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  1. I'm not planning to but fm17 & stay with fm16 for a while, so no but if someone can re-edit my file in the fm17 editor, yo're welcome to do so
  2. hi, i've created a custom league system for my nation of birth Everything seems fine, the problem is when I simulated it with the leagues were set to playable, the game crashed in mid-2017. Whereas when they were set to view-only and even with all players in the nation were selected in the advanced database option, they were running just fine. So I can't seem to find the errors and the problems here. Anyone can help me??
  3. I didn't touch the pre-build WAFF Champs from the original db in this file, but according to the pre-build one, Iran doesn't enter the WAFF as it is now a CAFA member
  4. In this custom db there are already enough club continental comps for Europe and I don't think there is a need for a Mitropa Cup, otherwise there will be multiple fixture congestions. Sorry
  5. I'll simulate the file with multiple nations and a huge database for over a year and no crash About that warning just click ok & ignore it
  6. I'm afraid I can't because I'm busy right now and I didn't really support this Mitropa Cup I renamed it to Axia Cup because the it sounds better, like the UEFA Cup is renamed to Europa League
  7. About the crash I'll check about it later. U can straightaway download this one, there are the same files actually I've forgot to mention that I've set the Australian clubs to play in the Oceanian club continental champs rather than in Asia because of their real geographical position. It's not an error and it's just my opinion and preference
  8. An expanded, enhanced and more interesting FIFA Club World Cup, now renamed as FIFA World Club Championship (WCC) There are also extra continental club comps for Asia, Europe & North America, with the winners have the chance to qualify for the WCC. There are qualifying tournaments for WCC for each continent except Oceania. Some of the competitions added/modified : Europe - - UEFA Regional Club Cup (URCC) for each European region (central; east; north; south) ; for more info : Asia - - AFC Champs League (modified, expanded) - AFC Cup (modified, renamed as AFC Axia Cup) - AFC Super Cup (winner of AFC CL vs winner of Axia Cup) - Continental regional club tournaments for each Asian region (east; southeast; south; west; central); these comps are for the best clubs in each country which didn't qualify for AFC CL & Axia Cup North America - - CONCACAF Champs League (modified, expanded) - CFU Carribean Cup - Copa Interclubes UNCAF (for clubs in Central America) - CONCACAF Super Cup Oceania - - OFC Champs League (modified, expanded) - Melanesian Super Cup - No continental club comps added or modified for South America & Africa FIFA WCC Qualifying : Europe - Winner of each URCC faces each other, 1 winner qualify - Winner of top 5 European leagues (Spain; England; German; Italy; France) which wasn't the winner of UCL/UEL faces each other, 1 winner qualify South America - Winner of top 2 S. American leagues (Brazil; Argentina) which wasn't the winner of Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana faces each other, 1 winner qualify Africa - Winner of the top league in each African region which wasn't the winner of CAF Champs League/Confed. Cup faces each other, 1 winner qualify Asia - Winner of each continental club tournament faces each other, 1 winner qualify North America - Winner of CFU Carribean Cup, Copa Interclubes UNCAF, top 2 N. American leagues (USA; Mexico) which wasn't the winner of CONCACAF Champs League faces each other, 1 winner qualify FIFA World Club Championship (16 teams) :- Europe (4) - UCL, UEL winners + 2 teams from qualifying South America (3) - Copa Libertadores, Sudamericana winners + 1 team from qualifying Africa (3) - CAF Champs League, Confed. Cup winners + 1 team from qualifying Asia (3) - AFC Champs League, Axia Cup winners + 1 team from qualifying North America (2) - CONCACAF Champs League + 1 team from qualifying Oceania (1) - OFC Champs League winner Extra info : FIFA WCC host nations are rotated from one continent to another and picked from third world or developping country Problem encountered : According to the real life format of WCC, the best club from the host nation is qualified but I can't seem to replicate this into my custom file, hence no host nation club enter. If anyone has any suggestion on how to make this happen, your assistance is kindly required. Extra files : Awards overhauled for a few major comps around the world Enjoy!! Download link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/96cwb6azje34257/NBL_FIFA_WCC_Q_Continental_Club_Comps_Collection.rar More comps by me:
  9. hey pr0, i've posted a request about malaysian transfers in your forum but since you didn't reply to it, i considered maybe you've missed it. so here is a reminder about it: http://updatesbypr0.com/forum/rest-of-asia/301-malaysia#2526
  10. i've already made a few others competition in africa and the world, but not in oceania and the americas Here's the link:
  11. I've activated a few inactive tournaments in the world. Competitions added:- - UAFA Arab Nations Cup + Qualifying - UAFA Arab Youth Championship (U20) - Indian Ocean Island Games (Jeux des Iles de l'Océan Indien) - Islamic Solidarity Games (U23) - Francophone Games (Jeux de la Francophone, U20) - Mediterranean Games (U20) - Pestabola Merdeka (Asia's oldest football competition. It's a friendly tournament held annually in Malaysia in conjuction of the independance day of the nation. The word "Merdeka" is independance in malay. 6 random U20 national teams participate joined by the host nation, Malaysia U20 and Palestine U20, the latter is chosen by me as a permanent participant due to the close relation between my country, Malaysia and Palestine.) Enjoy!! Important notes : - - during loading and ingame, you will get a message like this: "ACTUAL COMP bla bla bla ....", just press ok and the game will continue normally - If you encounter any error or would like to notify me about any wrong information or even give me any suggestion to improve this custom data, you are very welcome to do so - Links to more tournaments created by me below Download link : https://www.mediafire.com/?r5p1jbjk51qabjp More competitions :-
  12. ok tq for notifying me about that. i thought that squad size for all tournaments are uniform
  13. I've added a few african international tournaments to enhance the international football competitions in Africa in Football Manager 2016 Competitions added:- - For senior squad, every region's main international cup is activated except north (west - WAFU Cup, central - CEMAC Cup, east - CECAFA Cup, south - COSAFA Cup) - For northern africa (UNAF), an U-23 cup is activated because it has only five nations - African Games, held every 4 year, the u22 of the top 16 african nations according to the world ranking are qualified Enjoy!! If you experience any error or bug during playing, do tell me. updates: v1.1- Squad size changed to 20 players per team for COSAFA Cup and African Games. (Credit to nikstein for telling me about this) Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r2e2m3hk2cak57c/NBL_African_International_Competitions_1.1.dbc
  14. I've added a few asian international tournaments and modified a few. Competitions added:- - For senior squad, every region's main international cup is activated (east, southeast, south, west and central asia) - Central Asia and South Asia cups are activated while Southeast Asia and East Asia cups are modified to allow every nation in their respective region to enter without going trough qualifying rounds. (but no Australia, sorry) - West Asia cup is not touched. - For the competitions above, a few nations are invited to ensure the total teams entered is the multiply of 4 (8, 12, ...). The invited nations' team are B teams. - Other competitions : East, Southeast (SEA), South & West Asia games (U23), Southeast Asia Youth Cup (U19) & AFC Confederation Cup (cup between the winners of the regional tournament + Asian Cup, held every 4 years, 1 year before Asian Cup) If you experience any error or bug during playing, do tell me. Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/?vi7af6wc772whym
  15. Ignore the verification warning, just test ingame first, see if ur cup work or not
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