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  1. Kalle Homberg (best as inside forward) Ahmed Yasin (right winger) Oscar Jansson (gk) from Örebro. They took me to Champions League after the first season.
  2. Prior to the patch I had 100% familiarity on my tactics. After the patch I have about 50%. "Hassle Opponents" is on 1% familiarity for some reason. Why is this? Extremely bad.
  3. No answers? Ill rephrase, what are the factors that determines a clubs value, and in what ways does it differ from FM13? Why do players value change so much compared to earlier versions? Does the PA of a player have anything to do with it?
  4. Hello. I have noticed that both club and player values can change drastically, up or down, in this version compared to previous FM games. Lets look at this example; June 2013, AC Milan is valued nearly 900m € and Stoke (my club) around 100m €. The year is now 2020 and AC Milan have a value of meager 179m € while Stoke is valued 1.24b € (third richest club in the world). America (Mexico) is even ahead of Milan.. I did get taken over by a consortium, but they did not invest more than 15m €. What the big factor changer seem to be are the extremely rapidly changing values of players (?). I had a very good worlclass regen striker who I signed in the first season for only 400k, I kept loaning him out and played him for the past 2 seasons where his stats skyrocketed. He was valued 10m in 2019, and after the season in 2010, it was 44m. I made PSG accept a bid of 90m € (!!!! You would never see this amount of bids in earlier FM´s). The same goes with most of my other squad members, who won CL last season. All their values have raised by 100-200%, it is crazy. But it goes both ways, player values dropping by 30m (Quintero in this case) in just one season due to not getting much playtime. So I have a question for SI, what are the factors that determines a clubs value, and in what ways does it differ from FM13? In FM13 I could never gain more than 800m club value in my yr 2040 save with Verona (14 CL titles, new stadium etc). But in FM14 one can become the third richest clubclub in the worl, with Stoke, after only 7 years. I know that English clubs will always get more money than any other country, but it still seem odd. Thanks, hope someone from SI can answer!
  5. I read some other posts. It seems if your graphic folder is huge, FM will crash. Pretty bad.. no fun to play without mega logo packs.
  6. Same problem here. Game is activated so I am connected online. Dont know what the problem is.
  7. I have played these games for over 10 years now, and trained football myself for 19 years. It´s clear to see that the current match engine is absolutely horrific, maybe the worst one that I can remember. Aside from the ME and some minor bugs, FM14 is great. The UI have been improved alot, which I applaud SI for. But I can not understand how you can destroy the nearly perfect FM13 engine and release this FM14 engine. There are so many weird situations occuring during matches that arent even close to a real football game, so many I cant even be arsed to report it. Lets see.. if we start from the Goalkeeper position. I´ve seen my goalie running and picking up a rolling ball with his hands, he then proceeds to run 5 meters outside the penalty area before stopping: Result freekick and yellow card. In 1v1 situations I feel gk´s are far too good right now, you can see the most insane saves where they accelerate in superspeed, yet goalies get very low ratings after matches. Defenders:Fullbacks, cant stop wingers ever, get too low match ratings. A huge flaw in set pieces. Look at this and you will understand. Midfielders/Attackers: Before the update, midfielders were allright. In my first and second season with Stoke, I had very mediocre players, yet they achieved around 7.30-7.50 rating. Now I have worldclass midfielders, avg rating of 7.0. How is that possible? The AMC position is a total joke, it serves no purpose in the game. Through balls dont exist at all. Longshots are always too wide or high. I tried every single role possible in the game for AMC, nothing works. Strikers: They serve no purpose, except for taking defenders attention. They get extremely low ratings every game, they never dribble 1v1, they always pass the ball wide or backwards, they cant score 1v1. I have tried every role for them aswell. My WINGERS score more goals than my strikers. My wingers with 9 finishing, because they score from every cross to far post, or rebounds. This is how most goals are scored right now. I took a look in the striker database in my game to see if it was just me or the AI that had **** strikers, I was wrong. Between the value of 10m-20m not a single striker have higher avg rating than 7.25. This is also after the update. The only performing strikers in the league is Lukaku and Liber Kozak (!). Why? Because they have good heading ability, only headers matter for strikers right now. Finishing doesn´t matter anymore. You just need to cross and score, thats all there is. In my firstseason with Stoke I ended up 2nd in league, with Peter Crouch as the only striker. 4-5 seasons later I have a fully developed Gabriel Barbosa, Rondon, Finnbogason that cant even score more than 10 in a full season. 50 last games I scored 0 freekicks and conceded 1, and I have players with 18-19 freekick taking. Now lets talk about team performance. Its 2017 and my Stoke is cruising through league, dominating most teams, have highest pass rate in the league and have a long undefeated streak. Suddenly vs Ipswich I lose 0-5, despite fielding the best possible team. Suddenly I lose again and draw again and again etc. Ending up 5th in league for the third season in a row. I wonder why these slumps occur every season in the late stages, maybe Im extremely unlucky. Every game I lose is where I concede corners and set pieces rebounds, despite having the highest avg. rating of "heading" ability in the league. Last season I focused on Defensive training the entire season, but I conceded more than I ever did. This season I focused on Attacking the entire league, and conceded less than ever, despite having the exactly same defensive players. There is much mystery in this FM engine.
