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  1. @Robbles Quin ®™ if you want, can you please post my link to your first page my friend? thank you...
  2. i use sortitoutsi and daveincid. yes you must make @Robbles Quin ®™'s latest files is first loaded in your save... to make that you can rename the file with 01 before.
  3. will you make update with CA/PA and transfer mate? when the transfer window closed for japan?
  4. @Robbles Quin ®™ there is jfl teams and below dont have cut out face. if anyone have any portrait sources i will edit them and make update. Thank you
  5. if there any source for jfl teams that didn't have cut out faces, i will edited them to cut out and make a update. thank you
  6. [FM21.4] J League Facepack for Robbles Quin's "FM21.4 JFA J League Pyramid Levels 1-7, University/U18/High School (June Update)" - Editors Hideaway Download Forum FM21 - Sports Interactive Community (sigames.com) download here my friend
  7. J League Facepack for @Robbles Quin ®™'s "FM21.4 JFA J League Pyramid Levels 1-7, University/U18/High School (June Update)" for FM 21.4 Database How do I Install: 1. Extract the downloaded zip to C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2021\graphics 2. Navigate to your preferences on the welcome screen or by using the drop-down menu near the top right of the menu within your save game. 3. Choose the advanced tab (the blue square within the screenshot above) and select all from the drop-down menu on the right (the red square within the screenshot above). 4. Scroll down to the interface section near the middle of the list, where you are to make sure that: • the “Use caching to decrease page loading times” box is unticked • the “Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences” box is ticked After clicking confirm, it may take a few seconds or minutes for all the graphics to be loaded and you should now see all the graphics you have downloaded appear in your save game. [DOWNLOAD] [MediaFire] FM 21.4 J League v1.0 [207 MB]
  8. still renaming my friend... there is almost 2500 cutout face need to be renamed to new UID
  9. thank you. maybe can you post my facepack work to the your first page if im done mate? and share your work to fmscout and sortitoutsi also...
  10. @Robbles Quin ®™ i'm still working on renaming the facepack one by one... can i see your inside editor data folder?
  11. @deivis10 i'm start working the facepack thaht will compatible withe latest patch and @Robbles Quin ®™ database. Please consider to support me with my paypal thank you
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