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  1. that always irked me too like i could imagine the assistant being like "what Aguero in goals? against United? sounds good to me boss"
  2. look i can see that you're just annoyed and aren't taking advice from anyone but why not tell your players to shape up to avoid complacency just to check your "myth"
  3. just got denied a new stadium by my board so i was wondering how long does it take before i can ask again
  4. i've done this ruined my unbeaten run as well and the holiday indefinitely button is right next to the holiday till date one
  5. title basically sums it up wanna see the best regens at your club or any club in your save or any that really seemed to stand out. can be from any version of the game screenshots are appreciated
  6. i haven't been given a specific focus just to make a presentation but i would believe that it is intended to be a piece designed to inform, i was planning on focusing a lot on how it could be seen as a substitute for not being good at football as a sport but still have a footballing brain, the newgens are also something i would like to mention because they aren't something that you see in any other game really. Also i'm planning on starting off with a brief yet informative history of the series as a whole dating back to the CM days till now
  7. on the email you receive it should tell you otherwise before starting negotiations his agent should tell you
  8. school and english just expected to make a 10 minute presentation on any subject so i chose fm
  9. i have to make a presentation for a large part of my grade this year so i thought that i would ask you guys what you thought i should include in it
  10. just before fm15 i've decided to try and start a save with a small championship team hoping for the play-offs maximum and i was wondering who would you guys recommend me trying out.
  11. see it all the time mind you the player needs to have that as a tendency
  12. high determination so that's a good sign with a decent potential
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