn't neccessary. 08 certainly is for at least 4 or so months if not more.
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