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  1. sure mate now im working for next version with lot of tweaks , and strikers now perform much better maybe i will upload it tomorrow or after . good luck ,
  2. new link good luck mate http://speedy.sh/YSfjb/Wizzu-v1.tac
  3. @saddy505 Great ! What team are you using ?
  4. i tryed with qpr , norwich but im not sure its work will with lower league teams mate . i will try and see what can i do . good luck
  5. @KingEric07 nice result hope to see more mate , enjoy
  6. hello everybody this is my tactic i get a lot of success with this tactic with porto & man utd and tested some matches with QPR and Norwich . its 4222 tactic Plug and play ! its will work great with all teams Tactic : Match prep: start season tactical only and team cohesion before your first match switch to > u can keep it to end of season and u can change team work to attack team talk and oi : i use assertive>i except win some times on euro champions league Agg> I except oi : assistant manager but dont use for defense players Result : Download : http://www.mediafire.com/?62w2wvzaqczoa6v http://speedy.sh/YSfjb/Wizzu-v1.tac i will upload more later
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