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  1. i guess SI games will come out with an IAP which u can buy to make your players 100% all the time in the future...
  2. again another update that kills off the editor that we spend £8.99... sigh,.... what a waste of money....
  3. that is why i wont be buying my next FMM on 1st day release... What a waste of money. Paying nearly £15 for a game that looks sucks on iphone x. Really unplayable on iphone x with a strain to the eyes on such small font. Other small developers managed to get the support for iphone x before christmas. With this rate of slow progress, we wont be seeing the support for iphone x until FMM 19. I wish i could get a refund on it.
  4. I wonder why some small developers can get their apps updated for iphone x so quickly, unlike a famous and well known developer like SI/Sega cannot even get it sorted out.
  5. if i were you, i will hang on till they update it. I myself regret spending more than £15 on this game since day one. The game looks **** on iphone x. I am not playing it till they update it for iphone x. ( which will be probably NEXT year). Lesson learn from now.. dont buy anything from SEGA on release day..
  6. good luck in waiting for it to be updated to support iphone x. It will take them ages to fix it. Probably we are looking at mid 2018.
  7. any timeline when it will be fix for iphone x user?
  8. the graphic in iphone x looks crap. need to use a magnifing glass in order to play. should have waited for reviews before i purchased it.
  9. so, will the upcoming FMM18 support the iphone X?
  10. This problem also happen in FMH 15.. Hope this will be corrected soon...
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