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  1. I'm not going to be continuing this, I'm not enjoying it like i usually do with FM.
  2. July Update July has been a bad start to RB Leipzig I started to use this team but I might have to use a different tactic if August doesn't go well. (Sorry about volume) The results so far are below I think the two league games could have gone either way and we were unlucky to lose them both, we have a german cup game next so hopefully that can go better than the results that we have had so far The ladder doesn't mean to much at the moment but to those who are interested it is down below So far we have made one signing who looks pretty decent, he was a free transfer CM from Germany who has some decent stats PLAYER OF THE MONTH The POTM this month is from our team I think he is very deserving having scored 4 goals in 2 games POTM= Daniel Frahn Thanks guys, hopefully August will be a better month for RB Leipzig
  3. Hey guys, I have decided to do a RB Leipzig save and try and get them to the top of the Bundesliga which won't be easy for those of you who don't know RB Leipzig was founded in 2009 and get sponsorship by New York Red Bulls and Salzburg. I will be doing monthly updates and the first one will come out today. So yeah I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Nation: Not main one Division: First division for that nation European Competition: Euro League Media Prediction: 1-5 Board Expectation(s): Title challenge Transfer Budget: 2-4 million Wage Budget: 150k Finances: Dont mind Other: Nothing
  5. Nation:Spain Division:Liga BBVA European Competition: Don't mind Media Prediction: 5/10 Board Expectation(s): euro League spot Transfer Budget: 4-6million Wage Budget: 200k Finances: Dont mind Other:nothing
  6. Hey guys, I am trying to decide what team should I go with, I want a team with a decent youth and decent transfer budget.I want to be in one of the main leagues though. Thanks guys!!!
  7. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and have decided to start of with a Bradford FM save, I chose them because I thought they had some good talent and would be awesome to see if I could get the double promotion. I will continue this series on popularity and if people are viewing it. So for now I will start off with a squad report and some friendlies. For now I will ask for some feedback and suggestions for a good cheap CM. Thanks guys.
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