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  1. What the hell the 3D mascot is used for? It's useless. 3D animations that should be prioritized. SI is trying to distract people's better wishes. Fix the 3D animations first (which is ugly) then another. I am feel being fooled by SI.
  2. 3D Animation of passing is really, really ugly, no variation. The 3D animation of passing should be like these
  3. Why SI not update the 3D animations in every patch? Why we, the customer, should wait one year for a new 3D animations? I think the 3D animations is bad quality compared to the real life football match, stiff, like a robot.
  4. I'd like to see the 3D animation when I player possess a ball like this, also a 3D animation of opponent chase the ball like this:
  5. Why my player won't pass to a teammate in front of a goal (see below gif)? I would like my player do what Fabregas did pass to Morata in Spain VS Croatia in Euro 2016 match.
  6. Squat after jumping animation is a bad animation in FM2016. I rarely see this movement in real football match. So delete this animation from FM. Create realistic animations that same in real life football match in FM2017.
  7. I would like to request animation for FM2017 such as below: SHOOTING PASSING (Switch to to other flank) PASSING (from defence line) PASSING (Casual) DEFENDING HEADING GOALKEEPING The body posture, pose, and waving hand must be the same as shown above.
  8. I found a cheat in FM. This only works with a player position except a goalkeeper. Set the value of GK (position) by 14 in the data editor, save it and start a new game. You will now have your player attributes higher than default. You can create super football player with high attributes. However, I tested the player in the 3D match engine and it doesn't work.
  9. 3D animation of FM2016 is still look poor and ugly. Fix the 3D animation in FM2017. Rush Football 2 is a great example of football animation.
  10. I think the quality of 3D animation in FM2016 is poor compared to the real life football match. What Rush Football 2 did on animation of football is a great example. 3D animation must be fixed in FM2017. 3D animation must be DETAIL.
  11. Been playing for 2 years with my two central midfielders possessing play one two preferred moves by I can't see the animation on the 3D match engine. These players just doing casual pass. I am being fooled by SI when they say the new 2000+ new animations in FM2016. 3D animation of FM is poor and ugly. SI not be able make 3D animation like real life football. THe quality of 3D animation is bad, poor, and ugly. Beware. I wonder what FM do in the future, lying to people again?
  12. Improve the 3D animation please. Current 3D animation is poor and ugly. Animation must be detailed and same as the real life. Add new and various 3D animations. Such as pushing and pull shirt of the opponent. More goal animation. More defending animation. More attacking animation. More tackling animation. More technique animation. More skill animation. More goalkeeping animation. Animation of a player blocked an opponent by a body when he is trying to run pass him like a defender such as Felipe Luis marking Lionel Messi in real life. 3D animation must be as close as possible to the real life football match. Also, new tactical feature.
  13. Why Germany national team always faked in every version of FM game?
  14. What happen if a player likes you as a manager (favored personnel)?
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