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  1. Hendon F.C. Season 2021-22 National League South Awful squad. Awful board. Awful fans. Finally had enough and resigned. I can't remember a worse save I've ever had than this one. Seriously. Will be back with another team soon.
  2. Hendon F.C. Season: 2020-21 Great start to the season. By midseason we were in 8th place and looked as if we had enough points to stay up. Then it all turned sour. I'd rather not relive it so I'll keep it brief. Finished 16th in the end, eleven points clear of relegation. Still no money for decent coaches or scouts. Wycombe Wanderers offered me a job interview. I was so tempted. I'll give this team one more season though.
  3. For me it's all about the highlight speed. Two clicks down from the fastest speed, on extended or comprehensive, in 2d.
  4. Hendon F.C. Season 1: 2019-2020 Small squad to begin with. Bought in thirteen free transfers throughout the season. We were favourites for relegation. Managed to get a half decent Assistant. Couldn't afford the coaches or scouts I wanted so settled for some not very good ones. Constantly asking the board for more staff and to increase the wage bill. Banging my head against a brick wall became my key job role. Started off with one win, two draws and three losses. 17th in league. Next few months saw us picking up points here and there while varying between 12th and 14th place. Finding ourselves in a nine game run without a win, I changed formation and tweaked the tactics. The result was five wins in a row! Which won me Manager of the Month for February. 9th in league. Me collecting my award: A tough run of games against all the top teams saw us struggle for wins and I was glad to see the end of the season. Finished 12th. P.S. The board offered me a new contract, I asked for improved training and youth facilities as part of deal, they agreed, I signed. A month after I signed they said they couldn't afford it after all and cancelled the work. I should resign on principle but the challenge is more important.
  5. Trial them in smaller numbers, maybe ten at a time. 50 trialists hanging around every week is a lot of canteen meals.
  6. I just see lots of figures running around. I might occassionally see a gap between two players, but what I have to do with that gap eludes me. Sometimes the other team lets my team have the ball and all I see is my players giving the ball back. Yes, I have tried reading the stickies, but they just confuse me even more. Especially the stickies that seem to be over written with lots of academic language, as if the intention of the writer was to show off the fact they went to uni. Which then puts me off reading any other threads. So now my default setting when seeing a long post with lots of graphics is to skim through it and think "I'm never going to absorb any of this", and I give up, again. Then after a few months of not playing the game I decide to give it another try with the learning tactics thing, and the whole cycle repeats itself. It might all suddenly click with me one day.
  7. Click the speech bubble and bring up the list of his comments, at the bottom of all the comments is a match feed settings button, then just untick whatever advice you don't want. I got fed up of my assistant when my team would dominate a game and be camped in the opposition's half constantly. He would pop up and say to watch a certain player who is a threat and I should think about closing him down - this player hadn't touched the ball for twenty minutes. This made even less sense when my team was four or five goals ahead.
  8. Well, some of the replies here have just ensured that myself, as a complete tactical simpleton, will never dare attempt to express my ill thought out tactical ideas in public.
  9. The latest one now. Was 14.2 something. As I said, all is now fine.
  10. Same teams, different result, 3-0 in the one I've got. I guessed it was probably my fault. I play offline and the fixing of obscure issues such as the Turkmenistan offside rule didn't reallly affect my saved game so I didn't bother with the last patch. I may have downloaded a different game but my amateur attempt at analysis still concluded that Campos bossed the left flank all game long and Cruz Azul were rather insistent on getting caught on the counter. Edit: Have now applied latest patch and all is as it should be.
  11. The PKM file I downloaded from the link on the analysis thread is a completely different game. Or is it a mistake on my part?
  12. I had a break from playing the game. Decided to carry on where I left off. Second season 2015/16 Finished 16th again League Table Still very weak team compared to others in the league. Lots of close games leaves us some hope though. Made a couple of transfers and loans, but they didn't really work. The players I bought in were worse than what I already had. Managed to get an improvement in the youth facilities, they are now classed as poor, which is progress.
  13. 2014-15 A strong finish to the season saw us escape relegation in 16th place. This is another of those leagues with some strange league rules. You can finish fourth from bottom and get relegated while the teams below you are safe! or you can finish in 12th and make the promotion playoffs while teams above you don't! Anyway, we scraped through despite this. I more or less kept the squad I inherited, with an average bunch of players. None of them set any records and there weren't any offers from other clubs for any of them. One player stuck out, but only because of his age - 49 years old and showing no sign of retiring anytime soon. He isn't a regular but I will keep him just to see how long he lasts.
  14. This time I've gone for the macho sounding Rijnsburgse Boys in the Dutch Jupiler league. Manager Profile
  15. Bulgaria was a disaster. just like Slovenia. Not worth posting any details as I didn't even last four months. Silly league rule about having to play four under 21s didn't help. One more try before I give up on this challenge. When and where? I haven't decided yet.
  16. Massive gulf. My better players (the ones with a contract that is) were worth about £1k while other teams players were worth £20k-£30k. We had some money to spend but decent players wouldn't come to us, which left us with the choice of very average 35 yr olds or inexperienced kids. Kids that when we did bring them in they refused to be tutored by the old men etc. I am now holidaying in Bulgaria. I will return to Slovenia at a later date. I have unfinished business there.
  17. Why is it also that the person who puts in the man of the match performance with a rating of 9 thinks that you are mistaken when you praise his performance in the last match and he then goes into a sulk with very poor morale?
  18. Play your strikers in their preferred role. If that role doesn't fit your way of playing then you could try and make it fit by building a tactic around your striker/s. Have a gentle word in their ears. If they're not so delicate you could have a stronger word or two, maybe even swear at them. Threaten them. Promise them a holiday. Change the supply to them. You might be sending in crosses when they would prefer the ball to feet. Experiment. Try a midfielder up front, or a defender. You might strike gold.
  19. NK Tolmin 2014/15 I inherited a very poor squad, that's if you can call 12 players a squad. I decided to go with a 4-4-2 system, as that fitted the players I had. Our season began exactly how it would carry on all season - with a defeat. In a ten team league we were permanently stuck in 9th place. At least there was always one team worse than us. Due to injuries and letting in lots of goals I decided that 4-4-2 was not working out so I drastically changed the system to a 4-5-1 long ball system. We drew the next two games, one of them giving us our first away point of the season, happy days. After eleven games, we finally managed our first win and we moved up to the safety of 8th place. I'm not saying it was all down to my tactical genius, but it did help. So, what happens after such an impressive performance? yep, that's right, we lost the next game 3-0. Then there was a four month winter break from November until March... I arranged some friendlies to pass the time away - we lost most of them. During a particular cold, dark day I added another tactic or two - these made no difference at all. I had to face the fact that we were truly an awful team. After the refreshing break we proceeded to lose six out of the remaining twelve games. Well at least you could say we were consistent. The final game of the season was another 3-0 defeat, and we were finally put out of our misery and relegated. As an example of how the players idolised and looked up to me, immediately after the final game, eight of my squad put in a transfer request. Then I was sacked.
  20. Appointed manager of NK Tolmin in the Slovenian Second League. Chairman seems like a nice guy.
  21. I have decided to take this challenge on. I randomly chose the Slovenian league. Holiday manager has just retired.
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