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  1. Which is the club you support? Interested in your fm18 save if you are leaving this one
  2. I don't remember if you explicitly said that somewhere, but apart from medium database have you set the other scandinavian nations as view only?
  3. Thanks for all the suggestions! I have already read the fm17 version of the San Marino challenge by jupjamie, do you think it would still be interesting to read his fm16? All the other seem interesting, and I actually had my sights on your partizan save since it was referenced here. Your therapist should be proud of you! (and now I am kinda looking forward to seeing what happened)
  4. I really like your in depth analysis of the inner workings of the game in general and of youth development in particular (bear in mind that I am reading this as I was starting to get interested in a youth only save, so that's where the focus lies); having read it in the last two days I don't feel problems like consistency of updpates or the like, if there are any, and I find the style engaging overall. I really like the fact that you alternate season updates with in-depth analysis posts on selected topics. All in all, I really think it is a fantastic save and it really is 'pumping me up'- so keep up the good work! Ps: IT is like my seventh post in general on this forums, as I am new here; just started following
  5. Let's hope for a good Copa Libertadores campaign! Congrats on the South Korea win
  6. This is really addictive and I can only thank you for the great experience! Looking forward to reading all that happens in the future of this save!