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  1. Realistically, there isn't much that SI can do with the next patch. SI are not a huge, monolithic games developer; they are, relatively speaking, a small team and part of that small team will already be working on FM21. That is the downside of a yearly release schedule. Call of Duty can get away with it because they farm development out to different teams, alternating each year (as well as having very large teams of developers). SI do not have that luxury. By setting an artificial deadline, you are setting the expectation that the game must be released on a certain date, come hell or high water and we are seeing the results of that this year. If I am being honest, I don't think FM20 should have been released in the state it was; there were and still are numerous and obvious bugs that, under a 'normal' release schedule, would have been picked up and fixed at the cost of delaying the game release. By sticking to a yearly release schedule, major bugs picked up by the test team that can't be fixed in the timeframe prior to release, means the game has to be release no matter what and the team have to scramble to retrospectively patch the engine after release. This has worked in the past when the ME flaws have not been so fundamental or groundbreaking but in this year's version, it looks like the ME flaws are too complex to simply fix with a post-release patch. It's hugely disappointing to me, as a consumer but I understand it, if not like it, because I realise that SI are wedded to and dependent financially as company upon getting a yearly version of the game in the shops. TLDR: There is only so much that can be done both in the time available and with the resources (i.e. people) to do it. I expect most of the development team are already hard at work on FM21 given it is due to be released later this year so I wouldn't hang your hopes on the next patch being the proverbial silver bullet.
  2. It seems what this ME gives with one hand, it takes with the other. Still seeing far too many occurrences of wingers/forwards smashing crosses into defender's legs and far too many goals from set pieces and general penalty area pinballery. My 2 central defenders are on 31 goals between them and I'm still in March.
  3. I played the updated match engine for a few hours last night and remain unimpressed. I agree with you, the crossing intelligence is awful. I lost count of the amount of times wingers and fullbacks smash a cross into a defender’s legs. I can’t help feeling this year’s version is a massive step backwards, ME-wise. Enough to make me seriously consider whether I want to keep buying and investing time into this series.
  4. What's even more telling is that the regen face from a version 7 years ago looks better than the monstrosities we currently have.
  5. I used to play a game many years ago called Ultimate Soccer Manager and whilst the on-pitch action wasn't great, there was a whole load of club infrastructure/micromanagement you could indulge in, such as choosing which stands to upgrade and by how much, building Shops, Pubs, Hot-dog stands etc and being able to control the price of souvenirs/beers/hotdogs being sold and so forth. Would love to see some of that implemented into FM - for those who wish to do so, really allow you to micromanage the commercial side of things or delegate it if it's not your bag.
  6. The Beta has made some difference but not enough for me. Too little, too late; as far as I am concerned, this year's version is a flaming pile of poo. Sticking with FM17, not buying next year's version - without being too melodramatic, I have had enough of it for the time being. I'll wait for March and read the feedback threads in future. I sincerely feel that I have wasted my money buying this version. All the pretty little UI tweaks and development centre updates mean absolutely nothing if the ME is an awful experience. It is completely sucking all enjoyment out of the game for me. Without a decent ME experience, I may as well just be playing a pretty spreadsheet.
  7. Lots of people do. There is a very large feedback thread on the board here detailing people's issues (perceived or otherwise) with this year's effort as well as a swathe of Steam reviews. At the moment the solution is: wait for a patch, whenever that may be.
  8. It is possible but in my experience, you need to win, win quickly and keep winning.
  9. Ultimately, you need to make your own choice regardless of what you see/read on here. Myself, I'm still playing FM17, at least until March. Read into that what you will...
  10. Yup, just seen it with Neymar, albeit in FM17. His stats just dropped off a cliff to the point where I sold him to Tottenham(!) for a pittance. To be honest, I usually get rid of players at around the 32 year old mark but then again, I prefer to play young teams.
  11. I'm not entirely sure they do tbh. I have appointed a DoF in the past with ~50 CA but 200 PA but he had no appreciable increase in ability over several years.
  12. I know you can request the board relay the pitch but that does you give the option to stipulate to upgrade it from grass to synthetic/grass mix?
  13. Addendum - just noticed there is an expiration date on the buy back clause - it is 2 years hence. Still, 8 years for a buy back clause to expire seems a little excessive...
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