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  1. My best guess so far is affiliations causing conflicts with when a training camp would take place, but I see other major teams who aren't affected. Is the answer documented anywhere? SI folk, is this something you can help shed light on?
  2. How does that determine pre-season plans? Unless you can assign it to the manager and craft your own plan, the question still remains on "what about the in charge of training staff member determines whether you go on camp or not?"
  3. I have created a couple of teams, one with a reputation of 9000 and a detailed custom board/staff/affiliations, and a 7500 reputation club with no such details, same country and league (Spain). The 9000 club never goes on training camps. The 7500 club regularly goes on training camps. My question is, what should I be looking at? How is it determined if a team will go on training camp? Is there a way to prefer certain locations?
  4. I mean I don't see an option to "get specific teams" for a cup, only to source from leagues within the country.
  5. Here's the scenario: I have created a new nation in place of CIS, with 3 teams in La Liga (so "Nation" of Spain, but "Based Nation" of Customland). The problem is, these 3 nations have no cup competition whatsoever. They're not seeded in the Spanish Cup, and if I create a Domestic Cup for Customland, they're not registered. That's the default state of the world. I *could* register the teams for the Spanish Cup - in that case, I think they'll be pulled in each year appropriately. But, what if: I wanted to include them in the Customland Domestic Cup - is there a way to ensure they're included each year? I did NOT want them in the Spanish Cup despite being in a Spanish league. Is this possible without difficult rules changes? I guess my hope would be that there is a way to say "grab all nations based in X and throw 'em in a cup". Is this possible?
  6. So...I replaced CIS and the Euros work fine in Test Competitions...is it going to be missing in game?
  7. Check again folks, I think the last update fixed things! This was a CIS switch, if that helps, and was completely broken when I posted this thread. Yay!
  8. Yeah, the updated editor is still broken. It's a hopeful sign though that they DO push editor updates. Guess I'll be waiting a bit longer to get started...
  9. Bingo - SI has acknowledged the bug, so we wait for the patch.
  10. I made my file from scratch in FM15 and have this problem. So, no.
  11. Thanks! I'd encourage anyone else with this issue to log bugs as well.
  12. Could you just edit it like you would CIS to make it function like any other nation?
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