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  1. Some ups and downs already very early in my season. So before the season starts my board decides to sell my best, and only competent defensive midfielder, and i couldn't protest! £47M in the bank after this, just what we needed. Had this guy from Serie C too, despite all of his whinging and moaning about wanting to move to a better club every few years. But on the flipside. After getting smashed in our first 2 games by Sassuolo and Atlanta. We've won 4 in a row and scored almost half the goals we got last year!! Beating Napoli, Benevento, Spezia and Udinese!! 23 points to
  2. Maybe play a bit less offensive against the top teams? drop the defensive line / mentality and pass into space. Worked wonders for me!
  3. Taranto 31/32 Season Review We survived! I knew before the season that over 35 points should be enough for survival. We hit my target with 3 games to go, in style with a 1-0 away win at 2nd place Ac Milan! We were 2000-1 to win the league before the season started predicted 20th with 19th on odds of 350-1. This was by far my hardest season with the club. We really struggled and only scored 28 goals. This was offset by our relatively solid defence which kept us in most matches. I really had no idea of what games we would win/draw/or lose. Half of my wins came against teams in th
  4. Never had odds of 2000-1 to win the championship before!
  5. I've still not had time to start my season, dreading it tbh. Looked at the comparison screen and were rock bottom on everything except jumping!
  6. 30/31 Season Review After a change of formation from 442 to 433, we finally got ourselves promoted to Serie A! We managed to reduced our goals conceeded significantly and kept the same scoring antics at the opposite end which essentially got us promoted. Most of our good form came in the first half of the season with us going on a 18 game unbeaten run. The second half of the season was much harder, with the board deciding to sell our number 1 goalkeeper. We were top for most of the season but I lost my joint top goal scorer to a knee injury and one of my best young midfielders to a
  7. These reviews of taranto are exactly why I picked them! What better than to make a poor city with a pollutant steel factory nearby a powerhouse of Italian football! That and I watched the Maradona documentary the day before picking them which had alot of symmetry as Naples was considered an awfully poor place, full of disease and ran by the mafia.
  8. Wasn't given the option. The worst thing was I saw the bids and thought no chance they'd be accepted when i was rejecting 2-3M for one of my midfielders. At the end of the day its not the worst, my back up 18 YO just played a 7.8 and kept a clean sheet so it seems like its business as usual for us! Just frustrating as he was genuinely Serie A level.
  9. I was minus a million to be fair. Finances in Italy are awful. I have to sell a player every year, but we were on such a run I was hoping I could get to summer and assess where we are to see if i needed too or not.
  10. FM winds me up sometimes! Board have accepted a bid for my best goalkeeper and sold him on deadline day. We're top of the league they're in 11th in Serie B. Unbelievable!
  11. Taranto 29/30 Season Review A season that promised so much but we ultimately got nothing out of in the end. We managed to finish 1 place higher in 8th place. It was an extremely close season and one of fine margins with the gap between 1st place and 8th place being 8 points. We went on quite a drawing streak after we burst out of the starting blocks, so we really could of got automatic promotion this year if we had lady luck on our side. Again I can't help but feel we conceded far too many goals to stand a chance of going up. If we can get reduce our goals against to below 1 p
  12. I watch extended, comprehensive is a bridge too far for me haha
  13. Our first season in Serie B was very tough, but a strong run to the end meant we finished 9th. We started off playing the teams that would mostly finish in the top half for our first 8 games. This was an extremely big step up in competition considering most players in the other teams were worth the value of our whole squad. This lead to us having a very poor first half of the season, whilst we adjusted to life without our 2 best players that essentially got us promoted us last year. This was further exasperated with the sale in January of my then top scorer Arcangello Divella to newcastl
  14. I've noticed I get alot of good goalie regens relative to my level. I probably have about 5 prospects right now! Other thing I've noticed is strikers with low finishing, all my regen strikers with taranto have had an average finishing stat of 7. Most of them came through with 4 finishing or something. had two outliers at 12/13 so maybe it is realistic.
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