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  1. My question to you is did he play a lot and how do you look at the potential ability? stars?
  2. It is the bolded part that got you letter c does not apply because it is only the games between Porto and West Ham that count
  3. Sorry I just looked at the UEFA website and looked at the criteria for tiebreakers in the Champions League group stages and it said there that away goals is part of the criteria for tiebreakers
  4. Personally I love this idea very much but I can already imagine the complaints coming to SI like I just finished in 2nd place a point and got sacked The game is broken!!!
  5. You might have to sell some but get a spanish feeder club it takes two years plus to get eu nationality there.
  6. Put yourself in the shoes of the AI if you have a very good youngster will you sell him for just 10 million which you say is a very very good price??
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