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  1. I always wanted to play with a Libero in Attack role, but its very hard to find the right player, he needs to be good on defense, great on attack and technically gifted, very hard to have that kind of player, i´m thinking a player like Arturo Vidal, Jordan Henderson and Jordan Cabaye, could work, also nice find on Wilshere, never think of him
  2. I got a transfer offer for Leiva from PSG in my first season, the value were 15M if i recall correctly, i didn´t accept, the next day Lucas made a transfer request, so i offered he in exchange of Verratti, they accepted, i got Gerrard to be the tutor of Verratti he became a beast a vital part of my team. This is my current squad, the second ones are the usual subs: ----------------Luis Suarez/Vincent Stuart (regen) Tom Ince/Sturridge----Coutinho/Holtby (free agent WTF)----- Salvio/Sterling -----------------Gerrard/Joe Allen---Verratti/Henderson Luke Shaw/Enrique--Papadopoulos/Casasola--Agg
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