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  1. Haven't posted on this forum in years! managed to make my own tactics in the last few but this year has been a real struggle... I took the 4-1-2-1-2 formation, made no changes to it and started a career with Oxford United. Here are my results.. First season in league 2 was a breeze League 1 was a bit more of a struggle, couldn't get many decent players in but still managed to get a playoff place The Championship is where i couldn't believe it, well below average squad, lots of loans (mainly from City and Chelsea - my parent club), but I was predicted 24th place finish! This guy has been exceptional for the last 2 seasons, he also bagged 37 in 41 in league 1, will be looking for sign him permanently as he fits nicely into this formation. My squad is very very basic, only that one stand out player, used the scout to find some good players, but due to the stature of the club I couldn't sign any so had to take what i could get but with the majority of my squad in the region of 110-120 CA, this tactic is amazing! The premiership is going to be a completely different challenge, will definitely be looking to just stay up as the whole squad needs improving and with the link of chelsea gone i think loans will be a lot harder to come by. I will keep you up to date with how it goes, but I just wanted to say this is the first tactic i've used this season where I have gotten the results I wanted! I haven't had to edit the tactic at all, i've just set my assistant to do my opposition instructions, so basically just plug and play! Fantastic work Mr Rosler!
  2. yeah we are doing that just doesn't make sense that the connection is no quicker than when we are on separate internet connections
  3. Hi, I didn't know whether to post this in the online section or here. I am wondering if there is another way to connect to my friend, we are in the same house using the same network but still connecting to each other over the internet and the speed of the game is just as slow as it is if we are in different houses!! Very frustrating. If anyone knows anything to help that would be great can't find anything online anywhere! Thanks
  4. Football Manager Cut-Out Megapack

    this is the best facepack i've ever downloaded. great work!
  5. Just started a Notts County save, didn't spend any of the £1m given to me just put it all straight into wages and brought in a 12 players on free transfers plus John Bostock and Ritchie De Laet in on season long loans. The free transfers in were... Olivier Bernard Seyfo Soley Pele Abubakari Yakubu Godwin Antwi Michael Mifsud Willy Topp Nzelo Lembi Dejan Stefanovic Izzy Iriekpen Alberto Fontana Lucien Mettomo Lembi, Fontana and possibly Antwi will be sold in January as they have not played many games. After playing with the tactics a fair bit I finally have found one I like. and results have been average, out of all the cups unfortunately. but currently top of the league with 12 wins 7 draws and 3 losses. Team looks like this... GK - Schmiechel/Fontana DR - Yakubu/Moloney DL - Bernard/De Laet DC - Mettomo/Stefanovic DC - De Laet/Iriekpen/Antwi DMC - Soley/Lembi MC - Pele/Jackson AMC - Bostock/Ritchie ML - Davies/Ritchie AMR - Mifsud/Yakubu/Davies FC - Topp/Mifsud/Akinbiyi/Hawley will update soon
  6. Older Legends still Playing

    Van Der Sar, Freidel, James, Keller, Zuberbuhler, Lehmann, Sullivan, Crossley for the goalkeeper Right back Thomas Helveg former AC Milan, Inter and Norwich City player and at 38 his stats are still pretty good! or Abel Xavier who is on a free, he could also play centre back! but a better choice would be Roberto Ayala.
  7. TF Facepacks 120x120 Superpack

    i've downloaded all 5 parts and they are all unzipped into the correct folder but i don't seem to have a config file which is what is stopping me from viewing these in game. any chance you could upload the config file seperately? cheers
  8. Hello guys! Long time without a post for me! but with the arrival of FM10 I thought I had too! Started my first save with Chelsea, had a little play on the demo but didn't want to play too much so that when I got the full game it was newer to me. Right let's get on with it... i've splash most of my cash over 48 months. Transfers In: Danielle De Rossi - £40m over 48 months (Decent buy only took £10m out the balance for one of the best midfielders on the game) Mario Balotelli - £40 over 48 months (gamble as my ass man said he would only make a decent signing? Not sure of his PA but he should be good, legend on 09 so had to have him) Steven Jovetic - £8m up front and £6.75m over 48 months (looks great and should fill in in a few positions) Ashley Young - £15m over 48 months (always performs for me on FM and as Watford are my second team I have to try him out!) Philippe Mexes - £17.75m over 48 months (in my opinion this is a steal!) Alphonse Areola - £65k (hopefully one for the future) Goran Pandev - £10m over 48 months (should do well in the AMC role) Edin Dzeko - £20m over 48 months (should be fantastic if real life is to go by!) Iker Munian - £650k (was transfer listed and my ass man says he can play at a similar level as drogba!) Jack Rodwell - £15m over 48 months (wanted a good young englishman probably paid alot but my ass man rated him highly) I like the fact most people have sold players for completely different prices which is looking as though it will make the transfers a bit different. Transfers Out: Deco - £5.5m Soloman Kalou - £8m Hilario - Loan for £375k Florant Malouda - £10m Alex - £6.75m Playing a formation which looks like this ---------GK--------- ---DC---DC---DC---- WBR--DM--DM--WBL -----AMC--AMC----- ---------FC--------- So squad looks like this... GK - Cech/Turnball/Areola DC - Carvalho/Rodwell DC - Terry/Ivanovic DC - Mexes WBL - A. Cole/Zhirkov WBR - Ivanovic/Bosingwa/Ferreira DM - Essien/Mikel DM - De Rossi/Rodwell AMC - Lampard/Jovetic/Young AMC - Ballack/Young/Pandev FC - Drogba/Dzeko/Balotelli/Anelka Looking to sell.. Ballack, Anelka, Turnball and Ferreira in January. So far results have been okay Chelsea 2-1 Man Utd - Community Shield Chelsea 2-0 Fulham - Prem Liverpool 1-1 Chelsea - Prem Chelsea 0-0 Wolves - Prem Portsmouth 0-2 Chelsea - Prem Not happy with the 0-0 draw with Wolves but still getting used to the tactics, i'm loving the touchline instructions and the fact they seem to actually work! anyways will update soon, any questions please ask
  9. Best Young Centre mid

    Toni Kroos or Miralem Pjanic
  10. Frederic Piquionne

    It's because he has just signed for Lyon, he isn't at all great on the game, decent player for maybe portsmouth though. Doubt I would pay £5m for him to be honest.
  11. Superior Athletes

    once fully developed Richard Sukuta- Pasu has 17 for Accerlation, jumping, natural fitness, pace, strength, stamina and 18 for agility and 16 for balance. quality player
  12. Promoted - now for some talent

    sign Leo from Gremio or Radoi. two fantastic defenders, I currently have Leo for my QPR team in 09-10 in the Prem and he's brilliant.
  13. FM2007 top players

    Sherman Cardenas was amazing in that game. I also remember Tom Huddlestone being very good.
  14. Zucullini, Medel, Defour?

    Zuculini is the man! he become's brilliant if he gets the right PA. Walter I currently have in my QPR side he was awesome in the championship and improved quite alot. no experience with the rest tbh, defour is good but there are better.
  15. HoPeY just talking about my experience not going to be biased like some people imo Drogba's better on the game