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  1. See Liverpool in their last two matches. Should have lost to City and Norwich pushed them. In the EPL and in evenly matches leagues, it is rare to have momentum for 90 minutes. Other teams will have 'their own spells' during the match. It is the way football is mate
  2. Hey lads Just a quick question if I may I have stadium backgrounds pasted into my graphics folder. I used them specifically for my steklo skin However, I have downloaded a new skin, which looks better without the backgrounds but my new skin still has stadium backgrounds. Any way I can disable the backgrounds without having to delete them?? Cheers
  3. So sad to see. Exactly how I feel. Hope SI realise this and make drastic changes to FM15.
  4. I agree with people on the transfers side of things. Needs to be seriously looked at. I WISH AI clubs would make a bid on my striker who scored 50 goals in two seasons for example. A lot of this goes unoticed. This area I supposed correlates with AI squad building and this no doubt needs a massive massive overhaul. Sounds? For god sake CM4 has better sounds. This area needs to be improved for FM15. I beliebe it WILL make people start playing with sound and potentially get the old school gamers to unmmute their sound. Needs to be rehauled
  5. Tactical Improvements I still feel the game needs MASSIVE tactical improvements and tweaks. I think removing the sliders was a great move going forward, but if the game wants to evolve and grow and obviously become the ultimate footy sim, the tactical side needs changes, and heaps of them. More instructions for a start. Example, I wantto tell my strikers to ALWAYS press the opposition GK. Example: I want my 3 forwards to relentlessly press their defenders when they have possession, until the opposition either lose the ball OR comfortably gain possession. Just a couple examples there. I feel I dont have enough control, especially with the pressing in zones. I know it will take a lot of work for SI to improve this side of the game, but I think it is crucial. I at least hope they are working hard on the tactical side of the game. Second, when watching real life football,you sometimes see the defence of a side squeeze closely to each other where the fullbacks are next to the CB's, leaving space on the flanks. The 4 then move forward pressing the opposition into forcing a pass which eventually is offside. I feel I cant execute this in the game. People will argue to use the shouts, but I still feel I am NOT in control. My team seems to do weird things, and not follow what I say. I am far from happy from the tactical side of the game and how my instructions are depicted on the 3D Pitch. Media What more can I say. Repetitive questions (Press conferences), Opposition managers etc. Needs to be massively improved or even scrapped. Boring and repetitive. Slows game down if anything. Also, when I win the Premier League, or any league, I want to FEEL special. I want to feel like I actually accomplished something massive for the club. All I get is in the news feed "Fans delighted at Premier League Suprise" or something along those terms. And thats it, roll on next season. I would like it if I get something pop up in my news like "Liverpool shows off EPL title at their home match against Cardiff" and "Liverpool's reputation sky rockets after massive title push". Give us something different. Feels empty after we accomplish something. This area of the game needs to be improved CONSIDERABLY. On pitch celebrations would be nice, or even some sort of Video, or music. Don't tell me it cant be done. Surely it can be improved. For years, all we have had is two lines saying the fans are delighted. This has been the same since CM0102. Horrible if you ask me. 3D Pitch I know the ME is always improving and I can understand how hard it must be to get it perfect or close to. I am hoping for graphical improvements in FM15 and beyond.So far, the stadium lighting is appalling if you ask me. Can we possibly get different types of night lighting? Surely its possible to get different shades. See Pro Evo. White lights, Blue tint etc. Just more variety. Match sounds. Yes, people have argued that they dont play with the sound on etc, BUT...I feel SI have neglected the MATCH EXPERIENCE side of things. Sound overhaul is a must if you ask me. Currently, going into every match, no matter which league you select, whether it be EPL, or the Malaysian Second Division, the match experience feels the same. Dull crowd sounds, pitches look all the same etc. Needs to be improved IMO. Before you all jump on this idea, let me say that I am not expecting this to all happen in one year. I am simply giving ideas which I believe ARE NEEDED in future versions for the game to evolve further. Liverpool vs Man Utd compared to a Conference game feels the same in terms of match experience. I can go on and on, but I will leave the rest for SI to work out. I am sure there are some brilliant minds on board, and I have every faith they will drastically improve the game moving forward My main concerns have been brought out, and I hope SI can take my ideas on board. Especially the match experience, which ofcourse ties in with the ME itself. 1000's of new animations are needed IMO. And Yes, it still feels the matches are played on an ice skating ring despite SI claiming that it is fine. Clearly its not. Just have a look at how the ball bounces etc and slides after bounce. Summary Overall, I just want to feel 'unique' in that I can tell my players to press their defence 'HARD' until they lose possession or comfortably gain possession. Then,we retreat to our shape and conserve energy. Would be an amazing feature or improvement. Just one of many ideas Defensive Positioning. Have my FB's tuck in and along with the CB's, I can instruct them to form narrow wall and push up when the opposition is holding possession in the middle of the pitch close to the 18 yard line. SI need to find a way to specifically make this happen. The current instructions, shouts and tactical engine do not allow for total tactical freedom, which eventually should be implemented. (Ofcourse over the space of 3-6 years. Not expecting this to happen overnight) Just a few ideas.
  6. This whole philosophy thingo is not properly designed. Feels like SI jst added this feature to get us thinking their adding features. But does it really affect the game? I chose to play attacking football and buy young players. Two seasons in, I have had the best defense in the league and I play defensive on the counter. I also have not signed one player under the age of 27. Board has not said anything This feature to me, is rushed and not designed properly. There are other feautures which I feel the same about. Sortitoutsi
  7. Ofcourse this is the only football "simulation" game out there....but....are there drop balls??? Foul throws???? Fair play animations ??? I could go on. Would love to see more realistic fundamentals added. Would add to the realism no doubt.
  8. Pardon the previous post. Greek easter means plenty of food and beer On the subject of improvements however, I just want to feel like I am in total control of my team. I know it sounds a tad odd, as most people would say that we already are in control. Yes, but its not enough. It feels like every decision will always have the same reaction or result. I think the game needs to drastically improve the media, team talks are too monotone and repetitive (cliche). Feels like I am in autopilot when playing this game. There is not much variety. With press conferences, I always know how to get the "right' response. Boring. This feature needs major major work. Far too repetitive and predictable. Moreover, I feel there the ME is very random compared to previous versions. Very disapppointed in the ME in fm14. Feels like an uncomplete product. I have held off in playing any further and will wait until FM15 , hoping to see drastic changes to many areas of the game I feel there are not enough variables and that the game is played on "autopilot". Very repetitive and boring.
  9. Dagenham dave great comeback mate. Tactical tweak with a killer teamtalk. Killer cocktail
  10. . FM need to overhaul the man management side of things. I want to be in more control. There should be more reactions by the media and by fans etc. Example, if I drop one of my key players, the media would be all over it etc. Just little things like that. Currently, it feels I can get away with anything (drop players, play my 15 year old in the champions league etc etc) without any media recognition or fan recognition. we keep saying this every year, but realistic AI squad building needs to be looked at. Its too easy to build a dream team if you like. Grass, nets etc need an overhaul in the match engine. 2d pitch (new version) needs to be scrapped or overhauled. It looks shambolic. Grass, nets, stadiums, player animations I
  11. Tylerbode is back!! Sounds great mate, but would love for you to make a more conventional tactic. 442, 451 etc.
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