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  1. Took time off from the game, just played my first game after the patch. The only noticeable difference is lack of passes over the heads of the defense leading to a 1v1. Otherwise, 1v1s still saved way too much and my players still tried to shoot from awful angles despite there being plenty of teammates in better positions. I'm newly promoted in League 1, but I was hoping lower leagues would feel the patch also.
  2. I got to L1 with Curzon Ashton in 8 or 9 seasons. I've found that taking a club with a good youth system helps a lot. Curzon are relegation fodder at game start but have one of the best youth setups that I then was able to get the board to improve on. It helps in two ways: 1/ You'll struggle buying players that you need to get promoted (because of money and reputation). But if you have good youth players, you can give them playing time and they'll be at the level you need after 3-4 seasons. I was always relegation fodder in L2, but won promotion to L1 after 5 seasons because virtually all my players were youngsters from the academy or other younger players I brought in who developed to a L2 level after several years. 2/ You'll produce lower-rate wonderkids (good for Championship, for example), and selling them will get you the funds you need to keep going. In my last season, I sold an academy graduate for 1.5M, which offset two seasons' worth of losing money. I've had a couple of such sales over the seasons and it kept us afloat.
  3. I was playing LLM, took a Conference North relegation candidate into League 2. We've spent 3 seasons there now, totally overachieving by not getting involved in the relegation battle, but I can't for the life of me do better. The reason is that we just can't get better players. Nobody good wants to come, even on loan. Our star players have "decent for League 2" ratings, everyone else is still a Conference National player. I'm assuming it's the club reputation (there are still some Conference National teams that have better rep than us). Is there any way around this? Or do I just need to spend like 10 seasons in L2 before I can start to bring in real L2 talent? I'm trying to train up young players using our surprisingly good youth setup, but anyone with better potential than our current star player rating gets picked up by bigger clubs.
  4. I have a striker with "places shots"... I don't think he does much better than the rest... Maybe a little? Not sure. I'm experimenting with beating the keeper, let's see how that goes.
  5. I don't understand how I can have effective set piece instructions without modifying them by hand ahead of every single game. My best corner taker is right-footed. Oops, he got injured - the second best is left-footed, now I have to re-do all my instructions (I do out-swinging near post & in-swinging far post). One of my strikers is really good in the air, the other one is so-so. If I'm playing the good aerial striker, I want him to be the primary target for all set pieces, but if he's not on the pitch, I want my centre-back in that role. I rotate my squad a lot, especially since this season has been injury-plagued for us. Is there a way to make this more automated? Am I missing something? It's a lot of work to go through each single set piece ahead of every game, so the only thing I bother with is corners...
  6. Hm, I've generally seen player wishes coordinated with the agent in this case. Have you tried talking to the player about firing the agent?
  7. Yeah, my 17 finishing & 12 composure striker can't for the life of him score a 1v1 in League2. Go figure.
  8. I don't know how this game is in higher divisions, but playing LLM in FM20 is absolutely atrocious. There are very few "real" goals being scored, on both ends. Most of the goals my team concedes are of the "defender gets scared, runs away from the striker instead of tackling him" variety. Most of my team's goals are of the fluke variety, because God forbid my 17-pace/acc/finishing loanee from an EPL club score ANY of the 20x 1v1s he creates every game. Despite this and the latest patch, the number of mid-jump volleys from 40 yards that land straight into the top right corner is astounding for L2.
  9. This! I'm sure folks in the community will have the match engine up to par in a matter of a few weeks instead of us having to whine and complain to devs about it for months.
  10. You know, I don't mind this kind of stuff if it happens occasionally, because it happens in the real world sometimes too. And "knowing why" doesn't really help if the answer is "because the ME is absurd". Agreed. My team scores a lot of goals, but vast majority of those are total flukes. Own goals, playing pinball after a corner, 40-yard screamers, etc. Real goals that look like they could realistically happen? Very rare.
  11. I've been playing FM since fm12, but this is the first version I do "commentary only" when playing a match. The ridiculousness of the ME was driving me nuts, but now I don't see any of it! Sorta enjoying the game now. I distinctly remember watching matches on full back in fm18 and 16 to fine-tune my tactics. What the hell is the point in it now if your wingers won't cross, your strikers will miss every 1v1, and your opponent will score 40-yard howitzers (even in conference north)?
  12. I'm getting the bad avg rating for fullbacks as well. No matter how highly rated they are, they average a 6.4-6.6 over a season. I'm actually not sure how representative this is of their actual performance though. I don't think we concede excessively from the flanks and the fullbacks put in some great passes on the counter. I've struggled with CDs in LLM also, but I've found that putting a defender on cover and ensuring they're all very fast helps a ton.
  13. Seconded. I'm playing LLM with very fast players up front and I think we under-perform specifically because of this issue. Way too many wasted chances from narrow angles and way too many one-on-ones saved by the keeper. To be fair, I think it's gotten a tad better with the latest patch (I've actually seen more 1v1s scored and more layoffs instead of shots in the box), but it's still nowhere near realistic. Considering that this is my favorite playing style, it makes the game quite annoying to play.
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