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  1. I did check the hardware. Removed and reinserted the ram. Still same issue. It happens only with fm 17. I tested fm 15, fm 16. And also pes 17. Fifa 17. Witcher 3. All seems to work fine. I badly want to play fm 17. :/
  2. Hi, fm 17 works quite well for some time. But after say about 5 minutes of gameplay. The game gets stuck for a while with no response to any input. It resumes in say 1-2 minutes only to get stuck again. This happens for some time and then I get Blue screen of death with "CRITICAL PROCESS DIED" error. and the pc restarts. I thought it was my OS that has corrupted, I reinstalled windows 10. And the only softwares that are installed on my system apart from default windows 10 apps are fm17, chrome, and geforece xperience. Today I played fm 17, it still gave the same issue and BSOD with Critical process died error :| Also, I have mentioned this in another sub forum, I am having blurry font edges. Please help. The game is unplayable for me with BSOD even if I ignore the blurry fonts. Some relevant info in dxdiag : Attach the dxdiag Thanks DxDiag.txt DxDiag.txt
  3. Thank you @pedrosantos and @KUBI
  4. I want for fm 17 only. Fm 16 one I have already. Thanks. Il download it Edit : cant seem to find link. Can you plz share link here?
  5. @pedrosantos Nice. Looking forward to your post. I really liked the fm 16 one. Adds so much to the game.
  6. There is a commentry and realistic sounds patch on fmscout. It works on fm 14,15,16. I used it. And they say it works for 17 too which I will try soon.
  7. For in game editor : 1) All players and staff 'interested ' to join your club. Just like there are two options to SHOW all players and staff. This should make all players and staff interested to join your club provided you have finances. 2) Also ability to edit, add and cancel a future transfer using In game editor.
  8. No I havent tried any custom skins. Nor any graphics, logos etc. Its default fm 17. I tried uninstall reinstall. Integrity check. Delete all pref cache folders etc etc. 16 is so crisp and clear. Idk why 17 has blurry edges in fonts. Any fix that worked for others above?
  9. Same issue in my desktop. Fm 16 was fine. Exactly same preferences resolution and same monitor. Start 16 looks good. Quit and start fm 17 to compare. Blurry text :/ And my destkop has decent configuration. 12 gb ram Gtx 750 ti I5 and windows 10 Using latest nvidia drivers. And yes its seriously giving me a headache. V ugly font.
  10. I guess we need to add your country in European agreement? I had even made a db with Indian league (asian country) changed to a european country and adding india to european agreement. And from 2nd season Indian clubs qualified for european competition.
  11. The fantasy draft with AI managers is one of best features of fm 17. But i would like it to continue with proper player growth like the full career mode. Like 10 teams playing in a league. When it ends, another auction will happen with certain retain player rules and another season kicks off. The players develop and retire just like full game mode. I think it will be fun
  12. I manage Real Madrid Castilla and its fun. Guys who want to play with youth squads can try playing with Castilla. Develop youth players which are then picked up by first team manager for Real Madrid. Using editor you can give some money to castilla too and do some transfers of your own. Bring in wonderkids.
  13. 1) That is possible without adding any nation rules. Just go in 'people' tab. Filter the ones you want to delete by setting approriate filters. Select all and simply press delete. The game will will create new regens when you load db in game. 2) This is also possible. Again no need for any nation rules. Go into "nations" tab in db. Press enter in search so that all nations are listed. Select them all and press edit. This means you are mass editing all nations together. In nation transfer preferences add your country in which your league is based in set "rating" to -1. Scouting knowledge to 0. And ages from 15 to 45. The -1 in rating means no players can be be bought from that nation by the nations you have selected in the previous step. Also make sure while selecting all the nations for mass editing, carefully deselect the nation your league is based in or else you will add -1 in your nation too.
  14. 1) Send a player on loan 2) Set the transfer fees while moving players 3) Preventing the manager to sell a player from another club! (for chairman mode game)
  15. thanks for the reply. yeah i tested it. moving kaz, or even andorra prevents the error
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