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  1. I understand what you are saying and Yes, I offered him to clubs (but didn’t transfer list him) but right now his profile screen has 8 positive comments including a “high level of respect for me” to the one negative. IMO, this seems a little, unbalanced, should we say, for a reason for not signing a new contract. Do certain positive or negative actions carry more weight than others? Fair enough if I am the only one that thinks this way however.
  2. Sorry, have I missed something... where does it say he wants to move on??
  3. Hi, just tried offering Ozil a new contract but I get told he doesn't want to discuss one as he is currently unhappy at the club. However, when I look at his profile, I see nothing but happiness and while I understand him being unhappy with me 11 months ago for touting his services, he has been on fire form wise this season, has played in more than half the games so far and we have been through a transfer window and a half since the original problem. Should the unhappiness for "touting" really last 12 months?
  4. Sorry if i have misunderstood but is the problem with PA not that no one can ever know and so "fixing" it makes things a little less realistic. Take Jamie Vardy for example; I would be interested to know what his CA and PA were on FM 2012 compared to now? Cohen Bramel at Arsenal is another example though not as extreme. I doubt any scout report that FM used to set up the players stats at those points in time would have suggested they would be where they are at now. It is also not reflected in the game imo that a Premiership team would pick up a player from non league (or even league two or one) that would have the impact that Vardy has had. While these scenarios are not everyday things, there should be scope for it?
  5. Definitely agree with the first one. No knowing which scout is currently on assignment without having to remember 18 names or write them all down is frustrating.
  6. Ok, well all I can say is thank you for this tactic!! Its great!! I am at January now and I have only lost two games so far - one to Real madrid in the Champs League group games and one in the league to my bogey team - Stoke (1-0). The IWB's work really well but it is the consistency of the whole team that has been most impressive. I have never had so many high average ratings over the whole team before and Ozil has just won World Golden Ball, Footballer of the Year and World Player of the Year with Sanchez coming third in each category too. I would suggest that added to your list of requirements for positions, the AMCL/R need to have good vision in order to play the balls through the defence that the tactic likes to do so often. This is why, IMO, Ozil has performed as he has. Whoever I play on the other side out of Lucas or Ox, neither get as many assists as Ozil because neither has as good vision. Also, adding "off the ball" and/or "Positioning" to the AMC SS role is useful as that player needs to be in the right position to get on the balls through. I have tried Walcott in that position a few times and although he has the pace and finishing to perform, he is often slightly too wide of the pass to get on the end of them and his stats are far weaker in those attributes than that of Sanchez. have now got some January signings lined up so will see if how they affect the team for the second half of the season though I am not sure where and when they will play as the team is doing so well anyway! My only negative of this tactic is that so many of the team are playing well, loads of them want new contracts lol! FM Screnshots.pdf
  7. First thoughts are that this is a solid tactic. Have played up until October with Arsenal. No transfers in and with my ass man taking some of the games, I am unbeaten so far P16, W13, D3, L0 (including champs league and league cup games. Positive results include a 2-0 against Spurs (H), 0-0 against man City (A) and 2-2 against Chelsea (A) who scored the equaliser in the last minute! Because I have not made any transfers yet, I know some of my players are not the kind that would necessarily fit the tactic as you have suggested in your OP regarding Dybala, Greizmann etc so I could potentially be getting better results but I can only judge it on what I have done with it so far. Will keep playing and update you with progress. BTW - because I cant do screenshots, my team is GK Cech, CB Kos, CB Mustafi, WB Bellerin, WB Monreal, DM Elneny, CM Ramsey/Xhaka, CM Cazorla, AMLR Lucas, AM SS Sanchez, AMLC Ozil
  8. Going to try it over the weekend, will let you know how it goes.
  9. 1) I think it would add to the realism of the game as managers irl are not restricted by this and 2) while it may require a little more work than my opening post suggests, I find it odd (and frustrating at times) that sometimes when you say one thing to an individual after giving a whole team talk, those you have already given a talk to get upset. I don't know if the players current rating within the game (for half time team talks) is taken into account but I had a situation only yesterday where we were not playing all that well but were 1-0 up at half time. One of my players was at a much higher rating than the rest so I told the team they were doing ok but could do better and then told the individual that he was playing well and 3 of my players got upset.
