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  1. Care to enlighten any of us why, after a whole 10 minutes of play, you have made that declaration?
  2. Can anyone tell me where I can see the list of nominated players for the Ballon D'or (Or World Player of the Year, whatever it is called in FM17). In previous versions I could view it and it would show all the nominees, I haven't seen it in FM17 and am struggling to locate it. Or has it been removed?
  3. Long time CM/FM player (every version ever). Got the Beta, hate the tactics screen and how awkward it is to pick my team and subs. Cumbersome and messy. This needs looking at ASAP.
  4. Felt bad having clocked 1484 but seeing some of these scores I feel less bad. I'm due to be a father next year too so good to see some people have managed to keep their game time up despite that. Easily my highest total (2013 was just over a 1000 hours).
  5. I'm Man Utd. We've won 2 back to back leagues (3 including Fergies last season), been in the last 2 Champions League finals and won one and we're top of the league this season and the media prediction is that we will win the league. Yet all season long whenever we do something good we get these stupid news items... Not expected to challenge for the league. Progress being made. Come on, this surely isn't hard to sort out and it certainly breaks the realism.
  6. Many thanks, I've changed to Euros and back to UK pounds and the salaries have reverted.
  7. I'm 15 seasons into my save with Sheff Utd and I now have a top squad full of world class players. Recently about 4 of them needed new deals,as I signed them young and developed the players, even though they are top class, their new deals were quite sensible, between £100,000 to £150,000 a week. To get some English players in my squad I re-signed Raheem Sterling as a squad player and offered him £78,000 a week. None of these contracts had yearly pay rises, match highest earner etc. Yet now look at my squad wages image Everyone is earning huge sums of money. I've noticed Sterling is earnin
  8. I have an Australian international who has been called up to the national squad to play in the AFF Championships (The AFF Suzuki Cup IRL). I believe his tournament is every 2 years. However, he has been gone since the 20th November and I still have no return date as the second leg isn't until the early January. In real life, Australia have always declined to play in this tournament (probably because it is a very poor standard) and even if they did, the schedule is wrong in FM 2014. It runs for 4 weeks in real life. whilst I appreciate that this is sometimes the price you pay for signing
  9. QUOTE: "Try not to go by star ratings though. There far too many variables in play. For instance while your player is injured you might sign a top class player meaning all your players star ratings drop down. Take a screenshot before the injury or just when it happens and then refer back to it, or just read the coach reports description, not the star rating. (Eg. XXXXXX is a leading centre back for the EPL)." That's fair but I am comparing the ratings around injuries and they are having a huge effect on the players as they never play at the same level again.
  10. Yep, no ACL but hip injuries are very regular. If a players suffers 2 serious injuries then yes, it's fair they suffer long term, but immediately my players lose star ratings and then never recover no matter how hard I try.
  11. I find that 3 month injuries don't tend to destroy players, yet anything longer and their star rating dramatically drops and even after a couple of seasons, they've never recovered to the level, or even close to the level, they were pre-injury. I think it's a little simplistic to take so much off players. Granted, every now and again, some players lose key attributes such as Essien, Torres and Owen, but all my top attacking players are being ruined by this game.
  12. Is this me and have I been unlucky or have others suffered with this too?
  13. I'm assuming that there is a problem with serious injuries in FM 14 as I tend to get around 3 or 4 players a season suffering with 3 to 9 month injuries. Before people start, I have them training at a low level, rotate them, never play them when they're recovering from injury etc. etc. However, that's not my point. I signed a striker rated at 4 stars in the Premier League to solve my goal scoring issues. He was 23, had just won the European Golden Boot and started off with 11 in 12 league games. Then he got injured for 6 months. When he returned he was 2.5 stars and was hopeless, going 19 h
  14. Well I'm no great Sunday League player, but coming out of 11 a side retirement today, at 36 years old, I played at left back, and not once did I take a first touch that far from my feet. This is a serious bug that is massively hampering my team. I have world class full backs and midfield players whose first touch is worse than a 5 year old.
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