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  1. I wanted to follow up on this for anyone paying attention, because I think I solved it - conceded only once on a corner in a full season, and that was a beautiful and unlikely flick on to smash shot combo. The key seemed to be only marking the near post, making sure to have someone marking the 6 yard box, then mixing man marking and zonal marking. This had the practical effect of double-teaming the guy attacking the near post, and generally flooding the box. Now, most corners are cleared safely on my saves.
  2. Your tactic looks like one designed to be an all-out attack, not solid from the back. I had a similar tactic in the past, and it worked much better once I made my full backs into a Full Back - Support duty. The half back isn't really enough to cover for bombing wing backs.
  3. Let's talk set pieces, because no thread has really answered this that I can see. So long as I use near post service and have a guy attacking the near post, I will score a lot off corners. Doesn't much matter if my team has Peter Crouch on steroids or if it is North Korea. Conversely, I can't stop conceding on corners where my opponent does the same thing. How can I stop conceding on near post corners? Is it even possible in this match engine, or is it something I need to live with (along the lines of conceding on free kicks when my team refuse to form a wall for whatever reason).
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