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  1. Just realised that my middle AMC, Carlos Saez is already Natural in the MC position and Accomplished in the AMC role. Hes got 17 long shots, finishing 20, passing 19, strength 15, positioning 13. Seems pretty good to get the right amount of goals. In 32(8 sub) games he got 8 Goals, and 5 assists whilst my 2 wingers combined got about 40 ish. Weird :/
  2. With that in mind, would you consider using a top level MC rather than a AMC in that role then? Ideally I'd want to have someone who could play in both roles but that's pretty rare with regens (im in 2015 now). My current player is called Carlos Saez and has 17 for long shots but he cannot play in the MC role.
  3. Anyone know why the middle AMC doesn't score many goals? My left and right AMC's score loads and get all the credit but my middle one only seems to get about 4-5 in total a season. Anyone else notice this?
  4. Its pretty rare you find a great defender whose fast as well. My fullbacks have decent pace, around 14/15 but my centre backs are around 11/12. I might switch back to 2.1 from now on for most away games. I've took the default setting for the Defensive line from 14 to 9 to help my cause.
  5. I'm suprised, Curuedhel. Don't you concede a lot of goals against the top sides when you use Closing Down on all the top players in the AMC, Striker role? I personally just use Tight Marking from MC up to the Striker and the occasional Use Weaker foot against someone like Messi.
  6. Losing way too many away games against clubs from all positions in the league. Really frustrating arrgh. Wasn't this bad the season before. Dunno why the sudden change :/
  7. Then I've just lost 5-1 with the same "wish luck" and backline to Real Madrid. Weird :/
  8. I think "the pressure is off' is alright when you're not performing in the league but when you start picking up points then its best to use 'Wish Luck' away against top teams. Just did a couple of tests against Barcelona away from home. 3 games: 2 involving pressure is off: Loss 5-0, Loss 3-1 1 wish luck: Win 5-1!! I think the score line was a bit mad down to the fact 3 people were sent off & I fiddled with the defensive line again (9 i think instead of 14).
  9. After a few good seasons drawing and only losing ever so slightly away from home against the top 4 I'm starting to get hammered 4-0 & 5-0. Tried adjusting the back line but only has a slight effect
  10. Tackling hard and Showing onto weaker foot doesn't seem to have an effect for me when it comes to OI. I just use Tight marking. Am I the only one?
  11. Just a little note for anyone playing against the top 4 sides in your league. Kimz suggests for the team talk to press 'Wish Luck' but I find i get a better response from my team when I do "the pressure is off". Lead twice away from home against Valencia and Barcelona with 2 last minute goals in each game (Villarreal). It may differ from team to team but thats what I've found anyway.
  12. This tactic has improved my team so much since I change my team talk methods. Thanks for the heads up, Kimz. Previous season position was around 10th/11th but i'm now 2nd with 20 league games gone. I just wish my Villarreal chairman would stop selling all my players. Hes accepted bids for 5 1st team players including, Nihat, Capdevilla, Sobis, Saivet, G. Rodriguez.
  13. Kimz - Am I right in thinking this then: Home + Away & slightly favoured (Good, Superb Morale) = For the Fans?
  14. 28 league games gone, Goals Scored: 28 league games gone, Goals Conceded: If i could just get the balance right then I know this tactic will work wonders for my poor Villarreal side
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