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  1. i've recently purchased the computer and have only have installed fm19 so doubt its the system. The comp works amazingly well, the minute i load fm19 the system slows down, over heating, definitely fm19 causing issue.
  2. Hi - i've followed the above steps, reinstalled and still the same problem. The game is lagging
  3. Yes it different, however, the lagging and processing lagging remains, no changes after restarting steam and comp.
  4. check the image attached. No changes to the game, very slow and lagging badly. very frustrating
  5. I've reinstalled the game, many times with no resolution. How slow is the game? i just tried playing a game in 2D and it took 19 mins to finish, when my team (United) score i don't see the commentary flashing as I did previously. The game is lagging really bad, i've not enjoyed FM19 and my Dell laptop is new, graphics quality is at 5*. I've added pictures as per your request. When i start playing the game my computer starts to over heat badly
  6. I use windows defender only and i've attached picture of my nvdia settings, thread optimization was already off, makes no difference with it on either
  7. Yes the computer over heats and no i'm not running any other program when playing FM19
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