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  1. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by DDEEFF: CAN i just say this is an awesome tactic, won the quadruple with spurs in my test season, i was leading the league with crystal palace before ai cracked this tactic, i will start a new game with palace, i have noticed that tweaks during game are vital, moving around the players arrows till and positions slitly till u take advantage in game, ex, changing arrows on wingers from long to short to none, move wingers into aml and amr positions, moving central midfield into dm with arrows going into midfield, etc. I had berbatov who plays amazingly well, and defoe or kone on the left side,. i must remind all to make sure u select ure target men, as when i have forgoT(replacing berbatov due to injury or fatigue< the tactic doesent play aswell, question? when selecting ure target men, do u include all ure strikers, or just the 1 u wish to be the main source, i have just changed the 1 every game and it works very well, or would u list all ure strikers u have in the order u feel best suited, the set pieces defense is solid, i think i have conceded just the 1 goal from a sp. the goals i do concede generally come from wide areas, 3-3 against arsenal away. kuqui is amazing in the target man role, originally put up on trasfer list, but he was making 40 headers a game, and was top goal scorer for me, with central midfield, if u have good passers of the ball, and are away, i tend to put them on direct-long passsing, against the biggers clubs and with the style of play, ure chances are limited, with the directness of passing, this becomes a great counter attacking football, if players are on mixed they tend to want to pass the ball more looking for openings, with the directness the wingers come into play alot more, lennon is great on this tactic,and van persy is a great left winger, for u arsenal managers,games i struggled in were against middlesbrough, lost 1-0 away and drew o-0 at home. berbatov could not get into the game, as they had huth and tony gardner, 6ft3 and 6ft4 respectivally. if at home not scoring , try widening the play, this is where van persy and lennon start to shine, if away and struggling, shorten width rite down, take wingers off forward runs, have ure 2 central midfielders running up and playing direct football, this seems to work well, the basic tactic is awesome, it usually only takes about 10 min of game to see if the tactic is working, if after this point it aint, tinker, drop ure fast striker, drop ure central midfiel and push up ure wingers, tinker about with it , until ure equal with opps, watch how the opps are playing, if they are playing with wingers and using the wingers, go to opposition on the tactic menue, and have hard tackling on the wingers, have to close down often have markin tite, u can see rite away if this will work, opps will usually change formation just to have u take off the cd and marking u just put on,. i notice pace is vital to make this tactic work, left striker )dribbling)etc, the wingers, my central midfield were both solid players, mikel and(cant think of name , french central midfielder, they both havent scored or assisted as much as they could, this is def where i think they tactic can be improved, with the directness of passing i sometimes implent, either cm will pass straight to winger or to left striker, i would like to see how others have tinkered for home situations and away situations, at home this is phenomenal, away from home the games are alot titer, thus not having as many chances, the possesion is usually always lower than opps, but its points that count, other tactics u will be alot prettier football, but this is hardcore, similar to way tottenham play now imo, well this is my perception of the tactic, if u like i try and post images(if i figure out how ) cheers fuss, the 1st consistant and great tactic for me, TOP MAN </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Thats one hell of a wall of text.
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