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  1. Our automatic testing software at MrLTactics doesn't work unless it has a direct download link.. so I'll reupload your tactics in order to be able to test them (FM20) RAPTOR V4 by TFF.fmf (FM20) PREDATOR V4 by TFF.fmf
  2. I uploaded it here without asking Guido but knowing him I'm positive he wouldn't mind!
  3. https://strikerless.com/2019/12/23/gungnir-my-first-fm20-tactic/ Check out Guido's first FM20 tactic! Will be soon tested Gungnir v9.fmf
  4. Amazing result! I added all your tactics to the testing list, should be done by tonight
  5. Just reposting your tactics with direct download links so we can test it, hope you don't mind @Totalfootballfan (FM20) PREDATOR V1 by TFF .fmf (FM20) STALKER V1 by TFF .fmf (FM20) REAVER V1 by TFF .fmf (FM20) RAPTOR V1 by TFF .fmf
  6. Will do later when I get home. Do you not set takers for free throws as well?
  7. Looking great @solounamigo! We're all excited to try it out! I'm having amazing results with the last 4-1-3-2 with Cagliari (Champions League first year very close to being champions + Italian Cup winners, I'll upload screenshots later). I also set the CM to AP (A) as I have Barella that loves that role. @knap I was wondering why you use DW in that version and not the classic WM? Does it give more balance? I noticed a bit less performance than usual on the wings compared to my other saves with WMs but I can't verify this as I'm talking about different teams. Also, the corner routine wasn't really effective for me.. I started using Guido Merry's routines taken from his Twitter and things appear to be better, I'll have to test for a whole season to confirm this. Here are the files: Isolation L.fmfIsolation R.fmf What have you been using for corner routines? My understanding is that it's better not to set any taker, correct?
  8. @knap have you tested this throw-in setup? Also, this corner setup: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm19-tactics/373278-set-pieces-section-fk-corner-throw-2.html#post3207037 Might boost the tactic even more!
  9. Is the only update the WBs compared to the IWBs of the old versions?
  10. Crazy result here. 4th year managing Roma, you can read my lineup in the screenshot. This was the tactic that I used.TFFBEOWULF442IWBWMAFKnapP106ALLCUPS .fmf It's the P106 version + I added all of TFF's set pieces (besides offensive corners and offensive throw-ins that were already included). Having a lot of fun playing this. Is the only change in the new tactic the WBs instead of IWBs?
  11. Congrats for the Beowulf 442 P106. Working really well, wingers are on fire - Justin Kluivert and Gelson Martins averaging easily over 8.00 in average rating in the last 10 games! Is that one the most efficient in your opinion right now? Also, come by on our Discord we'll be starting testing for FM19 soon!
  12. First, congratulations for your tactic, I tested it for a few games and enjoyed it. I will post more in depth results and analysis when I play more with it. Have you checked TFF's latest updates on his tactics? Have you considered tweaking your tactic and taking inspiration from his updates?
  13. Is the newest tactic still the one in the OP? Then some questions.. who is the main goalscorer? What kind of player do you need for poacher? I mean tall one, small one, etc.
  14. Hi guys.. I would like to test a tactic I built. If I have start a save and then I go on holiday, and I select "Use match tactics" I've seen that the heat map of the team is the same if I play the match, but the question is, does the assistant manager change player roles, or players instructions or team instructions?
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