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  1. Thank you so much @Vakzin_QPR, they are working perfectly! Just an FYI for anyone that downloads them, they need to be titled as you have uploaded them. When I downloaded them they download as '12345670_faceandlogo1.xml' but changing the name of the file back to the title you uploaded it as (face and logo 1.xml) has them working great. Thanks again.
  2. Working perfectly! Thank you bro, appreciate your help. Edit - You wouldn't know if it's possible to incorporate a stadium image in here as well would you? and which panel I would need?
  3. Got 2 quick questions which should hopefully be easy enough to answer for someone who's smarter than myself when it comes to skinning. 1) What XML's within the fonts folder of the base skin do I need to change for these 3 circled? I'm not a fan of bold fonts, want to replace with my own. Edit - Sorted this one! 2) Does anyone know how to incorporate the stadium images behind these images within the news panel? In previous versions, I've managed to get the relevant stadium to show (e.g. The Emirates would show behind the news if it was reporting a win, Anfield behind a Liverpool news item etc...) Any help would be massively appreciated.
  4. Yep mate, both SD and HD in the steamapps > common > FM19 etc... folder.
  5. Yep, just black adboards (SS attached). I'm using the club adboards and Newcastle who I'm playing as have video ads in the pack so bit stumped as to why they're not loading now. All the files are in the right location as far as I can see...
  6. Thank you @stevemc! I was using an alternative adboard pack which didn't have the skysports.ivf file in, just a generic sky one so I've switched over to the adboard pack from sortioutsi and now none of my video adboards will load. I've looked around the forums and seen you had a similar issue, was there any fix for this?
  7. Whilst I've managed to get my video adboards showing, I seem to have an issue with video adboards 'sticking' during the game. In EPL matches, the only video adboard that appears to show on repeat is the SkySports one whereas on FM18 it changed between a number of video ads. Not sure if anyone has encountered anything similar and is aware of a fix?
  8. Yep, I got the same. No real extra investment of note. About to start my second season now. Brought in Alvaro Moreno (free), Gini Wijnaldum (loan), Kenedy (loan), Matias Vargas (£10m), Dolberg (£14m), Stark (£15m), Munir (free), Jonathan Ponzo (loan), Ryan Fraser (£27m!!), Bruno Varela (£475k). Squad looking pretty stacked now ahead of our Europa League campaign.
  9. Hi, I'm trying to make minimal amendments to the FM base skin inline with how I had the skins on FM17. One thing I liked about my set up was having the clubs stadium show on the overview screen. I have almost managed this with downloading and amending already created panels within custom skins but have been unable to solve my 2 queries below. 1) What do I need to amend in the 'club overview stadium panel' so that the image and text are centered within the box? 2) What do I need to amend to reduce the size of the kits as shown in the bottom right panel or would I just need to reduce the container/panel size? If so, how would I do this. Any help is massively appreciated! club overview panel.xml club overview stadium panel.xml
  10. Hi @Alex Hall Was there any fix released for this? I still seem to be having the issue even on the latest FM update from today.
  11. Hi @michaeltmurrayuk Cheers for this, almost got it working! I just need to work out how to reduce the overall size of the stadium image and also how to reduce the size of the 'kits' container by a few pixels as it's a bit too large at the moment. I've attached the two .xml's I gather I'll have to play around with, any help much appreciated.
  12. Hi @michaeltmurrayuk, hoping you can help with a few basic q's in regards to stadium panels. On FM17 I had the basic skin set up to show the the mini stadium images on the club overview screen as well as on the 'home' page where the next fixture is (screenshots attached). I'm having trouble replicating this on FM19 with the panels from 17 not working at all and any panels from '19 skins I've downloaded all seem far too cluttered on the overview screen. Ideal set up on the overview screen would be to have the stadium mini pic replacing the league history on the attached overview screen. I've found a panel that does partly do this (link) but I'd rather not amend the top bar where the nickname etc.. is, do you know what I would edit in the attached panels so the showing of the stadium would be the only change? I'm still also yet to find a panel that would show the stadium on the 'home' screen, not sure if you know which panel I should be looking to amend? Any help is massively appreciated. club overview details panel.xml club overview panel.xml club overview stadium panel.xml
  13. Having a few issues with this on FM19, hoping someone will be able to help. I'n only really interested in having the stadium panel showing (with the FMC stadium images) along with the default boxes on the club overview screen. I play on 125% zoom but can't for the life of me figure out how I can replace what is currently the 'club background' area with the stadium image and details and then remove the stadium box in the lower right corner and just extend the kit and key players sections. Hope this makes sense and that someone can help! Screenshot attached which I gather will help.
  14. Good to see this thread OP Finished 7th in my first season with Newcastle, just scraping into the Europa League on the final day (Man Utd and City won the cup competitions). Did brilliant in the second half of the season but Everton and Liverpool in 6th and 7th just kept on winning too. Luckily Everton’s form dipped the final few games allowing us to overtake them. Went out in the early rounds of both cup competitions which was a bit of a disappointment. Was taken over around end of November/early December time. No money was provided in January but been given £70m to spend over the summer, looking to move on a number of players too. Shelvey was excellent, finished in the top 5 for average rating in the PL. My main starting 11 was: Dubravaka; Mbabu (£12m), Lascelles, Van Beek (£3m), Dummett; Ritchie, Shelvey, Vilhena (£10m), Kenedy (L); Oliver (£4m)/Perez; Origi (L). Would also suggest people look at a player called Xadas from Braga (?). 21 year old who chipped in with 6 goals in the latter part of the season, mostly off the bench. Cost around £700k.
  15. Cheers for all the help Michael. I tried this and also messed around with some of the numbers as well but was unable to correct it so that the panels beneath would show properly, I imagine this is then a conflict with another panel. I'm sure I can live without it though as I'm quite stumped now! Many thanks again for the help.
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