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  1. Try importing this file in the FM21 editor NBL International Comps - Asia.xml
  2. Yes, u can try exporting this file from FM20 editor & then import it into the FM21 editor, save it & then try load it in FM21
  3. I think yes even if a competition will be extinct the next qualified team from the league can qualify in place of the winner of the extincted competitions
  4. 1st of all, I appreciate ur effort of trying to re-edit my file by opening it in ur pre-game editor & trying to understand the structure of this file that I've done but great effort nonetheless. So basically, I made several hidden stages (leagues) in the AFC Super Cup to sort the team that qualify for the AFC continental competitions. This is my way of doing it so it's not like the "normal" way of someone who wants to make continental competitions. The origin of the problem for the wrong teams qualified is as u mentioned comes from the fact that this file is not compatible with other
  5. Sorry I'm not currently planning on buying FM21 for the time being
  6. Perhaps u can ignore the verification part, & just save it & try loading it in the game & see if it works without any issues or not
  7. I'm currently not planning to buy FM21 yet so the chances are pretty low However, u can load the file in the FM20 pre-game editor, export it, import it into FM21 pre-game editor & save the file. Try it & see how it goes
  8. I thought that Israel is not in Europe geographically even though the Israel FA is registered to UEFA so I did not include Israel in any UEFA competitions
  9. Thank you very much @Shenmue-Xfor the positive feedback. That's exactly what I was aiming for when creating this file, to ensure that top clubs from all Asian nations to have the maximum experience in continental competitions. I was thinking about doing the same for UEFA continental competitions by making them compatible with my UEFA Regional Club Cup that I've created, but it meant that I had to edit all the existing competitions from scratch & I thought that the current format is already complete and therefore, I decided against editing them
  10. I think it was because there were not many teams in the Saint-Barthelemy league
  11. An attacking tactic with as much as six players attacking the box Inspired by the Galileo tactic by @Rashidi, your team will play good attacking and highly entertaining football and also scoring lots of goals with this tactic. With the IWB on attack, you can expect as much as six players attacking the box. Playing style is structured meaning that there will be more direct passing and quick transition from defend to attack which suits well with the fact that there is a lack of midfielders in the centre. With this tactic, goals will not always come from your strikers. You can expect th
  12. No I don't know any file using this format. But if u ask around the forums in this community perhaps u could find one.
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