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  1. Thanks for the response. What ever is the thinking behind that? Weren't broke, why'd they 'fix' it?
  2. Anyone else now unable to amend their Match Training when the Scouting Report comes up on the News Item? Mine is stuck on Att. Movement. Schloppy stuff, SI, very schloppy.
  3. 41 and been playing football simulations since i could write. Of course, that was before home computers were a thing - i used to make up leagues and cups then play out the results with a dice (six counted as the 'nil'). Then the space age came and it was all Football Manager, The Boss, Football Director, Tracksuit Manager, Premier Manager, then onwards to Champ Man for which i bought my first proper PC (166 MHz processor if i remember correcly)
  4. I've also noticed some older players with low squad status can't be tutors. That's a bit daft.
  5. Pretty sure, IRL, you'd either play 18, 19, or 20 games at home (or indeed away) I dont' think even the SPL would schedule someone to play 17 homes and 21 aways.
  6. Dear Lord. I download a third party tool in order to supply this forum with some actual evidence regarding the affect of serious general malaise upon a player. "Cheat, then", I'm met with. A sad day for the "community"
  7. Here's what happened to my 25 year old dude after his 7 months Virus. CA dropped from 138 to 131 (PA stayed as it was, which is a relief) Attributes-wise: Technical remained as is Mental, only Concentration dropped Physical pretty much took an all-round hit of one point As i said, he's 25 years old - it would be interesting to see if this devistates an old timer
  8. No probs. There's also a hidden 'max attendance' value, i.e. what your club could attract. It also needs to be higher than your capacity before your board will entertain an expansion. This is fluid, as your success/reputation enhances, it will go up.
  9. > Club > History > Records > Attendances > Average Attendance I think you need around 90% of capacity to have an expansion
  10. Just had one of these, used a tool to check his hidden attributes: CA 138, PA 178 - will monitor and report back in 7 to 8 months when he's got over his AIDS it
  11. The Scottish Cup Final was on 31st May, i had a news item in the morning of the final saying his contract was ending - as Miravlix pointed out he was able to play with the CTR status - i released him after the final (egg on face re: the CL Final - knocked out in the semi - ha ha)
  12. I'm up to 2031/32 in my save and i've had a quick check - on odd numbered years the final has always been June but in even numbered years it's in May (earlier season finish due to Euro/World Cups, presumably).
  13. Ah yes, i hadn't thought of that, guess i'll just wait til his contract does run out and see if he's going to leave automatically - as you point out, he'll probably stick around as he's a Key Player. However, it shouldn't come to this, players should have a contract that lasts til then complete and utter end of the season!
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