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  1. Same schizophrenic game that FM 2013 has been for me so far. Team performs outstandingly well in pre-season, against great opposition, and then come first game of the season, seemingly forgets how to play football....
  2. sorrenmills


    I am not complaining about the amount of offside at all - I am railing against the amount of disallowed goals due to offside (and as a seperate point it seems that every goal, defenders are complaining about attackers 'looking offside'). Nor am I complaining about losing matches - it happens as much to the AI teams as it does to me. All I am saying is, to have, at a minimum, two goals chalked off every single game is a touch unrealistic, no?
  3. sorrenmills


    I apologise if this has been posted already but at what point did the SI dev and testing team think that having 2 or 3 goals chalked off for offside every single game was a good result for QA? I have tried to persist with the game several times now but its always the same. I assume this is something that is going to be addressed in 10.3?