  8. I cant believe long freekicks havent been fixed. It´s the most annoying shitfest when you have a freekick and whole team goes into the opponent penalty area. Even if I set to short or aim far, the freekick taker will shoot the ****ing ball, without any height, into their defender closing down the half circle, and they will counter and maybe score. Goals from crosses are too common aswell, just like FM13 early release. Defenders dont act normal either, just look at this defensive setup on a freekick. What is this wall? Yes, I conceded after this. #BringBackSliders
  9. I dont think its FM14 particulary that is easy, just FM in general. FM13 was as easy where I won promotion from Serie B with Verona and won Serie A second season. It just helps that you have played football for your entire life, and played FM since the CM days. However, I had no idea how the new FM14 tactical system worked and was quite shocked to see all sliders were removed. I did never in my dreams expect to end 2nd with Stoke in the first season. Before I chose club I looked through the squads and noticed how good the Stoke defenders were, that is why I picked them and that is why it was successful. I was lucky that Crouch didn´t get injured since I only had 2 strikers the entire season to play (Walters). I used a Defending match preparation training for the entire season with a 4-1-2-2-1 (DMC, MC, MC, AMR, AML, FC), where Balanced fluidity and Attacking mentality was the philosophy. As long as your defense is very solid and dont do any mistakes you can win any game, even if you are outplayed. All it requires is a header in the 90th minute from Crouch.
  10. Just finished the first season as allmighty Stoke. We won the League Cup and ended 2nd in league. I sold deadwood players in first transfer window for 18m € cash that I spent on upgrading youth and training facilities. Players signed 2013: Honda for 2,2m and Jermaine Jones for 2m. Loans 2013: Simone Pepe, Nicolas Gaitan Most apps: Begovic 38, 21 clean sheets Highest rating: Shawcross 7.89 Lowest rating: Begovic (somehow?) Most goals: Crouch, 21 Most assists: Crouch, 14 Highest player value: N´Zonzi 12.7m € Overachiever: Marc Wilson doubled his value to 12m€ with avg. rating of 7.56. He can play as DL, DMC, DR. Very mediocre stats. Flop: Arnautovic. 7.07 rating, only 3 goals 3 assists in 21(13) apps
  11. I do it sometimes on my Verona save. I fielded a 16 squad team of 100% academy products and beat AS Roma 3-1
  12. How do you think I felt when I found this out after 19 seasons? However, I feel like all succesful longtime Italian managers have beaten the game on hard-mode. You should just spend that cash on a FMRTE license to edit the tax yourself. Support a good sofware developer .
  13. Remember that FM matches were originally re-played in 2D. The 3D is just a bonus, and not really accurate.
  14. Yes it works. Pysical stats takes up more CA points and will take longer time than technical/mental attributes. I continuously tutor my youths with worldclass players since day 1. In my current save I have a defender whos Strength went from 9 to 18 in 5 seasons and hes still not fully developed.
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