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  1. I always use the first team squad for as long as I can with only realistic or necessary transfers. I don't enjoy going for Mbappe etc. and steamrolling everything. Liverpool have a good squad, but winning with the OG players give me a more satisfactory feeling than spending 200m every season.
  2. Haven't you heard? We're getting Reus, Götze and Ter Stegen so there's your transfers.
  3. Wow, that's a huge fail. Very strange indeed
  4. Name: Saúl Club: Atletico Madrid Position: MC Asking Price: Can sign him on a bosman on Dec. 28th of the first season! Work Permit Required: Nope, Spanish international. Honestly, who wouldn't take him on a free? Great player, only 21/22 and has immense potential.
  5. Been doing much better with the new tactics (could barely be doing worse than I was though) and then this happens against the team occupying 20th place in the league... I'm thinking of abandoning my usual playstyle of using current lineups as much as I can and just buy a shitton of good players and buy my way to victory.
  6. I don't disagree, it is pretty hilarious to lose 6-0 at home. I was playing a 4-2-3-1 with the AMR as a ST/DLF as an experiment for some games. Let's just say it didn't go so well. Was sitting 15th and the board calling for my head. After that game I changed my tactics immediately to a more stable 4-3-3 with a DM. That game was one of those games where the opposing team gets one goal and then just doesn't stop scoring. They converted every single chance. I've been struggling A LOT with injuries though and I could barely get a team together with the likes of Sinclair, Brannagan and Williams starting, so it was essentially a C-team but we shouldn't lose like that though. It's getting better after I changed but I'm still not quite happy. I'm trying to not play with my OP tactic that has worked in every single save as I want some variety and try new players. I'll continue tweaking and we'll see at the end of the season how it goes...
  7. Are you seriously trying to convince the world that Alli is a world-class player in the making after half a season of some good performances in a league season that is HILARIOUSLY irregular? If he is as good or better after next season, he can maybe get a boost, but just like Vardy in this 16.3 update, it would be insane to make him world-class just because of some good games in half a season.
  8. Just finished the first season at BVB. What a thrill ride! I thought I was Jurgen Klopp 2014/15 reincarnated sometimes because the season started horribly. Half my squad was injured, nothing worked, we didn't score for 6 games in a row, key players requested a transfer because we didn't have Champions League and a complete squad overhaul in the middle of October. Let's start at the beginning though. Transfers IN for a total of £16.87M Reece Oxford, Alessandro Bastoni, Assane Diousse, Manuel Nicoletti, Andrija Zivkovic, Kristoffer Ajer, Johannes Eggestein, Rafik Zekhnini, Lucas Romero, Borja San Emeterio, Divock Origi (loan), Luka Jovic, Dragowski (january), Julian Brandt (loan, january). Transfers OUT for a total of £7.5M Adrian Ramos. Sent Zekhnini, Ajer, Jovic and Emeterio on loan for experience. We began with barely scraping through Lokomotiva and Charleroi in the Europa League qualifiers, then lost 8 of the next 11 games in the league. It was a matter of when I was getting the sack. My players just didn't care. Then I had a meltdown and benched the whole team for my home game against Frankfurt in a last-ditch effort. I played the kids and boy did that pay off. 5-2 was the score and the team built on that towards the winter break. We picked up 5 wins in the next 8 games and drew 3 in a row before the holidays. I reviewed the half-season and decided it was time for a change in tactics. I immediately threw together some magic and put it on the training schedule for maximum training. Suddenly, we were playing like a team that could actually win something. We picked up 10 wins in the remaining 17 fixtures, only losing 3 and finished in 2nd place, three points ahead of Stuttgart and we were really happy. Then we looked up in the table and saw FC Bayern with a 21 point lead, having won the league in march. It will be a major struggle to dominate this league. We went out early in the DFB-Pokal but we were a major success in the Europa League, winning it against our major rivals, Schalke in the final with an easy 4-0. We were lucky with draws IMO as we faced AZ, Sporting CP, Vit. Guimaraes and Dnipro on the way to the final. Aubameyang scored 39 goals, Reus broke his leg and missed most of the season, Mkhitaryan was my main man behind PEA with 11 goals and 8 assists. Reus was dead-set on going to Real Madrid all season long and his morale was abysmal throughout the season. I just stood firm because he was going to be a major part of my plans and I knew that he would come around if we made CL, which we did and he is now happy to stay. Now for the second season. Transfers in: Rulli FREE Ljajic FREE Carrillo FREE Lincoln £1.6M Ricardo Rodriguez £33M Gabriel Barbosa £22M Emre Can £26M Aymeric Laporte £35.5M Transfers out: Immobile £7.5M Subotic £9M Bender £6.25M Leitner £1.6M Burki £5.75M Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang £68M (reluctant but that was too much money to say no to) Kagawa £17M Blaszcykowski £4.8M Castro £13M Park Joo-Ho £9M Nuri Sahin £17.25M As you can see, I made a lot of money through selling players. I didn't necessarily want to sell them, but after having looked at the market, I saw I had options available that were too good to refuse. All the players I brought in are big upgrades on what I had before (except maybe Barbosa for PEA, it remains to be seen). Ljajic and Carrillo were also just brought in to sell either in January or next summer for a major profit. It's a guaranteed £50 million.
  9. He is in the first team in every game he's available, for sure. It's just the way I like to play a Liverpool save that is making me not wanting to sell. I'm trying to use the resources available to me at the beginning instead of splashing the cash every window for new players. I still got like 8 players in my first team that are original LFC players. Selling him would be losing part of the furniture. I've rejected the first offer but knowing PSG, Barcelona and Man City, they will come back. They bid on him every window. I had already accepted a £70 million offer from Barcelona a couple of seasons ago but it fell through because Coutinho broke his leg. Since then I've realised what a mistake it would've been to sell him and I've been firmly rejecting any offers. But I didn't think he'd get an offer this big at 29 years of age.
  10. Ohmy.. £65 million bid from Man City for Coutinho.. I'm wondering if I should take it or not. I'm trying to hold a very similar team to what we have now IRL so losing Coutinho would be, in some way, selling the identity of the club. He'll be starting his 10th year at LFC soon so he's a proper icon at the club. I've already had to let Henderson go (which I really regret doing, but he was pushing 31 and Kristoffer Ajer was too good to sit on the bench) so I will be losing a huge part of the team if I sell. He's not unmissable in terms of goals and assists but he's one of the things that keep the save realistic. On the other hand, it's a ****load of money for someone who will not be worth this much again. Then again, why sell? I have £100 million+ in the transfer budget and a balance of £115 million. I don't need the £65 million but it could be used to pay up the debt the club has, right? If I were going to sell a key attacking player, I'd sell Firmino as he's older and not been there as long. I think I've convinced myself before posting but would love to hear your thoughts.
  11. Says right there mate 220k a week with some huge ass bonuses. One year contract with option for one year extension. I'm definitely activating that because he's my top scorer!
  12. If you don't mind lower leagues, I'd suggest AFC Wimbledon. I made them my long-term FM15 save and lasted about 25-30 seasons. Pretty much fan owned and it's a great challenge. QPR, Crystal Palace, Fulham, Millwall, Leyton Orient are all good shouts as well.
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