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  1. cf/s helped actually but i always concede goals from through balls i tried everything but couldnt find a solution.i made traiing def pos concede from set pieces made training def set piec concede through balls my def is bad actually.
  2. my tactic was(fc bayern): fb/a---cd/d---cd/d---fb/s dm/d w/s---b2b/s---ap/a--w/a targetman/a this was my tactic before your advice.i lost only 3 games in my 1st season and 1 was against atletico cl semifinal reverse game.1st game i won 4-1 at home and lost 3-0 second and eliminated.everything started to go bad.im in 2nd season and cant deal the away games.i played 2 games with dlf/S and 2 games with cf/s won the home games,drew the away games.what can you suggest more?
  3. what do you suggest for 4141 lone striker?i play target man mandzukic but its not performing well
  4. nobody can make that happen.everybody plays wtih their hearts and gives their 100% in every single game.you cant make that happen in fm.
  5. it effected well but i got sacked because lost championship and wasnt successful at cl
  6. i ofc used your advice but responded for something else.
  7. idk what fmc means if its football manager classic no i play normal fm.
  8. fm might be strategy game but if you are finding enough ccc'es and your strikers cant hit even ronaldo suarez cavani etc. it doesnt mean strategy isnt working.it means fm has to change at least world class strikers.
  9. dude how do you specificly mark players?i mean how do you make your amc to mark their dm?i cant specificly do that.
  10. excuse me,how many ballon d'or does he have?it wasnt a good comparison.but yes you're right those things can happen.i posted it because i was so angry when it happenned.its just a game im trying to improve.
  11. dont you have any problems in midfield?2 def duties and 1 attack plus dont have any mc arent they too seperated?seems like midfield becomes a free place for your opponent.cwb/a and dw/s are play in the same place so you could try if/s maybe.i tried 4231 without mc too but i failed.ill follow this thread.
  12. ofc i complained about the me i mean i obviously have some tactical problems but not against rayo.you cant even imagine what ronaldo bale and benzema are missing.i can understand bale and benzema but not ronaldo.he misses interesting chances,very poor one on one shooting.
  13. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  14. i have all supports in midfield and af seems really far from them.what would you recommend for striker?
  15. hb is not necessary.would it be the same with dm/d?
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