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  1. Who have people replaced Wilson with going into season 3 and 4? He’s got 30+ for me in the first 2 seasons, dreading trying to replace that in the next couple of years.
  2. Thank you for these Would anyone know how to remove the scrollbars in the attributes panel? Playing on full screen mode at 100% zoom. I had this issue in FM20 too (this thread) and I've tried amending the players attibute panel as recommended in that thread but with no luck. Previous thread
  3. Anyone had any luck expanding the new stadium? I’m 13 seasons in, we’re the biggest team in world football but still in a 25k stadium. Think we have sold out every game for the past 3-4 seasons.
  4. Thanks @3LionsFM @Fflow and @Experienced Defender! All very helpful. I have done some tweaks in line with your suggestions and also amended the formation, pushing one of the CM's up into an CAM spot to negate the large gap between central midfield and the strikers. I've also reduced down the number of team instructions as well. Hopefully this will allow me to assess in game which small tweaks are needed. I think I'm gonna go with this for the next few games but again, is there anything glaringly obvious that is a big no-no? In terms of what I want to achieve, it would be a posession
  5. Desperately needing some tactical advice from people a lot smarter than myself when it comes to this stuff. I currently have a save going with Brentford FC. First season we comfortably won the Championship, second season we finished 8th in the PL (massively overachieved) and third season we finished 6th (again overachieving) thus ensuring we qualified for Europe. Our sole tactic up until this point had been 4-1-2-2-1 (defenders-DM-2 CM's-AMR-AML-ST). We really started to slump towards the end of the third season, from February onwards, and were pretty lucky to scrape 6th with a relatively
  6. @LaTerreurDu93 Mbeumo did better in the PL for me than Watkins. I'd go with Mbeumo but as Daho says, look at upgrading once you get funds. @daho BBM for me. He looks so well rounded with those stats. Benfica always seem to produce absolute gems. Just about to start our second season in the Premier League and my third with Brentford. We have massively upgraded the squad this summer, clearing out a number of players from the original Championship squad and bringing in good, young talent who will hopefully all develop with regular game time. Players like Salcedo and Bellingham ar
  7. Second season done with Brentford and we managed to finish 8th with 59 points which is massively exceeding expectations. Only missed out on Europe by 3 points to Spurs. We started the season brilliantly despite being underdogs for most games and by the time January came around, our reputation levels had risen so high we managed to bring in players like Tonali, Okafor and Moro who were regular starters the second half of the season. Jonas Wind got 12 goals in 37 games which was an OK return although his form really dipped towards the end of the season where Mbeumo started to chip in
  8. 0-3 loss to Man City and then a defeat away at Palace (conceding 2 in the last 10 minutes). Result of our season so far shortly after though.
  9. Finally completed my first season with Brentford in which we absolutely cruised the Championship, managing 113 points. Our start to the season was quite rocky in which we picked up a few draws and a couple defeats but from the end of November we were unbeaten in the league and pretty much powered past every opposition. Fulham started the season like a house on fire but tailed off massively towards the end of the season and were lucky to go up automatically in the end. Stand out players were Ollie Watkins, Mathias Jensen, Said Benrahama and Pontus Jansson. Sergi Canos, Josh Da Silva and R
  10. Cheers @Smurf. You’re probably right about the hard drive space; I’m using near 300gb on my current laptop. I’ll keep looking as per your advice!
  11. Thank you. I gather the graphics on the Lenovo would allow good quality 3D in FM and the processor would allow quick speeds with a large database? Is RAM easy to install? I am a complete novice. I may see how 8GB goes for a few months then maybe upgrade if I feel it’s needed but from what you say, it’s probably not.
  12. Thanks man. Do you think it would be worth going with one of these options rather than the Medion one I linked ? I prefer the Lenovo to the HP (mainly due to the screen style). Would the additional 8gb ram up to 16gb make a considerable difference to FM? I’m not sure if I necessarily need the 16gb ram but wanted to protect myself from not having to upgrade again in 2 years time.
  13. Looking for a bit of help. Needing a new laptop for FM20 (and future versions). Budget is around £1,050, don’t really want to go any higher. I’ve found these two, would they both be good? Which is best? https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/medion-erazer-p15805-core-i7-9750h-8gb-1tb-hdd-256gb-ssd-15.6-inch-geforc-30027144/version.asp https://www.laptopsdirect.co.uk/lenovo-thinkpad-e15-core-i7-10510u-16gb-512gb-ssd-15.6-inch-fhd-windows-10-20rd0011uk/version.asp Or would I be able to get a better laptop at the same price range?
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