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  1. What the hell the 3D mascot is used for? It's useless. 3D animations that should be prioritized. SI is trying to distract people's better wishes. Fix the 3D animations first (which is ugly) then another. I am feel being fooled by SI.
  2. Why SI not update the 3D animations in every patch? Why we, the customer, should wait one year for a new 3D animations? I think the 3D animations is bad quality compared to the real life football match, stiff, like a robot.
  3. Why my player won't pass to a teammate in front of a goal (see below gif)? I would like my player do what Fabregas did pass to Morata in Spain VS Croatia in Euro 2016 match.
  4. I found a cheat in FM. This only works with a player position except a goalkeeper. Set the value of GK (position) by 14 in the data editor, save it and start a new game. You will now have your player attributes higher than default. You can create super football player with high attributes. However, I tested the player in the 3D match engine and it doesn't work.
  5. I think the quality of 3D animation in FM2016 is poor compared to the real life football match. What Rush Football 2 did on animation of football is a great example. 3D animation must be fixed in FM2017. 3D animation must be DETAIL.
  6. Been playing for 2 years with my two central midfielders possessing play one two preferred moves by I can't see the animation on the 3D match engine. These players just doing casual pass. I am being fooled by SI when they say the new 2000+ new animations in FM2016. 3D animation of FM is poor and ugly. SI not be able make 3D animation like real life football. THe quality of 3D animation is bad, poor, and ugly. Beware. I wonder what FM do in the future, lying to people again?
  7. Why Germany national team always faked in every version of FM game?
  8. What happen if a player likes you as a manager (favored personnel)?
  9. Although there is some improvement on animations in FM2016, the animations still look stiff and too few compared to the real life. Need more variation on animations. Keep improving on animations in next version of FM game (FM2017) so that it looks as realistic as possible. Current goal animations in FM2016 are too few. I would like to see more goal animations in FM2017 especially Messi's goal such as lob the GK from close range. Also, please add animations such as pushing an opponent by hand. My wish is the animations of FM2017 is similar as Rush Football 2.
  10. I found a bug in FM2016, it is too many yellow cards in a match.
  11. There are 7 kind of trainings. What is the meaning by the percent of training such as below image? How to get rid of this training? What happen if one kind of training reach 100%? Should I change the kind of training if it already reach 100% by another kind of training and so on?
  12. Does the in-game editor is an installer? Will it automatically installed by Steam after downloaded?
  13. Please help me winning the match VS Real Madrid using 4-3-3 wide formation. My knowledge on tactic is poor. You can change the role as long as it is a 4-3-3 wide formation. Here the save file: https://www.sendspace.com/file/dmxq2v
  14. Can I buy and use the in-game editor of FM2016 not through the download option (the one on the main menu of FM2016) instead of buying directly from Steam such as below link? http://store.steampowered.com/app/383900/ Will the in-game editor work if I buy it directly through Steam such as above link? What format is the in-game editor? Is it installer/setup file that should be installed?
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