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  1. You will need to quit the job as it would cost them millions to buy you out of that contract like Cougar says. Often, if you declare your interest in other club jobs with lower rep teams, the board will become upset and sack you.
  2. Wow just finished reading 8 pages amazing career DSYoung...
  3. Hopefully you can end a disappointing season with some european silverware, at least that guarantees you a spot there next year. KUTGW
  4. wanting out of liverpool seems pretty realistic to me
  5. From what I have read previously after every major international championship, most of the managers get sacked or leave regardless of results. Must be some irregularity (bug).
  6. Yes I read this excellent guide to that formation and have been playing around with that in a Wolfsburg save with some good scoring in pre-season. When I read these career threads Im always inspired to try something out in a similiar fashion so always changing games really. Good luck for end of season, hope you push for good european position. Will this career only last until the FM12 is fully patched and workable??/
  7. I have enjoyed reading your career to date keep it up!! With regard to the assymmetric formation did this not work out as expected? Im currently in a save (Fm11) with Coleraine and have used a similiar formation after being inspired by your career thread. It has worked remarkably, especially when at home against weaker teams where it really exploits there negative tactics. My players are poor but the tactic allows us to play excellent attacking football and in 3 of the 5 home matches ive played with it I have lead 4-0 at half-time. However, against good sides and away from home i leak goals for fun. But, if this has worked well at this level I think you should consider going back and trying it out again.
  8. Ok thanks im only running 6 nations with no extra players loaded on a medium database. Thus, it would be very difficult to find the talent you got early on but ill continue. By the way, great career so far and good luck this season.
  9. Great read dafuge. Im currently managing coleraine in NI Premier division in FM11. Just wondering how you manage to sign these good regens and/or young players from rest of europe (i.e. Czech Rep etc). They seem quality for the standard of league. I assume you have loaded the players from these european areas. Is it easy to attract them?
  10. Just catcj=hing up and reading this career game, very interesting thus far. Good luck this year mate!!!!
  11. Just download FMRTE and create your own sugar daddy.
  12. When your online open steam. Then go to Steam tab and select "go offline". Close steam and then your game should start up without needing to be online. Hope this is your answer.
  13. Ok thanks ill look into that
  14. Im wondering how to edit a teams finances in particular the bank balance. Every time I edit the balance of a club to say £100M, when I play the game it resets to say £15M or so. What is it exactly that I need to do to install a new balance without resetting.
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