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  1. Let's try again with visuals so my explanation will be clearer to you. The team I changed was the Chicago Fire. If you look under the affiliated clubs, you will see two teams that have no association whatsoever with Chicago. Rather than displaying the logos already associated with those two teams (or even the logo I gave my created team), the game gave the teams the Chicago logo.
  2. I'm using the phrase that's at the top of the dialog box when you click "Edit Affiliations." One of the options is to use the same kit. If you select that option, it uses the same kit of the team you've replaced rather than the one you are creating.
  3. When you create a club, you have the ability to overwrite the current club's affiliated clubs with other clubs. Doing so, however, means the logos aren't updated for the new clubs.
  4. I completely understand, which is why I will not be purchasing FM any more unless there's an editor for the PC version of Touch. Producer-consumer interaction is beautifully uncomplicated, isn't it?
  5. Hmm. Maybe if I'm more direct... You can download FMT for the PC, but you can also download it for tablets. Because SI has created a product they simultaneously market to desktop AND tablet users, the desktop version gets watered down. There are a number of niggly differences between FMT and the full version that were never asked for by FMT users. Most of us despise the social aspects, but would love an editor, full coaching staffs, robust tutoring, etc. I understand those omissions in a tablet version, but not in a desktop one. There's already a big difference between the games designed for phones and tablets; I'd like to see a similar difference between tablets and desktops.
  6. This is why I would love a desktop-only version of Touch. (Perhaps this would mean there could be an editor, too).
  7. On Twitter, Miles said they were not able to get it down by Friday, but it should be done soon. https://twitter.com/milesSI
  8. Absolute agreement with these three suggestions.
  9. Hmmm...looks like I'll be waiting until February again. (Sigh).
  10. Nonsense. Most of us want an editor to make small changes.
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