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  1. All the games I have played in FM19 so far, PSG have been hyper-aggressive, constantly offering lowball bids and unsettling players and this is all, as you have experienced too, despite them not having won anything of note in my saves for years and being lower ranked and in a lower rep division.
  2. Disagree as well. I posted a thread about it a while ago but to reiterate, in previous versions players kits would get muddy as the game wore on. A while ago, I noticed a player who took a knock and had a head injury was sporting a bandage around his head. It sounds silly but little touches like that, that they have inexplicably removed from the game just seem like a massive step backwards for me.
  3. It's not just the contract requests from being successful though; it's constant in this edition at least. For context, I have a successful team full of wonderkids that I have nurtured into a CL winning side - every time the transfer window opens, PSG are *constantly* (and I mean constantly - literally every click of continue), offering desultory bids for them. Result? New contract please. Little bit of good form? New contract please. Club showing interest? New contract please. I think the wage demands and contract demands are a little off in this edition; I hope it gets fixed for the next release.
  4. I've seen that before. It's when one of your players has complained about squad depth lacking in an area and your response has been along the lines of 'it's fine, we have a load of kids coming through' - not sure how you actually resolve the promise; I assume something to do with playing a youth prospect regularly. Personally speaking, I have never failed this promise but that's largely because my teams are always very young, full of wonderkids and win regularly. I would assume a combination of playing kids and winning things would count as fulfilling this promise. Bit nebulous though.
  5. I see a lot of people on these very forums proclaiming that FM17 is the best version of previous years. I never played it nor FM18 but I am keen to give it a go and compare to this year's effort. Question is, how do I get it on Steam? It isn't listed in the store. Can I Google for 'Steam Key' and buy from one of the many links that pop up? Are they even legitimate? I would like a recommended way so I can play this game legally and above board. Thanks!
  6. It's situational I find. I use the Knap 442 tactics and I find the *vast* majority of goals come from crosses and cutbacks but I have had strikers having 50/60 goal seasons using these tactics so they can score. I just find the match engine so unrealistic in places. Players with high dribbling skills never seem to dribble past opponents, strikers seem consistently useless at one on ones, whatever their stats. As is the case and has always been the case with FM (and CM in the past) it seems you have to use a tactic that exploits a flaw in the match engine to get strikers to score.
  7. I agree, they are crap. What's worse is if you compare to a previous version (I was playing FM16 the other day) they are much, much better so it is something they have made a bizarre but concious decision over removing. I have the Fez (I think that's his name) textures mod that makes them a teeny bit more bearable but yes, they are rubbish. Even the lowliest VNL North pitch looks like a billiard table.
  8. Yes and no. Yes, they also have call-ups but in my experience thus far, they at least still have a few first team players available where, in my case, quite literally every single first team squad player is called up.
  9. Happened to me multiple times now. There is no option to delay or reschedule the game due to international call-ups and as a result, I have to play the Super Cup game with a team full of reserves (and usually lose it).
  10. Bug - If you are on the coach training schedules assignment page and click to advance game time, it hangs without progressing. Gripe - As the national team manager, having to deal with question after question about crappy regen players switching nationality. One or two every now and then, fine, but 3 or 4 every single press conference? V annoying. Gripe - PSG aggressiveness. I have been managing Arsenal for 10 years, in that time we have won everything, every single year. We are most reputable club in the world etc etc, yet PSG can still make a bid for a player and unsettle him despite the fact they have not won anything of note and are much less reputable. They keep making desultory bids and unsettling players. Gripe - Why haven't press conference questions changed in years now? Same questions, constantly. If you aren't going to vary the questions then at least make it moddable so the community can add more in. Annoyance - Players accept a fine for getting a straight red yet get annoyed at being fined for getting 2 yellows and being sent off? Why? Observation - I never seem to get approached for other management jobs or national team job? If I had won everything in real-life, I would be getting head-hunted by every club on the continent. Observation - Wage demands and agent demands seem much more raised this edition. Every single player seems to demand crazy money and then gets annoyed when told 'no'.
  11. Bit of an oddball thread topic, I know but bear with! Recently went back to playing FM16 after getting annoyed with some of the 'features' in FM19. I have always been a strictly 2D pitch person but after having played FM19 in 3D for the first time ever, I decided to try it out in FM16 and to my surprise, it is largely the same, graphics-wise. However, I have noticed that the pitch details in FM16 are much better than FM19 and I'm am not sure why. For example, in FM16 wet and muddy pitches are displayed better; all the pitches in FM19 seem to be a variation of billiard table green with only differences in pattern (probably due to the texture mod I have installed). Also, in FM16, players kits get muddy as the game goes on and so forth. Did they take this feature out of FM19 as I have seen nothing but pristine kits so far or am I missing a setting or mod or something? It's a bit bizarre because right now, FM16 looks better in 3D than 19. Playing both games in highest graphics detail setting by the way.
  12. Knap, I love your tactics and find them more or less indispensable but for the love of christ, can you please think about putting some version numbers in the tac file names? There are so many threads, posts, attachments and files that it's so hard to know what is current. Plus, the SI forums don't tell the timestamp of when the OP of a thread has been updated so you don't know if the tacs on the first page are current either. I get that the descriptive terms in the tac names help to tell people what formation it is and that's fine but personally, I would rather have a version number appended than needing to know how many gaols Salah scored with it or how many points you accrued. Please don't take this the wrong way as I think your tactics are awesome, I am just struggling under the weight of umpteen files and not being able to tell which one is which easily! Unless of course I am being an utter moron and missing something in the file name of course...
  13. By catchment, I am referring to the total population of the surrounding area that can potentially become fans of the club. It used to be expressed as a value in the game in previous versions I believe. So a small club in the middle of nowhere has a small catchment area, likewise a smaller club in the same city as a bigger one. They both place limits on the size the stadium can grow to. The reason I am asking is my chairman keeps denying expansion requests 'unless there is a sizeable increase in fanbase' but as I said above, I think I have found the value that puts a ceiling on stadium growth.
  14. Think I have found it - it is the Maximum Club attendance value, right?
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