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  1. How many league can this run Acer Aspire 4752G: Intel Core i7-2670QM Processor (Quad Core 2.2Ghz with 6MB Cache) - 4GB of Memory - 750GB Hard Disk - 14 Inch HD LCD Screen - Nvidia GeForce GT540M 2GB
  2. Really enjoy the game so far but any chance of you putting in unprotected status in player search for the next update. For lower league it is easily for us to look for free players thank you
  3. Do Fmhi have unprotected status under player search i don't seem to find it, because the psp version have it. Without it i seem to miss out alot of good freebie.
  4. For the wage problem just press undo changes and u be able to offer higher wage
  5. its is possible to release a lite version of fmh as i have the psp version i don't know whether should i buy the iphone version as it look the same as the psp version or i wait a few more month for fmh 2011
  6. you can try manage your football club
  7. New FM09 9.3.0 Scout In The Works!

    able to search for staff star rating
  8. you have Jack Wilshere at the top and bottom of the list with different ca and pa will this cause any problem
  9. New Ingame FMScout09 v0.8 Beta

    i cannot find my reserve and youth team but i can find my first team thanks
  10. Ingame FMScout

    Thanks have been waiting for your update, will test for you the new feature
  11. Ingame FMScout

    immuner any update?
  12. Ingame FMScout

    thanks hopefully you have the time to add new feature today
  13. Ingame FMScout

    For the staff search it only show result for assistant manager and gk coach, i search for other roles it come out nothing
  14. Nothing new its FMEditor
  15. FM Genie Scout 2009?

    are you sure its unavailable, i went in without any problem