  10. I think it would be useful if you could give individuals a team talk/feedback during half time or post match BEFORE having to give a whole team team talk. If I have a team at half time with ratings of 6.7 but one player who has made a mistake at 6.3 and one trying really hard at 7.1, I have to give everyone the same advice/feedback before getting to do individuals which, in some cases, then causes unhappy players. It would be better imo to be able to speak to the two individuals first and then give the blanket talk to the rest of the team. The same goes for post match, if there are ratings all over the place, why cant I give everyone an individual talk rather than have to do a team one and then individuals?
  11. herne79 - i suppose so. Didnt think of it along those lines - was just trying to look at a tactic and see how it worked more than anything. Made me think that if i ever wanted to achieve the steam achievements of such things like going through a whole season unbeaten, i could use the tactic but tweak it as i have never got close to an unbeaten season on any version of FM. vincenzo143 - i said in my OP that i can see the formation and which players he used where - was thinking more along the lins of the exact roles each player played was all e.g. DLP, BBM etc.
  12. I am playing as arsenal, second season. Wont he league in the first season with a tactic i had created in FM15 and it seems to be working now (4-2-3-1 home games and 4-1-2-3 away). Got to mid November and was second in league, though struggling in Europe. I decided to put my ass man (Ian Cathro) in charge for a couple of weeks up until the Jan transfer window and let him choose his own tactics, line up etc. When i returned from holiday roughly 5 weeks later, the guy had won 9, lost 1, easily getting us through the Champs League Group stage and scoring something like 30 goals and conceding only 8 with a 4-4-2 diamond formation. Now i dont mind him changing stuff, i let him after all but though i can find out the formation and which players he used in which positions, is there anyway i can find out what roles and team instructions he used? Who was a DLP, which roles were the forwards playing etc? In addition, in every game, he was using Oxlade-Chambelain as one of the central midfielders alongside Cazorla, completely omitting Wilshere and Ramsey from the starting line up - why? I know Wenger has said irl that CM is the position Ox could find himself playing regularly but i didn't think he was really ready for it in this game, especially at a level to keep out Wilshere and Ramsey. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.
  13. Thank you HUNT3R, that explains it a little better for me thank you. Thomit, i agree that while i will be training players to play a particular role or duty, the skills needed in that role or duty could be very different. For example, if i wanted my full backs to be more attacking, i would look at developing their crossing, pace and something like a "gets forward" ppm while they are still fairly young. However, if i then need to adapt my tactic for the full back to be more defensive, i would want those attributes e.g. positioning, acceleration etc. It shows as much if you use the "highlight attributes for position" function on a player profile screen. An attacking full back has 9 attributes listed whereas a defensive full back has 7 attributes listed as desirable. I guess, if i read between the lines in these posts, in the end, that kind of thing doesn't matter when it comes to developing youth players as much as i thought it might.
  14. OK, so in response to Hand of God and Jambo98, the AI does at least compute that it needs to "play more defensive" if my reputation as an attacking team grows and "FM replicates real life [and adapt how they played against them]" so the way teams play against me changes and i therefore, need to tweak my tactics in order to meet this new challenge. Without wanting to be argumentative, that is/was the crux of my op even if the language wasn't quite right so therefore the original question would also still be valid would it not? Like i say, not trying to argue, just want to make sure i have explained myself correctly and if there is an answer or some useful advice, that i get it. Cleon, if you think i am barking up the wrong tree, please feel free to close the thread.
  15. Hi Cleon, i have just tried looking for the threads again but am not having much luck. One of them was called "29 games unbeaten and now no win in 15" or something like that and the other was a "why is my tactic not working"-type thread where that comment was offered as feedback. To be fair, it hasn't come up a lot but like i say, has been in the odd post so apologies if my op is incorrect.
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