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  1. I got to fix it... I tried to clear cache and all, and it didn't work... I had my Sports Interactive folder in my D partition because it was more safe so if i had to change windows or something i wouldn't lose anything or waste time moving things from partition to partition (i have a folder of 10GB's+ with Facepacks, Logopacks and all in FM15 alone)... I moved my folder to the C partition, and now the skin works perfectly... I really don't know why it does that. But it seems that if the Sports Interactive folder isn't in My Documents, white skins won't work for some weird reason.
  2. THIS is the white skin that i've been waiting for. Absolutely amazing! Thank you! Edit - It was too good to be true. I have the same problem that i've been having with the Official Alternative / White Skin...
  3. Thanks, i already tried the cache files solution and it didn't work. I'll try the other ones.
  4. So, i really want to use this skin but i have this problem that really bugs me... I really wonder if there's any way to fix this. I would really appreciate it.
  5. I think the face in the top bar should not be there to be honest. Apart from that, it looks pretty good!
  6. In 6 years, won 4 Serie A's, 4 Italian Cups, 3 Italian Supercup's, 1 Europa League and 1 Champions League to become a Legend just in 6 years with AC Milan. So far in my AFC Wimbledon save im 4 seasons in, first season we had an amazing season but we were short to get to the Playoffs by 6 points, i was Untouchable. Second season, got them promoted to League One. Third Season, now in League One, got to the Playoffs, wins against MK Dons in both league games, now in the Fourth Season, fighting for promotion 22 games in the season. Not even in the favourite employees... Kinda weird.
  7. Sorry. But how do you get the stadiums to show in that panel? I don't know what pack to download to put them in there.
  8. Haven't seen anyone do this one... Im into the second season with AFC Wimbledon, a club that i've got in my heart after reading their history and watching a lot of stuff. I decided to get them back to the top like they were in the old Wimbledon FC times... First Season Sky Bet League 2 It was a decent season to start. The defence was absolutely terrible as you may see the 83 goals conceded, but the attack saved us the season to be honest. We could've pushed for the playoffs but the defence was just not up to it. A very good run in the FA Cup was keen financially for us. I didn't really ca
  9. Great! Impacient for the next update. Best skin for me, i really liked your slymlyne skin and i think this one tops it without a doubt.
  10. Is an amazing skin. I forced myself to play in 75% just to enjoy this skin completly. I would reccomend to make the gray text a bit lighter, maybe white, because sometimes is kinda hard to read to be honest.
  11. Can you provide me your client object browser file? or tell me how you got the minisidebar because i keep getting an error when i try to do it...
  12. Such an amazing save. Amazed how you did with Temperley in Argentina (My country), i wish i could have the skills, patience and knowledge that you have to play this game, specially in the Lower Leagues that seems to be something that i want to get into, but when im there, i just don't find it for me. Specially handling clubs with little amounts of money. Im following this amazing proyect that you have here.
  13. No mods installed and since i don't know much about changing the skin config so no... Pretty weird to be honest. Unlucky me by now that im in the few group of people that have this problem. Great skin anyway! You never dissapoint with this skins. Edit - Got to fix it! I changed my rendering mode from Software to GPU Assisted, that seems to be the problem.
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