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  1. And what was the points tally that you were set? Sounds a bit stupid to me. You could win the league with 80 points one season but finish 2nd with 91 points the next season.
  2. I only reload if the game has completely cheated me out of a game. E.g- being given a penalty and scoring it yet to only see that the game thinks that it has missed and not given the goal even though the ball is in the net :confused:
  3. It can become a problem if you reach the quarter finals of the league cup as it causes a massive fixture congestion which ends up with you playing every 3/4 days until the end of the season (That's if you manage in the PL). I won the champions league 3 times in 4 years so had to play in it 3 times too. Tbh, I enjoy it as it is an extra honour to collect and brings in some decent income for it's reputation and the poor quality of opposition you face. The only problem I have with it is that I end up playing well over 60 games a year. It's the challenges of being successful and remaining successful I suppose
  4. I don't think I've ever seen a team go bankrupt and end up being kicked out of the football league as a result. I've seen clubs like QPR and Leicester go into administration and end up being in the conference by 2020, which didn't surprise me considering how much money both clubs have spent yet found themselves in the championship and couldn't get promoted on that save.
  5. Last season my strikers were unstoppable and seemed to score most games. This season they just can't seem to score. I know that strikers go through bad runs of form where they don't score for a while but for all 3 of my strikers to be going through this seems a bit strange to me. It's not like they aren't getting any chances either, they have been getting a lot of chances and they all seem to miss absolute sitters and chances that they would've buried last season. Here are their stats: Jean Faye: 4.5 stars CA 2020/21: 18 goals in 22 starts (12 sub appearances) injured for a lot of the 1st half of the season too 2021/22: 4 goals in 11 starts ( 3 sub appearances) Dario Anselmo: 3.5 stars CA 2020/21: 34 goals in 43 starts (8 sub appearances) 2021/22: 0 goals in 8 starts (5 sub appearances) Tercio: 2.5 stars CA (signed in Jan 2021) 2020/21: 9 goals in 13 starts (7 sub apps) 2021/22: 1 goal in 1 start (5 sub apps) I wish I could show you their stats from the year before too but for some reason all player and club history just wiped itself from my save So, you can see that the form of my strikers has dipped dramatically but I don't know what to do about it as dropping one for another seems to have no effect.
  6. I don't know why this happened, but all clubs history in my Newcastle save has disappeared. No records of any trophies, previous league finishes etc for every club on my save. It's like everything has just been reset for no reason and it's actually annoying me quite a bit because I like to look through clubs history when I play them. Is there anyway I am able to get it back or is it just gone forever?
  7. I tend to find it easier to break down other teams if I go down to 10 men as they begin to leave more space. This is only when I am either drawing/winning. If I go down to 10 men while losing i find it very difficult and usually concede late on because I over commit.
  8. An attacking philosophy is achieved by creating lots of chances and scoring goals, you don't necessarily have to set your team to always attack. I asked the board to install a possession bases philosophy as I saw it as an extra challenge. It has took me quite a few years to implement it and I am still in the process now with the board only being around 65% happy with my possession bases football. It is definitely an improvement from 45/50% that was for a couple of years.
  9. Have to say I have never come across this before, it does sound very stupid though. Imagine telling the Germany team to keep celebrations to a minimum after winning the WC.:confused:
  10. I had a new consortium takeover towards the end of my 2nd season at Newcastle. I had finished 5th the season before and was hovering around 5th/6th at the time they had taken over which meant I was doing quite well. However, I had been hammered 4-1 in the FA cup QF against West Brom and well beaten 6-2 on aggregate by Zenit in the last 16 of the Europa League so I was quite worried. In the end, I kept my job (rightly so) and clinched 4th on the last day of that season. It was a relief because I don't think I could've motivated myself to start again or carry on with that save. The board chose to back me and I have built quite a formidable squad since then.
  11. It took me 5 years to win the champions league with Newcastle which I thought was a good achievement. I did start that save before 14.3 was released so still had cabaye. I finally won my first league title after 7 years by finishing on 92 points, 1 ahead of Man Utd. I also won the champions league again too, against Man Utd.
  12. I had to play 4 games in 7 days on my save due to getting to the latter stages of the Fa Cup and the champions league. http://gyazo.com/3c5454f72cdb85b3b73d6a5ad1fdeb9d
  13. Thanks for the advice, although I have already played that game and lost it on penalties after drawing 2-2 AET. I will definitely try this next time though and see if it works any better. I attempted to stop the strikers by playing a 3-5-2 in order to leave a spare CB to pick up balls over the top while the strikers were marked by the the 2 CB's. This seemed to work perfectly against lukaku and Aguero as they hardly had any shots the whole game and it ended up being 0-0 FT. What was the most disappointing though is that after leading twice in extra time I managed to concede within 3 minutes of scoring both goals which is very unusual for my team. My keeprs positioning was awful for their first goal (this seems to be a problem in the game as I see this happen to the AI and my keeper quite often). the 2nd goal came from a ball over the top to one of their strikers who crossed it in (exactly like you said). After stopping this for the whole game I can only put this down to tiredness and a lack of concentration against their strikers as they had brought on 2 strikers who would've been fresher in extra time. However, I now have a champions league final to look forward to against Man Utd so hopefully I can make up for losing this by winning that
  14. Funnily enough, Diego Simeone is their manager. I do find that they are very open to the counter attack which is why I do tend to beat them at home often as I just break quickly on them. However away, I struggle. Looking at your system, it sounds like my squad is a good match for it. I have a striker who is lethal. He's quick, strong, able to run at defenders and a beast in the air. My squad is statistically the best passing side in the league according to the game so I should be able to be move the ball quickly without too many mistakes. But, the best passers in my side (Barkley and Hughes) have both been injured so can't play so I don't know how much of an effect that could have. Deloufeu on the right is also very quick and good on the ball so your system would suit my squad in that way. If the midfielders drop back quickly will they still be able to stop these balls over the top? It's not like I'm being broken down after a long string of passes. They just give the ball to their wingers who cut in and put it over the top for either Aguero or Lukaku. This is most teams who play 4-4-2 against me, which thankfully I don't come up against that much but it still annoys me. I just always seem to struggle against teams who play 4-4-2 or 4-2-4 as the my CB's just can't seem to keep both strikers under control.
  15. What tends to happen is that their wingers will get the ball, my full backs will close them down but the wingers will cut in and just put the ball over the top for one of their strikers to get and score. I don't really want to man mark their wingers as it means my whole defence will be marking someone and more prone to being dragged out of position and creating more space. I suppose I could bring my wingers back but it means they have less impact going forward and gives their full backs more room to push on too.
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